Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center 羅伊和戴安娜瓦格洛斯教育中心

Columbia University Medical Center’s new, state-of-the-art medical and graduate education building, the Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center, will open to faculty and students on August 15, 2016 for the start of the fall term. Designed by the New York-based interdisciplinary design studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro, in collaboration with Gensler as executive architect, the Vagelos Education Center is a 100,000-square-foot, 14-story glass tower that incorporates technologically advanced classrooms, collaboration spaces, and a modern simulation center to reflect how medicine is taught, learned, and practiced in the 21st century. The design seeks to reshape the look and feel of the Medical Center campus, and also create spaces that facilitate the development of skills essential for modern medical practice.

哥倫比亞大學醫學中心新建的最先進的醫學和研究生教育大樓Roy和Diana Vagelos教育中心將於2016年8月15日開放給教師和學生,用於秋季學期的開始。 由紐約的跨學科設計工作室Diller Scofidio + Renfro設計,與Gensler合作擔任執行建築師,Vagelos教育中心是一個佔地10萬平方英尺,14層的玻璃塔,結合了技術先進的教室,協作空間和 一個現代化的模擬中心,反映21世紀醫學如何被教授,學習和實踐。 該設計旨在重塑醫療中心校園的外觀和感覺,並創造空間,促進現代醫療實踐所必需的技能的發展。

Architects:Diller Scofidio Renfro
Location:104 Haven Ave, New York, NY 10032, United States
Category:Research Center
Executive Architect:Gensler
Area:110000.0 ft2
Project:Year 2016
Photographs:Iwan Baan , Nic Lehoux
Manufacturers:1212 Studio, Bentley, Blumcraft, C.R. Laurence, Daltile, Gammalux, Josef Gartner, Legere Group, Lutron, Permasteelisa, Resysta, SONOS, David Kucera, TEI Group, Prescolite, Bischoff Glastechnik, Bilfinger, IMETCO, Twenty2

建築師:Diller Scofidio Renfro
地點:104 Haven Ave,紐約,NY 10032,美國
照片:Iwan Baan,Nic Lehoux
製造商:1212 Studio,Bentley,Blumcraft,C.R。Laurence,Daltile,Gammalux,Josef Gartner,Legere Group,Lutron,Permasteelisa,Resysta,SONOS,David Kucera,TEI Group,Prescolite,Bischoff Glastechnik,Bilfinger,IMETCO,Twenty2

The building is named in recognition of the generosity of an initial lead gift from P. Roy Vagelos, MD, a distinguished alumnus of Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, and his wife, Diana Vagelos, an alumna of Barnard College and the Vice Chair of the Trustees of Barnard College. The Vagelos Education Center was funded through the generosity of many committed friends, faculty and alumni donors. Construction began in September 2013.

該建築的名字是為了表彰哥倫比亞大學內外科醫學院傑出校友P. Roy Vagelos博士和他的妻子Diana Vagelos,巴納德學院校友兼副主席Diana Vagelos的慷慨捐贈。 巴納德學院的受託人。 Vagelos教育中心的資金來自許多忠誠的朋友,教師和校友捐贈者。 施工於2013年9月開始。

In addition to the new Vagelos Education Center, initiatives to revitalize the campus include increasing green space, creating a new gateway to the medical school, consolidating student services, renovating several existing buildings, and constructing new spaces, including the new home for the Columbia School of Nursing. The Vagelos Education Center will help define the northern edge of the campus and provide a bridge to the surrounding Washington Heights community.

除了新的Vagelos教育中心外,振興校園的舉措還包括增加綠色空間,建立醫學院的新門戶,整合學生服務,翻新現有建築物以及建造新的空間,包括哥倫比亞學校的新家園 護理學。 Vagelos教育中心將幫助確定校園的北部邊緣,並為周圍的華盛頓高地社區提供一座橋樑。

About the Design

The Vagelos Education Center is a 14-story glass, concrete, and steel structure anchored by a network of social and study spaces distributed along an exposed, interconnected vertical staircase that extends the height of the building—known as the “Study Cascade”—and encompasses 100,000 square feet of advanced medical and scientific facilities. The alcove interiors of the Study Cascade, designed to be conducive to collaborative, team-based learning and teaching, open onto south-facing outdoor spaces and terraces. Other key elements of the design include:
– Ground floor lobby and café, which adjoin a “study bar” with views of the Palisades.

– Student Commons, which features a café, computer work area and computer labs.

– Advanced clinical simulation center, a specialized space for mock examination rooms, clinics and operating rooms.

– Multi-purpose auditorium, a 275-seat flexible space used for campus-wide events such as lectures, screenings and concerts.

– “Academic Neighborhoods,” groups of classrooms that can be configured according to need by operable partitions, drop down screens and large-scale multi-user touch screens, suspended ceilings, and distributed power and data at the floor.

– South and West Courts, outdoor spaces featuring local plant species.

– Anatomy Quad, a flexible learning space with integrated screens and task lighting.


Vagelos教育中心是一個14層的玻璃,混凝土和鋼結構,由一個社會和學習空間網絡建立,沿著一個暴露的,相互連接的垂直樓梯分佈,延伸建築物的高度 – 被稱為“研究級聯” – 和包括100,000平方英尺的先進醫療和科學設施。 Study Cascade的凹室內部設計有利於團隊合作的學習和教學,可通往朝南的室外空間和露台。該設計的其他關鍵要素包括:
– 一樓的大堂和咖啡廳,毗鄰一個“學習酒吧”,享有Palisades的景色。

– 學生共用,設有咖啡廳,電腦工作區和電腦室。

– 先進的臨床模擬中心,模擬檢查室,診所和手術室的專業空間。

– 多功能禮堂,275個座位的靈活空間,用於校園活動,如講座,放映和音樂會。

– “學術社區”,可根據需要通過可操作分區,下拉屏幕和大型多用戶觸摸屏,吊頂天花板以及地板上的分佈式電源和數據進行配置的教室組。

– 南部和西部法院,以當地植物種類為特色的戶外空間。

– Anatomy Quad,靈活的學習空間,集成屏幕和工作照明。

“Space matters for structured and informal learning,” said Elizabeth Diller, founding partner at Diller Scofidio + Renfro. “To support Columbia’s progressive medical education program, we designed a building that will nurture collaboration. Its defining feature is the Study Cascade–a 14-story network of vertically linked spaces in a variety of sizes, both focused and social, private and communal, indoors and out.”

“空間對結構化和非正式學習至關重要,”Diller Scofidio + Renfro的創始合夥人Elizabeth Diller說。 “為了支持哥倫比亞大學的漸進式醫學教育計劃,我們設計了一座培育合作的建築。 它的定義特徵是Study Cascade–一個14層的垂直連接空間網絡,有各種尺寸,包括聚焦和社交,私人和公共,室內和室外。“

DS+R’s design takes advantage of an incredible view of the Hudson River and the Palisades. The building also integrates a range of sustainable features—including locally sourced materials, green roof technologies, and an innovative mechanical system that minimizes energy and water use—and the façade features ceramic “frit” patterns that are baked onto the exterior glass to diffuse sunlight. All new construction and renovation projects—including the Vagelos Education Center—work toward the goal of minimizing CUMC’s carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025.

DS + R的設計充分利用了哈德遜河和帕利塞德的壯麗景色。 該建築還集成了一系列可持續的功能 – 包括當地採購的材料,綠色屋頂技術和創新的機械系統,最大限度地減少能源和水的使用 – 外立面採用陶瓷“玻璃”圖案,烘烤到外部玻璃上以散射陽光。 所有新的建築和翻新項目 – 包括Vagelos教育中心 – 致力於最大限度地減少CUMC的碳足跡,並在2025年前將溫室氣體排放量減少30%。


FROM:Spaces Designed for Learning and Leisure

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