Vine Architecture Studio has refurbished a rooftop apartment in east London, with features including a yellow spiral staircase and generous rooflights that fill the interior with daylight.

Mile End Road is a compact one-bedroom apartment that shares a stairwell with offices below, and both share the use of the roof terrace areas.

Locally based Vine Architecture Studio has refurbished and reconfigured the home, which was previously in a state of disrepair.

Vine Architecture Studio酒店翻新了倫敦東部的屋頂公寓,其特色包括黃色螺旋樓梯和寬敞的屋頂燈,內部充滿了日光。

Mile End Road是一間緊湊的一居室公寓,共用一個樓梯間,下面設有辦公室,兩者共用屋頂露台區。

位於當地的Vine Architecture Studio已經對房屋進行了翻新和重新配置,該房屋之前處於失修狀態。

Their transformation sees the cramped layout replaced with more liveable spaces.

“We sought to rationalise the layout of the apartment,” the studio claimed, “while retaining the intersecting load-bearing masonry walls that subdivided the space into equal quarters. These, in turn, allowed us to define the four living functions of washing, dining, relaxing and sleeping.”


“我們試圖使公寓的佈局合理化,”工作室聲稱,“同時保留相交的承重砌體牆,將空間細分為相等的四分之一。這反過來又讓我們定義了洗滌的四種生活功能, 用餐,放鬆和睡覺。“

The new internal plan is determined by a level change aligned with a roof valley that helps to lend the different functional zones a distinctive character.



The double dual-pitched roof incorporates full-width, north-facing skylights that allow soft light to flood into the open-plan living spaces and adjacent bedroom. Concealed motorised blinds between the rafters can be used to shade or darken the rooms if required.

雙層雙斜屋頂採用全寬,朝北的天窗,可讓柔和的燈光照射到開放式起居空間和相鄰的臥室。 如果需要,椽子之間隱藏的電動百葉窗可用於遮蔽或變暗房間。

“The incline of the roof is in part determined by the angle and path of the sun,” the architects explained.

“This allowed us to maintain a large area of glazing while regulating internal temperature through the passive measure of orientation and pitch to minimise direct solar gain.”



Large slim-line sliding doors lining the dining area and a frameless picture window with brick reveals next to the kitchen allow additional daylight to enter the space.

A level threshold between the dining area and the terrace ensures a smooth transition from interior to exterior spaces. The durable Accoya decking used for the terrace will gradually weather to match the internal flooring.


用餐區和露台之間的水平門檻確保了從內部空間到外部空間的平滑過渡。 用於露台的耐用Accoya裝飾板將逐漸適應內部地板。

The threshold between the lounge area and bedroom is similarly seamless. The spaces can be separated using a pair of full-height sliding panels made from three-layer spruce plywood that cover the purposely wide opening.

The same stained spruce is used for the kitchen cabinets, as well as for rafters that are either fully or partly exposed. The pale wood complements the smoked-oak flooring and contributes to the overall harmony of the bright pared-back space.

休息區和臥室之間的門檻同樣無縫。 這些空間可以使用一對由三層雲杉膠合板製成的全高滑動板分開,該膠合板覆蓋了特意寬的開口。

廚房櫥櫃使用相同的染色雲杉,以及全部或部分暴露的椽子。 淺色木材與煙熏橡木地板相得益彰,有助於實現明亮的簡約空間的整體和諧。

Materials chosen for the apartment’s exterior surfaces continue the muted palette. Pale brick and mortar create a homogenous and robust aesthetic that is softened by the textural detail of the brick surfaces.

The spiral stair is painted a vivid shade of yellow that transforms it into a striking sculptural feature, connecting the main terrace with a further space on the rooftop.

為公寓的外表面選擇的材料延續了柔和的調色板。 淺色磚和砂漿營造出均勻而堅固的美感,通過磚表面的紋理細節柔化。





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