ME Madrid Reina Victoria 維多利亞女王梅酒店

ME Madrid Reina Victoria revitalised the historic Gran Hotel Reina Victoria, located in the heart of the capital of Spain, on the western edge of the centrally located Plaza de Santa Ana, which is full of bars and night spots.

ME Madrid Reina Victoria酒店位於西班牙首都中心的西部邊緣,坐落在市中心的Plaza de Santa Ana,那裡遍布酒吧和夜生活場所,為歷史悠久的Gran Hotel Reina Victoria酒店注入活力。

The major remodelling of the hotel respected the building’s façade which is an historically valuable example of the city’s urban architecture. Within this traditional structure, the ME Madrid was designed as a luxury hotel offering the best services and facilities to business and pleasure travellers.

酒店的主要改造尊重了該建築的外觀,這是該城市城市建築的歷史價值。 在這個傳統的結構中,ME Madrid被設計成一家豪華酒店,為商務和休閒旅客提供最好的服務和設施。

On the site occupied by the palace of the Counts of Teba, where Próspero Merimée began writing “Carmen” and where Eugenia de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III was brought up, the construction of the Gran Hotel Reina Victoria began in 1919. Built by the modernist architect Jesús Carrasco y Encina, the hotel is an important historic example of this architectural movement. Since it opened in 1923, the Gran Hotel Reina Victoria, named in honour of the beautiful wife of King Alfonso XIII, was considered a symbol of elegance and luxury in the Spanish capital. Aristocrats, diplomats and artists turned it into their meeting place. With the advent of the Republic in 1931, the hotel lost its royal title which was recovered when it was renamed the Hotel Tryp Reina Victoria **** in 1989.

在Teba of Teba宮殿佔據的地方,PrósperoMerimée開始寫“卡門”,拿破崙三世的妻子Eugenia de Montijo在那里長大,維多利亞雷納大酒店的建設始於1919年。 現代主義建築師JesúsCarrascoy Encina,酒店是這一建築運動的重要歷史典範。 自1923年開業以來,以維多利亞國王阿方索十三世的美麗妻子命名的維多利亞維多利亞大酒店被認為是西班牙首都優雅和奢華的象徵。 貴族,外交官和藝術家把它變成了他們的聚會場所。 隨著共和國在1931年的到來,這家酒店失去了皇家頭銜,並於1989年更名為Hotel Tryp Reina Victoria ****。

The hotel features 192 rooms (four categories) and suites (three categories). While there’s certainly an emphasis on fun in the common areas, the accommodations were designed purely with comfort and winding down in mind. My “mode” category room offered a soothing vibe with its soft tan-and-ivory palette, gauzy ceiling-to-floor drapes that beautifully filtered in the natural light, plush king bed with feather duvet that kept me cool (not overheated) for a proper night’s slumber, and marble bathroom stocked with a lovely assortment of toiletries from the hip Greek beauty brand, Apivita. The desk, located right under the plasma TV, was narrow, but fine for working in shorter stretches. One quirky touch you’ll see in all of ME by Meliá hotels? The signature maxi bar, which offers far more than your typical, uninspired hotel mini bar (think organic veggie chips and mixers to prepare a proper cocktail in the comfort of your own room). If you want to torch some calories, you have complimentary access to The Club Metropolitan Palacio, a spacious, well-stocked fitness center adjacent to the hotel.

酒店擁有192間客房(四類)和套房(三類)。雖然在公共區域肯定強調樂趣,但住宿的設計純粹是考慮到舒適和清醒。我的“模式”類別的房間提供舒緩的氛圍,柔和的棕褐色和象牙色調,薄紗天花板到地板的窗簾,在自然光線下精美過濾,豪華特大號床和羽絨被讓我保持涼爽(不會過熱)一個適當的夜晚睡眠,大理石浴室配有來自時尚的希臘美容品牌Apivita的各種各樣的洗浴用品。桌子位於等離子電視的正下方,雖然狹窄,但在較短的時間內工作也很好。您可以在Meliá酒店的所有ME中看到一種奇特的感覺?標誌性的超長酒吧,提供遠遠超過您典型的,沒有靈感的酒店迷你酒吧(想想有機蔬菜片和攪拌機,在您自己的房間舒適地準備適當的雞尾酒)。如果您想要消耗一些卡路里,您可以免費使用The Club Metropolitan Palacio,這是一個寬敞,儲藏豐富的健身中心,毗鄰酒店。

Located on the ground floor, Ana La Santa is the hotel’s casual, all-day restaurant. Breakfast is a simple but satisfying buffet with assorted fruits, charcuterie, cheeses, and breads, while lunch and dinner enlist a more localized approach.

Ana La Santa酒店位於底樓,是酒店休閒的全日餐廳。 早餐是簡單但令人滿意的自助餐,包括各種水果,熟食,奶酪和麵包,而午餐和晚餐則採用更加本地化的方式。


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FROM:ME Madrid Reina Vistoria. Lifestyle hotel in the heart of urban Madrid.

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