Sharply pointed roofs and blackened wood cladding characterise these treehouses that Peter Pichler Architecture has designed for a mountain forest in the Dolomites of northern Italy.

The Milan-based studio, led by architects Peter Pichler and Silvana Ordinas, designed the Tree House structures to serve as hotel rooms, offering tourists the opportunity to connect with nature.

“The project is conceived as a ‘slow down’ form of tourism, where nature and the integration of architecture within it plays the primary role,” said the studio.

“We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature. Well integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is needed”.

Peter Pichler Architecture為意大利北部多洛米蒂山脈的山地森林設計了這些樹屋,尖銳的屋頂和黑色的木質覆層。

這座位於米蘭的工作室由建築師Peter Pichler和Silvana Ordinas領導,設計了樹屋結構作為酒店客房,為遊客提供與大自然聯繫的機會。



Each treehouse will boast a steeply pointed roof 每個樹屋都有一個陡峭的尖頂


The treehouses will range between 35 and 45 square metres in area, but each one will boast the same steeply pointed roof and base, intended to echo the forms of surrounding fir and larch trees.

The structures will be built almost entirely from locally sourced larch and fir wood, while the cladding will be stained black to blend with the surroundings.

Each one will rest on small concrete foundations, with additional structural support provided by the structural glass walls.




Untreated fir wood will create warm interiors 未經處理的杉木木材將營造出溫暖的內飾


Inside, Peter Pichler Architecture plans to line each treehouse with untreated fir wood to create a warm interior that contrasts with the facades.

They will each comprise two levels that are orientated to maximise views out through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

在內部,Peter Pichler Architecture計劃在每個樹屋內鋪設未經處理的杉木木材,營造出與外牆形成鮮明對比的溫暖內部。



The lower level will contain a reading and lounge area, alongside a bathroom and an open-tread stair that leads to the upper level.

Upstairs will be a dedicated sleeping area, with beds orientated to look out over the mountainscape. There will also be a second small bathroom tucked at the back of the structure.


樓上將是一個專用的睡眠區,床鋪朝向俯瞰山景。 在結構的後面還有第二個小浴室。

The aim is to offer tourists the opportunity to connect with nature 目的是為遊客提供與大自然聯繫的機會


Each treehouse will be completed by a tank for collecting and reusing rainwater, while geothermal heat pumps will be used for heating in the winter months.

Tree House is not the first project that Peter Pichler Architecture has designed for the Italian Dolomites.

In South Tyrol, the studio has completed a pair of holiday homes with mirrored facades, a black timber restaurant for skiers and transformed a hotel with pared-back concrete facades and minimalist interiors.


Tree House不是Peter Pichler Architecture為意大利多洛米蒂人設計的第一個項目。




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