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San Rocco is a very particular architecture magazine, described by its creators as something that “does not solve problems. It is not a useful magazine […] is neither serious nor friendly”, a curated selection of writings around particular topics related to the current state of architectural thinking and criticism. San Rocco has a five year plan, a limited time frame where 20 editions will be published with topics that range from “Scary Architects” and “Collaborations”, to “What’s wrong with the primitive hut” or “Houses for billionaires”.

San Rocco是一本非常特別的建築雜誌,其創作者將其描述為“無法解決問題的東西”。 它不是一本有用的雜誌[…]既不嚴肅也不友好“,是圍繞與當前建築思想和批評狀態相關的特定主題的精選作品。 San Rocco有一個五年計劃,有限的時間框架將發布20個版本,主題範圍從“可怕的建築師”和“合作”,到“原始小屋有什麼問題”或“億萬富翁的房子”。

During the 13th Venice Biennale, San Rocco was present in two exhibits at the Arsenale, including the launch of their project “Book of Copies” at the “Museum of Copying” exhibit curated by FAT. ”Books of Copies” is an online database comprised of images that can be copied in order to produce architecture. As such, “Books of Copies” are receptacles of a collective form of knowledge that we can provisionally call “architecture”. During the Biennale, visitors can photocopy and remix their own magazines.

San Rocco can be found online, or as part of the itinerant Archizines exhibit. You can connect with San Rocco on Facebook for more updates.

在第13屆威尼斯雙年展期間,San Rocco參加了Arsenale的兩個展覽,包括在由FAT策劃的“複製博物館”展覽中推出他們的“複製書”項目。 “Copies書”是一個在線數據庫,由可以復制的圖像組成,以產生架構。 因此,“複製書”是集體形式知識的容器,我們可以臨時稱之為“架構”。 在雙年展期間,參觀者可以復印和重新混合自己的雜誌。

San Rocco可以在網上找到,也可以作為巡迴Archizines展覽的一部分。 您可以在Facebook上與San Rocco聯繫以獲取更多更新。




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