It’s official: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will Open May 31 at Disneyland Resort, August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Sounds great but there is a big “but” as at Disneyland the land will open in two phases and the highly awaited big E-Ticket ride “Rise of the Resistance” won’t be open and you’ll have to wait at least 2 or 3 months for its opening. ( read below ) What may sounds like a good idea to reduce the expected crowds at opening day might end by being an extremely bad idea as i bet you that it won’t stop the fans to come right from the opening day. With Galaxy’s Edge having only the Falcon ride and without the major ride it will create even longer lines/waiting time as only one ride will be operational. And it’s also extremely greedy as it will force people to come twice at Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge to ride the big E- ticket some months later …no comments. Below, the new commercial for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge announcing the opening on May 31 at Disneyland

官方消息:星球大戰:Galaxy’s Edge將於5月31日在迪斯尼樂園度假村舉行,8月29日在迪士尼好萊塢影城舉行! 聽起來不錯,但是在迪斯尼樂園有一個很大的“但是”這片土地將分兩個階段開放,期待已久的大型電子車票“抵抗力量的崛起”將不會開放,你將不得不等待至少2 開業時間為3個月。 (如下所示)在開幕當天減少預期人群可能聽起來好主意可能最終會成為一個非常糟糕的主意,因為我打賭你不會阻止粉絲從開幕當天開始。 由於Galaxy’s Edge只有Falcon騎行而沒有主要騎行,因此只需一次騎行即可開啟更長的線路/等待時間。 它也非常貪婪,因為它會迫使人們在迪斯尼樂園銀河邊緣兩次來兩個月後乘坐大型電子機票……沒有評論。 下面是星球大戰銀河邊緣的新商業廣告,宣佈於5月31日在迪士尼樂園開幕

FROM:Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Open May 31 at Disneyland Resort, Aug. 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Full article from the Disney Parks Blog: “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening ahead of schedule on May 31 at Disneyland Resort in Southern California and August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

That’s right – it’s debuting early because of high guest interest in experiencing this new, immersive land. On opening day for phase one, you’ll be able to live your own Star Wars story and take the controls of the most famous ship in the galaxy aboard Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, sample amazing galactic food and beverages, explore an intriguing collection of merchant shops and more.

And for phase two, opening later this year, will be Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the most ambitious, immersive and advanced attraction ever imagined that will put guests in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance and will blur the lines between fantasy and reality. In light of tremendous demand, Disney made the decision to open the land in phases to allow guests to sooner enjoy the one-of-a-kind experiences that make Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge so spectacular.

Guests planning to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland park in California between May 31 and June 23, 2019 will need valid theme park admission and will be required to make a no-cost reservation, subject to availability, to access the land. Information on how to make a reservation will be available at a later date on and the Disney Parks Blog. Guests staying at one of the three Disneyland Resort hotels during these dates will receive a designated reservation to access Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during their stay (one reservation per registered guest); valid theme park admission is required.

A reservation will not be offered or required to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Walt Disney World Resort at this time. And you should know that valid theme park admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is required to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge after its opening on August 29, 2019. Capacity is limited. Additionally, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be available during Extra Magic Hours. During Extra Magic Hours guests staying at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels can spend extra time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios enjoying select attractions. Details will also be available at a later date on and the Disney Parks Blog.

Capacity for the parks, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its experiences is limited. Access to the park, land and experiences may be restricted or unavailable depending on guest demand and other factors.”

Disney also released the new concept-arts below showing: Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, a restaurant housed in a working hangar bay in the old marketplace where guests will choose from a variety of dishes prepared with ingredients from across the galaxy, prepared by Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs.


這是對的 – 由於客戶對體驗這個新的,身臨其境的土地的高度興趣,它提前推出。在第一階段的開幕日,您將能夠實現自己的星球大戰故事,並在千禧獵鷹:走私者運行中的銀河系中控制最著名的船隻,品嚐令人驚嘆的銀河食品和飲料,探索一個有趣的收集商店等等。



此時不會提供或要求在華特迪士尼世界度假區體驗星球大戰:銀河邊緣的預訂。你應該知道迪士尼好萊塢影城有效的主題公園入場​​需要在2019年8月29日開放後參觀星球大戰:銀河邊緣。容量有限。此外,星球大戰:Galaxy’s Edge將在Extra Magic Hours時段推出。在額外的魔法時間,入住精選華特迪士尼世界度假酒店的客人可以在迪士尼的好萊塢影城享受額外的時間,享受精選的景點。稍後還將在Disneyworld.com和迪士尼樂園博客上提供詳細信息。


迪士尼還發布了以下新概念藝術:Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo,這是一家位於舊市場工作機庫的餐廳,客人可以選擇各種菜餚,這些菜餚均採用整個銀河系的食材烹製而成,由廚師準備Strono“Cookie”Tuggs。

The Milk Stand where guests will be able to order and enjoy a cup of Batuu’s legendary frozen blue or green milk, like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope or in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. Thirsty visitors will be able to try both these exotic galactic delicacies for themselves—as they live their own Star Wars adventures.

牛奶攤位,客人可以訂購併享用一杯Batuu傳奇的冰凍藍色或綠色牛奶,如“星球大戰:第四集 – 新希望”或“星球大戰:第八集 – 最後的絕地”中的盧克天行者。 口渴的遊客將能夠為自己嘗試這些異國情調的銀河美食 – 因為他們生活著自己的星球大戰冒險。

Creature Stall, an exotic shop where you’ll be free to explore as you peek into cages and crates filled with hard-to-find species from across the galaxy. Bina, the stall’s proprieter, scours star systems to keep this storefront stocked with unique companions for her customers. Marvel at a large collection of cackling Kowakian monkey-lizards, the rambunctious pets popular with shadowy underworld figures—including Hutts. Most of the creatures here are available for purchase—restrictions may apply to rathtars.

Creature Stall,一個充滿異國情調的商店,當你偷看網箱和裝滿來自整個銀河系的難以找到的物種的箱子時,你可以自由探索。 攤位的主人比娜(Bina)在尋找明星系統,讓這家店面為她的顧客提供獨特的伴侶。 驚嘆於一大堆呱呱叫的小窩猴蜥蜴,這些肆虐的寵物很受陰影黑社會人物的歡迎 – 包括哈特人。 這裡的大多數生物都可以購買 – 限制可能適用於rathtars。

Also, i remind you to don’t miss Jeff Kober “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: A Complete Guide” which puts all together in one piece everything that awaits you in the new land, and it’s a FREE guide! Jump to Disney at work HERE to get it.

Picture: copyright Disney

另外,我提醒你不要錯過Jeff Kober“星球大戰銀河邊緣:完整指南”,它將所有在新土地上等待你的東西放在一起,這是一個免費指南! 跳到迪士尼工作在這裡獲得它。




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