Kogel Hof 科格爾霍夫

The ultramodern Villa Kogelhof in Kamperland, the Netherlands has just been awarded one of the prestigious Dutch ARC13 Architecture Prize. The building’s designers, Amsterdam-based Paul de Ruiter Architects, were honored with the prize — alongside three other award winners — at a festive award ceremony in Rotterdam.

位於荷蘭Kamperland的超現代Villa Kogelhof剛獲得了著名的荷蘭ARC13建築獎之一。 該建築的設計師,總部位於阿姆斯特丹的Paul de Ruiter建築事務所,在鹿特丹舉行的節日頒獎典禮上與其他三位獲獎者一同獲獎。

Architects:Paul de Ruiter Architects
Location:Noord-Beveland, The Netherlands
Contractor:J. van der Linde, Goes
Advisor Construction:Broersma bv
Advisor Building Physics:Smits van Burgst
Landscape Architect :Bosch Slabbers, Middelburg
Area :715.0 m2
Project :Year 2013
Photographs : Jeroen Musch
Manufacturers :GIRA

建築師:Paul de Ruiter建築師事務所
承包商:J-。 范德林德,Goes
顧問建設:Broersma bv
顧問建築物理學:Smits van Burgst
照片:Jeroen Musch

The 25 hectare estate is part of a larger program initiated by the government, which aims to connect regional ecological zones throughout the country. The current owner bought the site, once farmland, in 2006. It is a protected habitat for animals and plants and a major tourist draw in the area, open to the public. Permission to build a house on the land was given only on condition that it was returned to its pre-agricultural state. The planting of some 71,000 six-year-old trees hint at the future of the estate as ‘a villa in the woods’ and were planted already in 2006. A rectangular pond was digged, requiring the removal of 70,000 cubic metres of soil.

25公頃的土地是政府發起的一個更大的項目的一部分,該項目旨在連接全國的區域生態區。 現在的所有者在2006年購買了這個曾經耕地的土地。它是一個受保護的動植物棲息地,也是該地區的主要旅遊景點,向公眾開放。 在土地上建造房屋的許可只有在它返回農業前狀態的情況下才能獲得。 種植約71,000棵六年樹的樹木暗示該莊園的未來是“樹林中的別墅”,並於2006年種植。一個長方形的池塘被挖掘,需要清除7萬立方米的土壤。


The underground volume of the house consists the entrance, parking (for 6 cars and a tractor), storage, bathroom and a workspace which looks out over the pond. The living area is situated in the floating glass box above ground. It’s floor plan is completely open, except for some subtle glass room dividers. There are several separate volumes for the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and a multifunctional room. The patio has glass doors on both sides, so that it’s both accessible through the living room and the bathroom. The entire floor is covered with white epoxy and the furniture consists of designer classics from Le Corbusier and Eileen Grey. The façade is completely made out of glass and offers a spectacular view over the surrounding landscape.


房子的地下空間包括入口,停車場(6輛車和一輛拖拉機),儲藏室,浴室和俯瞰池塘的工作區。 起居區位於地上的浮動玻璃箱內。 除了一些微妙的玻璃房隔斷外,它的平面圖是完全開放的。 廚房,臥室,浴室和多功能廳有幾個單獨的捲。 庭院兩側都有玻璃門,因此可以通過起居室和浴室進入。 整個樓層都覆蓋著白色環氧樹脂,家具由Le Corbusier和Eileen Gray設計師經典設計。 外觀完全由玻璃製成,享有周圍景觀的壯麗景色。


One of the main principles of Villa Kogelhof was to translate luxury into the happiness of independence. The goal for the villa was to be self-sufficient; to generate its own energy, to heat its own water and to recycle the garbage. To make sure Villa Kogelhof is energy neutral, the façade offers an important contribution. This so called climate-façade is composed of an outer layer of clear insulated glass from floor to ceiling and an inner layer of sun-reflecting fabric that can be rolled up and unrolled. When the fabric is lowered, an air cavity is formed in which the air from the villa is extracted of a central ventilation system. The house is heated by a central heating system in combination with an air pump. Warm water will in the near future be generated by using a range stove, in which wood will be fired from the trees out of the private forest of the estate. Electricity is generated from the PV-cells on the roof and also from the planned windmill.


Villa Kogelhof的主要原則之一是將奢侈品轉化為獨立的幸福。 別墅的目標是自給自足; 產生自己的能量,加熱自己的水和回收垃圾。 為了確保Villa Kogelhof能源中立,外立面提供了重要的貢獻。 這種所謂的氣候外觀由一層從地板到天花板的透明絕緣玻璃外層和一層可以捲起和展開的陽光反射織物組成。 當織物下降時,形成空氣腔,來自別墅的空氣從中央通風系統中抽出。 房屋由中央供暖系統和空氣泵組成。 在不久的將來,溫水將通過使用範圍爐子產生,其中木材將從樹木中從莊園的私人森林中射出。 屋頂上的PV電池以及計劃中的風車都會產生電力。




FROM:Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter Architects

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