Dancing fairy statue 跳舞的童話雕像

Robin Wight, a UK-based sculptor that works primarily with stainless steel wire, has mastered the creation of enchanting and dynamic fairy sculptures that seem to dance in or struggle against the wind.

Robin Wight是一位英國雕塑家,主要以不銹鋼絲為主,他已經掌握了迷人動感的仙女雕塑,這些雕塑似乎在風中翩翩起舞。

Wight is very open about the process behind his beautiful fairy creations, describing it in great detail. They involve the creation of a robust steel skeleton that is then wrapped in progressively smaller gauges of wire – the thickest forms the skeleton, the next thickest forms the muscles and body mass, and the finest wraps these muscles to form the skin. As his signature, Wight also buries a stone “heart” at each fairy’s core, sometimes engraving these hearts with messages. A number of them are on display at the Trentham Gardens, but he also creates fairies for private clients.

對他美麗的童話創作背後的過程非常開放,詳細描述它。 它們包括創造一個堅固的鋼骨架,然後用逐漸變小的線材包裹 – 最厚的形成骨架,下一個最厚的形成肌肉和體重,最好的包裹這些肌肉形成皮膚。 作為他的簽名,懷特還在每個仙女的核心埋葬了一塊石頭“心臟”,有時會在這些心中刻上信息。 其中一些在特倫特姆花園展出,但他也為私人客戶創造了仙女。


FROM:Can you find the Trentham Fairies?

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