How can a city library be built to fade away from seriousness and return to purity? The National South Tower, which will be opened in 2021, may be an excellent example. It is called “the most beautiful library in Taiwan”. It is a transparent space, a clean and open learning environment, and beautiful greenery everywhere…not like a solemn national map, it is more like a relaxed living museum. Walk along the way, along with the fragrance of the book.

城市圖書館要如何打造才能褪去嚴肅,回歸純粹?即將於2021 年啟用的國圖南館或許是一個極佳的典例。這裏被稱爲“台灣最美圖書館”都不爲過:通透的空間,明淨開放的學習環境,隨處遍布的美麗綠意……不像是莊嚴的國圖,更像是輕鬆自在的生活博物館,漫步其間,一路書香伴隨。

The Guotu South Pavilion is also the first circular library in Taiwan, located in Xinying District, Tainan City. To maximize interaction with nature, the library will retain 90% of the tree’s base, integrate it with existing resources, and connect Aberde Avenue to the town to truly build a green building library. It’s more like a less formal interactive center, and everything is starting to diversify. Readers’ visitors enter the “small box” from the library’s “big box” and walk along the streets of life to various interesting places. Facilities, you can stay in the outdoor small book room for a while, or linger in the library museum, collection center, a little tired to go to the book coffee to recharge, of course, the town theater (lecture hall) is also a good leisure choice . The experience of perceptual learning can happen anywhere, anytime, and perhaps the next important inspiration will flash here.

國圖南館也是台灣首座循環圖書館,位於台南市新營區。爲最大化與自然實現互動,圖書館將保留基地90% 的樹,與現有資源整合,再將阿勃勒大道與小鎮相接,從而真正建立起一座綠建築圖書館。這裏更像是一個不那麽正式的互動中心,一切也開始變得多樣化,讀者訪客從圖書館的「大盒子」進入到許多翻轉成的「小盒子」,沿著生活大街信步前往各種有趣的設施,可以在經過戶外小書屋的時候逗留片刻,或是在圖書博物館、典藏中心流連一番,稍覺疲憊可前往書咖啡養精蓄銳,當然小鎮戲院(演講廳)也是不錯的休閒選擇。感知學習的體驗在這裏隨時隨地都會發生,或許下一個重要的靈感,就會在這裡閃現喔。




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