FROM:AD Interviews: Marlon Blackwell

Marlon Blackwell (born November 7, 1956) is an American architect and university professor in Arkansas. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Blackwell is the E. Fay Jones Chair in Architecture and a Distinguished Professor in the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He is founder and principal at Marlon Blackwell Architects, a design firm established in 2000 in Fayetteville. Working outside the architectural mainstream, his architecture is based in design strategies that celebrate vernaculars and that draw upon them, and that seek to transgress conventional boundaries for architecture.

Marlon Blackwell(1956年11月7日出生)是阿肯色州的美國建築師和大學教授。 作為美國建築師協會的研究員,布萊克威爾是費耶特維爾阿肯色大學Fay Jones建築與設計學院的E. Fay Jones建築學教席和傑出教授。 他是Marlon Blackwell Architects的創始人和負責人,Marlon Blackwell Architects是一家於2000年在費耶特維爾成立的設計公司。 在建築主流之外工作,他的建築基於設計策略,以慶祝vernaculars並利用它們,並尋求超越傳統的建築邊界。


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