Pastel tones and plenty of curves are found within this restaurant, located inside The Spheres at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle.

Willmott’s Ghost is one of three spaces open to the public inside The Spheres – a trio of plant-filled glass orbs completed at retail giant Amazon’s Downtown campus last year.

這家餐廳位於西雅圖亞馬遜總部的The Spheres內,擁有柔和的色調和充足的曲線。

Willmott的Ghost是The Spheres內向公眾開放的三個空間之一 – 去年在亞馬遜零售巨頭亞馬遜市中心校園完成了三個植物填充玻璃球。

The restaurant on the ground floor of the building was designed by Heliotrope Architects, with interiors by Price Erickson and construction by Dovetail.

“With a three-storey jungle above, the restaurant takes its namesake from a thistle-like flower christened in honour of Victorian horticulturist Ellen Ann Willmott,” said Heliotrope in a project description.

位於大樓底層的餐廳由Heliotrope Architects設計,由Price Erickson設計,內部由Dovetail建造。

Heliotrope在一個項目描述中說:“上面有一個三層高的叢林,這家餐館的名字來源於為紀念維多利亞園藝家Ellen Ann Willmott而命名的薊花。”

Serving Roman-style pizza and Italian cocktails, the eatery measures 1,900 square feet (177 square metres) and seats around 50 diners, and can be accessed independently from the street.

Both the setting within The Spheres and the cuisine influenced the design of the restaurant. The white-painted steel and glass structure curves around the space, restricting the layout of all the furnishings and fixtures.


The Spheres和菜餚的設置都影響了餐廳的設計。 白色鋼鐵和玻璃結構圍繞空間彎曲,限制了所有家具和固定裝置的佈局。

“Enclosed within the spherical envelope, the area housing the restaurant proved an incredible – and inspiring – challenge, are much of the architecture is dictated by curves,” said Heliotrope.

Along the outer edge, arc-shaped booths upholstered in dark green leather are positioned one side of the entrance, while a continuous bank of seating gently bends around the other.

Heliotrope說:“封閉在球形外殼內,餐廳所在的區域被證明是一種令人難以置信的 – 鼓舞人心的挑戰,其中很多建築都是由曲線決定的。”


The same colour wraps the base of the marble-topped bar, which similarly bows through the space.

Circular tables, with mint-green metal bases that match the bar stools, accompany the banquettes, and white oak chairs provide additional spots for diners.



Above the tables hang Crescent pendant lights by Lee Broom, continuing the spherical theme.

桌子上方掛著Lee Broom的Crescent吊燈,延續了球形主題。


The colour palette was taken from the Italian flag, or a margherita pizza, but pared down to pastel shades that include a soft pink used to cover concrete columns and the host stand.


Blush-coloured tiles also line behind the bar and the walls in the bathrooms, where brass fixtures echo the lamps, bar shelves and other details in the main space.

Fitting a pizza oven and other kitchen services proved tricky within the confines of the structure. “It was like building a ship in a bottle,” said Heliotrope principal Mike Mora.


在結構的範圍內,裝配比薩餅烤箱和其他廚房服務被證明是棘手的。 “這就像在一個瓶子裡建造一艘船,”Heliotrope校長Mike Mora說。

The Spheres were designed by architecture firm NBBJ, and provide non-typical workspaces for Amazon employees within the botanical environment. Visitors can access portions of the orbs to admire the flora, but are restricted to certain areas.

Spheres由建築公司NBBJ設計,為植物環境中的亞馬遜員工提供非典型的工作空間。 遊客可以訪問部分球體來欣賞植物群,但僅限於某些區域。




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