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Marcio Kogan (born March 6, 1952, São Paulo, Brazil) graduated from the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University Presbyterian Mackenzie in 1976. He is the son of the engineer Aron Kogan, who became known in the 50’s and 60’s for the design and construction of large buildings in São Paulo, such as Edificio São Vito and Edificio Mirante do Vale. During the onset of his carecer, Marcio divided his time between cinema and architecture in partnership with Isay Weinfeld, his friend from university. In 1988, the duo produced a feature-film called “Fire and Passion”, and, between 1995 and 2004, they did 5 exhibitions together about architecture and humor.

In 2001, Marcio Kogan’s Office changed its name to Studio MK27 and since then has gained greater international projection. Currently, besides his working in Brazil, he is also working on projects in Peru, Uruguay, Chile, United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, India, Israel and Indonesia. In 2011, Kogan was selected to be an Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA), for the entirety of his work, in a ceremony in New Orleans. In 2012, Studio MK27 represented Brazil in the Venice Biennale of Architecture, in the exhibition at the national pavilion curated by Lauro Cavalcanti, who also showed an outstanding Lúcio Costa installation.

Kogan’s projects are characterized by their architectural detail, formal simplicity, strong relations between the internal and external, great climactic comfort through passive sustainability, use of pure volumes and the application of traditional elements such as mashrabiyas and by designing a functional internal plan. Furthermore, he favors the use of raw materials such as wood, concrete and stone. In his projects there is almost always a reference to Brazilian modern architecture, of which Marcio has already declared himself a great fan. The New York Times critic Paul Goldberger cited Kogan in 2013 as one of the main references of Brazilian Contemporary Architecture.

Marcio Kogan(1952年3月6日出生,巴西聖保羅)1976年畢業於大學長老會麥肯齊的建築與城市學院。他是工程師Aron Kogan的兒子,他在50年代和60年代因為設計和建造聖保羅的大型建築,如EdificioSãoVito和Edificio Mirante do Vale。在他的照顧者開始時,Marcio與他的大學朋友Isay Weinfeld合作,將他的時間分配在電影和建築之間。 1988年,這對二重奏組製作了一部名為“火與激情”的故事片,並於1995年至2004年期間共同舉辦了5場關於建築和幽默的展覽。

2001年,Marcio Kogan辦公室更名為Studio MK27,從此獲得了更多的國際預測。目前,除了在巴西工作外,他還在秘魯,烏拉圭,智利,美國,加拿大,西班牙,葡萄牙,瑞士,印度,以色列和印度尼西亞開展項目。 2011年,Kogan在新奧爾良的一個儀式上被選為美國建築學會(AIA)的名譽會員。 2012年,MK27工作室代表巴西參加威尼斯建築雙年展,由Lauro Cavalcanti策劃的國家館展覽,他還展示了傑出的LúcioCosta裝置。

Kogan的項目的特點是建築細節,形式簡潔,內部和外部之間的緊密關係,通過被動可持續性的極大的高潮舒適度,純粹的使用量和mashrabiyas等傳統元素的應用以及設計功能性內部計劃。此外,他贊成使用木材,混凝土和石材等原材料。在他的項目中幾乎總是提到巴西現代建築,其中Marcio已經宣稱自己是一個偉大的粉絲。 “紐約時報”評論家保羅·戈德伯格在2013年將高根稱為巴西當代建築的主要參考之一。



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