FROM:AD Interviews: Débora Mesa / SpainLab

SPAINLab, the name of the exhibit, looks to expose the research process behind the works of contemporary Spanish Architects:

– RCR Arquitectes (Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramón Vilalta)
– Selgascano (Lucía Cano, José Selgas)
– Urban Habitat / Barcelona City Council (Vicente Guallart)
– SMAO — Sancho-Madridejos Archiecture Office (Sol Madridejos, Juan Carlos Sancho)
– Menis Arquitectos (Fernando Menis)
– Cloud 9 (Enric Ruiz-Geli)
– Ecosistema Urbano (Belinda Tato, José Luis Vallejo)


– RCR Arquitectes(Rafael Aranda,Carme Pigem,RamónVilalta)
– Selgascano(LucíaCano,JoséSelgas)
– Urban Habitat /巴塞羅那市議會(Vicente Guallart)
– SMAO – Sancho-Madridejos Archiecture辦公室(Sol Madridejos,Juan Carlos Sancho)
– Menis Arquitectos(Fernando Menis)
– Cloud 9(Enric Ruiz-Geli)
– Ecosistema Urbano(Belinda Tato,JoséLuisVallejo)

The pavilion brings together the work of seven teams of active Spanish architects who strongly defend their vocation for innovation, and who have built personal worlds outside styles and fashions, not without professional risk.


The exhibition opens an indiscreet window onto each of these world, revealing the scientific processes that seek a balance between ideas and their necessary realisation, and transcending the finished products to provide access to the reasons and emotions that have made then possible, to the incomplete versions, to the reference of which they are fed, to the findings, and – why not? – to the errors as well. The works appear then as crystallisation points of continuos research processes that are displayed as raw information, without dressing, exposed in a space under construction, like a laboratory of an architect office; which invites visitors to read between the lines and seeks to provoke learning.

展覽揭開了這個世界的每一個窗口,揭示了尋求理念與必要實現之間平衡的科學過程,並超越成品以提供可能的原因和情感,以及不完整的版本 ,他們被餵養的參考,發現,和 – 為什麼不呢? – 也是錯誤。 這些作品隨後作為連續研究過程的結晶點出現,作為原始信息顯示,沒有修整,暴露在建築中的空間,如建築師辦公室的實驗室; 邀請參觀者在線路之間閱讀,並尋求激發學習。

The physical installation is complemented by a digital platform that will collect and expand the contents of the pavilion and will survive the exhibition and serve as a meeting and exchange point of a wider network of virtual visitors.


SPAINLab does not support ideologies or methods, but it does come with a clear strategy: to demonstrate that the true value of architectural works is not in their final image, and that the future of Spanish architecture need the support and protection of personal research processes, as the essence of the genetics that will give life to the works.

SPAINLab不支持意識形態或方法,但它確實帶來了明確的策略:證明建築作品的真正價值不在最終形像中,西班牙建築的未來需要個人研究過程的支持和保護, 作為遺傳的本質,將為作品賦予生命。



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