BMW Welt 寶馬世界

BMW Welt (English: BMW World) is a multi-use exhibition center located in Munich, Germany used for meetings and promotional events, and where buyers take delivery of BMW vehicles. It situated in the Milbertshofen-Am Hart district, next to the BMW Headquarters (BMW HQ) and the Olympiapark.

BMW Welt(英語:BMW World)是一個位於德國慕尼黑的多用途展覽中心,用於舉辦會議和促銷活動,以及買家接收寶馬汽車的地方。 它位於Milbertshofen-Am Hart區,毗鄰BMW總部(BMW總部)和Olympiapark。

Architects: Coop Himmelb(l)au
Architect :Coop Himmelb(l)au
Principal In Charge :Wolf D. Prix
Project Architects: Paul Kath
Design Team: Wolf D. Prix, Tom Wiscombe, Paul Kath, Waltraut Hohenender, Mona Marbach
Area:25000.0 m2
Project Year: 2007
Manufacturers: FMG, Glassolutions, Gretsch­-Unitas

建築師:Coop Himmelb(l)au
建築師:Coop Himmelb(l)au
負責人:Wolf D. Prix
項目建築師:Paul Kath
設計團隊:Wolf D. Prix,Tom Wiscombe,Paul Kath,Waltraut Hohenender,Mona Marbach

Design and construction
In 2001 an international architectural design competition was sponsored by BMW AG. Twenty-seven offices participated in the competition four of which were awarded prizes. The jury awarded two offices Sauerbruch Hutton and COOP HIMMELB(L)AU first prize and made the recommendation for the competitors to rework their design submissions in a third design phase in order for BMW to determine which office would be awarded the contract.

The contract was awarded to the Vienna-based architects COOP HIMMELB(L)AU and the facility was constructed from August 2003 through summer 2007 at a cost of US$200 million. Originally conceived to be open and ready for World Cup 2006, it eventually opened on October 17, 2007, and deliveries commenced on October 23, 2007. The first customer to take European delivery of a new BMW at the Welt was Jonathan Spira.There were 2,200,000 visitors during the first 12 months of operation. The number of visitors increased to 2,930,000 in 2013, of which 60% came from Germany.

Designed with an 800 kW solar plant on its roof, “the building does not have the boredom of a hall, it is not only a temple, but also a market place and a communication center and meeting place for knowledge transfer”, said architect Prix at the opening ceremony.

2001年,BMW AG贊助了一項國際建築設計競賽。 27個辦事處參加了比賽,其中4個獲得了獎項。評委會授予兩個辦公室Sauerbruch Hutton和COOP HIMMELB(L)AU一等獎,並建議競爭對手在第三個設計階段重新設計他們的設計,以便寶馬確定哪個辦公室將獲得合同。

該合同授予維也納建築師COOP HIMMELB(L)AU,該工廠於2003年8月至2007年夏季建成,耗資2億美元。最初設想為2006年世界杯開放並準備就緒,最終於2007年10月17日開業,並於2007年10月23日開始交付。第一位在世界各地接受歐洲交付新BMW的客戶是Jonathan Spira。在運營的前12個月內有2,200,000名訪客。 2013年訪客人數增加至2,930,000人,其中60%來自德國。


The realization of the technical building facilities within the scope of the architecture led to a planning model with five thematic blocks: Hall, Premiere, Forum, Gastronomy





A low-tech concept optimized ecologically using high-tech methods


The technical solution here is based on previous experience with large halls. All of the necessary features were realized successfully according to a low-tech concept. The interrelations of daylight and artificial light with ambient climate and acoustics influence people’s feeling of well-being in the Hall. The concept for the technological building systems takes up these relationships and integrates them in an interdependent manner, adapting their range of influence by modifying their dimensions or building in appropriate control mechanisms. A major goal in designing the systems was to save energy. This aim is achieved by minimizing the mechanical apparatus for ventilation, heating and cooling. The gigantic Hall is thus conceived as a solar-heated, naturally ventilated sub-climatic area, a multifunctional space that does not follow the otherwise customary requirements for heating and ventilation.

A natural air supply is generated by thermal currents, wind pressure and turbulences when air accumulates in the area of the facade and roof projection. Air intake and outflow take place through automatically controlled vents. The “natural aeration” system provides sufficient fresh air to the Hall.

The Hall’s roof system has special significance for the complex made up of heat, cold and air. A 3D simulation of thermal currents and air streams was conducted in order to investigate the spread of exhaust fumes from the cars driven on the Premiere level. Iterative calculations were then carried out to optimize the arrangement of air intake and outflow vents for natural air exchange in such a way that it was possible to remain below the permitted threshold value of around ten percent.


當空氣積聚在立面和屋頂投影區域時,由熱流,風壓和湍流產生自然空氣供應。通過自動控制的通風口進氣和流出。 “自然曝氣”系統為大廳提供了充足的新鮮空氣。



Exhaust gas diffusion prevented through negative pressure

The key task of the new BMW Welt is to deliver cars – in the Premiere section – with all concepts geared toward enhancing the experience of delivery. Because of the exhaust gases that this task involves, special considerations and calculations had to be made in terms of the ventilation plan, since the Premiere is open to the Hall – the major space in this world of experience. Beyond merely fine-tuning the volume of air intake and outflow currents, it was also important to extract the exhaust fumes directly and pump in fresh air. Planning here was based on an assumed turnover of 40 cars per hour, or 250 cars per day.



新BMW Welt的關鍵任務是在Premiere部分提供汽車,所有概念都旨在增強交付體驗。 由於這項任務所涉及的廢氣,必須在通風計劃方面進行特殊考慮和計算,因為Premiere對大廳開放 – 這是這個經驗世界的主要空間。 除了僅微調進氣和出水流量之外,直接提取廢氣並在新鮮空氣中泵送也很重要。 這裡的規劃基於假設的每小時40輛汽車或每天250輛汽車的營業額。


A room-in-a-room for maximum flexibility

The Forum is a separate event area for up to 1,200 persons, equipped to meet all the specifications for a full-fledged theater or conference room.

The ventilation technology fulfills the high demands on comfort and soundproofing placed on such a sensitive area when it is situated in the middle of other function areas. The technical facilities for this special area were conceived independently, including a plan for integrating them into the architecture. Air is supplied laterally via air jets and is extracted through the ceiling as exhaust air. Based on the number of people in the room, infinite adjustment of the required air volume is possible.






Island solutions place high demands on building systems to ensure well-being

The technical equipment discreetly supports the gastronomic functions. In places where guests spend longer periods of time, air sources are placed near the floor. In order to ensure pleasant air quality even near the glass facades, the vertical facade support profiles are heated to prevent the cold downdrafts typical for this kind of construction.



Double Cone

An event space offering all the options of a public assembly place

The Double Cone is used as an exhibition space and for special events. Air is brought in by means of a low-induction system along the base of the facade and streams into the roof through the opening at the top of the cone. Floor air conditioning and air circulation coolers in the wall and floor areas ensure the necessary comfort level. In the in-between seasons, natural ventilation via facade shutters is used. The structural design of BMW Welt represents a special challenge when determining how to conduct supply lines. Because of the vast support-free space, which is borne by only 11 columns plus the elevator shafts, the supply cross-sections for the Lounge floors and the Tower had to be integrated into the few supporting core cross-sections. This situation necessitated close coordination at a very early project phase between those responsible for structural engineering, the routing of facility services and building technology.



Double Cone用作展覽空間和特殊活動。空氣通過沿著立面底部的低感應系統進入,並通過錐體頂部的開口流入屋頂。牆壁和地板區域的地板空調和空氣循環冷卻器確保了必要的舒適度。在中間季節,使用門面百葉窗進行自然通風。 BMW Welt的結構設計在確定如何進行供應線時是一項特殊挑戰。由於只有11根柱子和電梯井所支撐的巨大無支撐空間,休息室地板和塔樓的供應橫截面必須集成到少數支撐核心橫截面中。這種情況需要在負責結構工程,設施服務路由和建築技術的人員之間的早期項目階段進行密切協調。


FROM:BMW-Welt München

FROM:The BMW Headquarters in Munich | BMW Welt | BMW Museum

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