Fondation Louis Vuitton 路易威登基金會

The Louis Vuitton Corporate Foundation, formerly Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation1, launched in October 2006, was created by the LVMH group and its houses. Its objective is to promote art and culture and to perpetuate the patronage actions undertaken since 1990 by the group.

The building, designed by architect Frank Gehry, is located in the Jardin d’Acclimatation, in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. This project is a replica of the “foundation Pinault” installed in Venice, is the media expression of the competition between Bernard Arnault, the boss of the world number one luxury, and his rival François Pinault2.

The inauguration took place on October 27, 20143.

The building, whose construction is initially valued at € 100 million, will ultimately cost nearly eight times this amount according to an article in Marianne magazine published in May 20174. In November 2018, the FRICC (Republican Front of Intervention Against Corruption) files a complaint with the National Financial Office for fraud and concealment, tax evasion and the laundering of tax fraud related to the Louis Vuitton Foundation and the LVMH group in connection with the construction of the building5,6.


該建築由建築師Frank Gehry設計,位於巴黎Bois de Boulogne的Jardin d’Aclimatation。這個項目,要根據威尼斯“皮諾基金會”的答复,是伯納德·阿諾特,全球奢侈品領導者的頭,他的對手弗朗索瓦Pinault2之間的競爭的媒體表達。



Style: Deconstructivism
Architect: Frank Gehry
Inauguration: June 23, 2014
Address: France.

建築師:Frank Gehry

In 2001, Bernard Arnault met Frank Gehry, architect awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1989. He entrusted him with the project of a building for the Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation, in Paris, south of the Jardin d’acclimatation.

Frank Gehry visits the garden and discovers an exceptional site necessary] charged with history. He imagines a glass architecture inspired by the Grand Palais, but also by the glass structures, such as the Palmarium, which adorned the Jardin d’Acclimatation from 18937. Under the hand of the architect, the glass building takes the appearance of a sailboat with sails swollen by the west wind, thus giving the illusion of movement. Twelve translucent glass veils envelop the “iceberg”, a succession of organic white forms dressed in ductal concrete (broken down into 19,000 panels all different and offset to create, in the words of Frank Gehry, a pattern in “earthquake” “) And bearing terraces with trees and floating on a pool of water. These volumes are separated by openings, faults and superimpositions that are closed by glass walls breaking down into forty-six structures of very different configurations, so that it is difficult to distinguish facades and roofs. Each of these sails, of different shape and curvature, is supported by a sophisticated set of steel and wood beams, and is composed of 3,600 screen-printed glass panels of pellets that reflect 50% of the light energy.

In order to better record the building in the environment of the Jardin d’acclimatation which LVMH obtained the concession for a period of 20 years on December 6, 1995 (the group having bought in 1984 the conglomerate Boussac which had already obtained in 1952 the city of Paris the concession in place of the zoological garden of acclimatization and which was renewed in 1995), the foundation has made a management plan reconnecting with the founding principles of landscaped gardens of the nineteenth century. It connects the building with the Acclimation Garden to the north, and the Bois de Boulogne to the south. The implementation of the Foundation building is carried out under an occupancy agreement dated January 1, 2007, for a period of 55 years, after which the building will return to the City. In return, the city receives an annual flat fee of € 100,000 until the end of the agreement.


弗蘭克蓋里訪問花園,發現了一個充滿歷史的特殊場所。他想像的玻璃建築由大皇宮的啟發,同時也得到了玻璃結構,如Palmarium,其中點綴花園德馴化18937.很快在建築師的手,玻璃建設需要西風吹起的帆船的外觀,從而產生運動的幻覺。十二半透明玻璃面紗包圍“一角”,一系列有機白色形狀穿著混凝土導管(分解成19 000所有不同的面板和交錯的,以創建,根據表達式蓋裡,圖案“地震“)帶有樹木的梯田,漂浮在水池上。這些體積由開口,斷層和疊加分開,這些開口,斷層和疊加由玻璃牆封閉,分解成四十六種截然不同的結構,因此難以區分外牆和屋頂。這些帆具有不同的形狀和曲率,由一組精密的鋼樑和木樑支撐,由3,600個絲網印刷的玻璃板組成,可反射50%的光能。

為了在動物園的環境,最好的建築,LVMH被授予特許權,為期20年註冊1995年12月6日這已經在1952年獲得的1984年Boussac的集團購買(組在德花園的acclimatation特許位置和地點巴黎市並於1995年續簽),該基金會進行的一項管理計劃恢復在19世紀的景觀花園的基本原則。它將建築與北部的馴馬花園以及南部的Bois de Boulogne相連。基金會大樓的實施是根據2007年1月1日的佔用協議進行的,為期55年,之後大樓將返回紐約市。作為回報,該城市每年收取100,000歐元的固定費用,直到協議結束。

“The construction of a foundation in which a part of the sponsorship could crystallize was needed. A new space that opens the dialogue with a wide audience and offers artists and intellectuals a platform for debate and reflection “was the ambition, in the words of Bernard Arnault during the official presentation of the project.

The building, built in the place of an old bowling alley, a ticket office and a restaurant, has an area of ​​11,779 m2 and exceeds 40 meters high: ground floor of nine meters high, area six meters high, a nine-meter high floor surmounted by nine-meter skylights, surrounded by glass roofs that allow it to reach this height and double its volume. The infrastructure consists of a waterproof box in the basement, consisting of a waterproof concrete raft that is resistant to hydrostatic overpressure and, to gain even more volume, an aquatic basin fed by a gently sloping waterfall and surrounded by of a peripheral molded wall in console of 7 meters.

In total, the construction of the building will have required the joint work of engineers and more than 700 workers. Thirty patents have also been created, especially for hangers of glass sails subjected to strong wind resistance. The complex geometry of the building required multiple wind tunnel studies at CSTB in Nantes, the results of which allowed SETEC Bâtiment and RFR engineers to design and size the building structure.

Opposed to this building, an association defending the park, the Coordination for the safeguarding of the Bois de Boulogne, has seized the administrative justice, attacking, with success, both the land authorization issued by a deliberation of the council of Paris and the building permit, finally canceled on January 20, 2011. To safeguard the museum project, the city of Paris has, on the first point, modified its urban planning bylaw. On the building permit, the city and the Louis Vuitton Foundation obtained in April 2011 to continue the work.

In addition, as part of a bill on the price of digital books on February 15, 2011, was slipped a legislative rider consolidating the building permit. The association then appealed to the Constitutional Council by filing a priority question of constitutionality (QPC). This one was aimed at this legislative “rider”. On 24 February 2012, it was rejected by the Constitutional Council because the provision referred to “responds to a goal of public interest sufficient”.

In 2012, the construction of the building is entering a decisive stage with the installation of glass sails. These sails are made of 3,600 glass panels, all unique and curved specifically to marry the forms designed by the architect. The windows, supported by beams of wood and iron, cover a total of 13,500 square meters. The teams involved in the construction of the Foundation building have won several architectural awards in France and the United States.

The cost of construction, initially estimated at € 100 million, has not been made public. It could have reached 500 million euros because of the development of innovative glass panels.

Marianne magazine claims that the construction of the building of the Louis-Vuitton Foundation would have cost nearly 800 million euros of which more than 610 million euros would be based on the French state thanks to the tax benefits that LVMH has obtained





此外,作為2011年2月15日數字圖書價格法案的一部分,立法車手合併了建築許可證。該協會隨後通過提出合憲性問題(QPC)向憲法委員會提出上訴。這個是針對這個立法“騎手”。 2012年2月24日,它被憲法委員會拒絕,因為該條款提到“對公共利益的目標做出充分反應”。





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