Though alcohol has always freely flowed at Disney parks like Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney California Adventure, out of a sense of tradition, the two most-attended theme parks in the world, the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, have historically been dry. However, that all started changing a little over a year ago, when alcohol began being served across the Magic Kingdom’s table service restaurants after only being served in one dining locations. And now, alcohol is coming to Disneyland, and in a very similar way…

儘管酒精總是在Epcot,迪士尼好萊塢影業,迪士尼動物王國和迪士尼加州冒險等迪斯尼樂園自由流動,但出於傳統意識,世界上最受歡迎的兩個主題公園 – 神奇王國和迪斯尼樂園,在歷史上 乾了。 然而,這一切都在一年多前開始發生變化,當時僅在一個餐飲場所服務後,神奇王國的餐桌服務餐廳開始供應酒精。 而現在,酒精正以迪斯尼樂園的形式出現,並以非常相似的方式……


Alcohol confirmed to be coming to one (highly controlled) area of Disneyland only…for now


Last year Disneyland fans were shocked to learn that Oga’s Cantina, a new watering hole inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, would be offering alcoholic beverages inside Disneyland. This is the first public restaurant at Disneyland Park that offers guests the chance to purchase and drink alcohol, which is a massive change for the park, which has been dry for over 60 years.

However, earlier this week Disney clarified some things about how this park is going to handle its first alcohol-serving establishment. First off, all drinks served inside this establishment will be pre-mixed, and guests won’t be able to order any “off-menu” items (like a Long Island iced tea or margarita, for example). In addition, guests who order alcoholic beverages must drink them in the restaurant, and will not be able to take these beverages “to go” anywhere else in the parks.

去年,迪斯尼樂園的粉絲們驚訝地發現,星球大戰:銀河邊緣的新水坑Oga’s Cantina將在迪士尼樂園內提供酒精飲料。 這是迪士尼樂園的第一家公共餐廳,為客人提供購買和飲用酒精的機會,這對公園來說是一個巨大的變化,已經乾了60多年。

然而,本週早些時候,迪士尼澄清了一些有關該公園如何處理其首個酗酒機構的事情。 首先,酒店內的所有飲品都將預先混合,客人將無法訂購任何“菜單外”食品(例如長島冰茶或瑪格麗塔酒)。 此外,訂購含酒精飲料的客人必須在餐廳飲用,並且無法在公園的其他任何地方“去”這些飲料。

We don’t exactly know how this conservative drink policy will be enforced, but if we had to guess we’d say this establishment will probably use non-disposable glassware to discourage guests from walking away with beverages, and there will likely be Cast Members standing at the exits making sure guests don’t accidentally leave with an alcoholic drink.

Guests will also have a strong incentive to hang out with thier drinks in this location, as there will be characters and live entertainment to check out at this establishment, Though not specifically stated, we’re also guessing there will be a limit to exactly how much alcohol can be purchased at Oga’s Cantina as well, just so Cast Members can keep this establishment from getting too full as guests enjoy their drinks before leaving.

我們並不完全知道這種保守的飲酒政策將如何實施,但如果我們不得不猜測我們會說這家酒店可能會使用非一次性玻璃器皿來阻止客人帶走飲料,並且很可能會有會員 站在出口處,確保客人不會意外地帶著酒精飲料。

客人也有強烈的動機在這個地方和他們的飲料一起出去玩,因為在這個場所會有人物和現場娛樂表演,雖然沒有特別說明,但我們也猜測將如何限制 也可以在Oga’s Cantina購買大量酒精飲料,因此Cast會員可以讓這家酒店在離開前享用飲品時過飽。

Will this new policy stay this strict?


Limiting alcohol in this park to one location only may seem like a good way to introduce adult beverages at Disneyland in a very small way, but one only has to look at the example of Magic Kingdom to see how quickly adult beverage availability can expand quickly at a formally dry park. Ever since the first drop of alcohol was served inside the Magic Kingdom back in 2012 at the Be Our Guest restaurant, many predicted that Disney would expand their alcoholic options inside this park some day, and sure enough in 2018, Disney added beer, wine, and cocktails to the menu at every single Magic Kingdom table service dining restaurant.

Of course Disney has yet to bring alcoholic drinks to quick service locations or roaming carts at the Magic Kingdom, which at least makes alcohol more limited in this park. In addition, guests also are unable to bring alcohol out of restaurants, which preserves at least some measure of this park’s formerly dry policy. And while some fans expressed discontent with this change in policy at first, the expansion of alcohol in this park largely went off without a hitch and could provide a good template for Disneyland’s implementation of adult beverages in areas of the park beyond Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which is opening this summer.

將這個公園內的酒精限制在一個地方可能看起來像是以非常小的方式在迪斯尼樂園引入成人飲料的好方法,但是只需要看看神奇王國的例子,看看成人飲料的可用性如何快速擴展到一個正式乾燥的公園。自從2012年在Be Our Guest餐廳首次向神奇王國供應酒精後,許多人預測迪士尼有一天會在這個公園內擴大他們的酒類選擇,而且在2018年,迪士尼肯定會加入啤酒,葡萄酒,每間神奇王國餐桌餐廳都提供雞尾酒和菜單。


While we don’t know for sure what is going to happen with the introduction of booze at Disneyland, it seems very unlikely that adult beverages will stay confined to this one location for very long, especially as alcohol is a big moneymaker at every other Disney park. While we don’t know when an expansion might occur, at least for now, Disney is going for a very conservative approach to the implementation of alcohol at this park, and it will be interesting to see how fans react to this addition at the park, coming this summer!

雖然我們不確定在迪斯尼樂園引入酒會發生什麼事情,但成人飲料似乎不太可能長時間地限制在這一地點,特別是因為酒精是其他所有迪士尼的大賺錢人 公園。 雖然我們不知道何時會發生擴張,但至少就目前來說,迪士尼正在採取一種非常保守的措施來實施這個公園的酒精,看看球迷們如何應對公園裡的這種增加將會很有趣。 ,今年夏天來了!



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