Melis Logistics

A new building has been realized on the foundations of the burned-down business building of Melis. The building consists of two connected volumes; a warehouse of steel and the office of glass. The glass office slides out completely and forms a canopy for the entrance.


The warehouse has a steel trapezoidal façade with horizontal lines. The glass façade of the office fits in seamlessly with this. The underside of the cantilevered office is designed as a mirror and gives an additional dimension to the entrance approach.


Due to the materials used the building reacts very changeable and responds directly to the light. This creates an interesting synergy between steel and glass, which is visible through the entire office area. As a result, the project has also been nominated for the National Steel Award 2018 in the industrial construction category.


The interior has an industrial, business-like character with warm accents and spherical light. The workplaces are modern and very open and clear because of the glass interior walls. The interior is further characterized by the steel staircase with concrete steps, the rugged carpet and the use of oak for the closed spaces. Brutal materials such as concrete, steel, the acoustically recyclable ceiling and the nudity of the technique give the workplace its own identity.


Sustainable and circular aspects of the building include the reuse of the site and the existing ground floor, the light wooden floors made of steel and wood, the use of 150 PV panels and innovative installation technology.





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