In an effort to increase Disney Vacation Club inventory, back in 2017 Disney announced the new Disney Riviera Resort, which is being constructed next to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Because of its central location, guests staying at this resort will not only be able to enjoy unbelievable views of nighttime spectaculars at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios from this hotel’s rooftop restaurant, but will also be able to use the currently under-construction Disney Skyway transportation system, which is currently in testing and expected to open in just a few months.

Once open this December, Disney’s Riviera Resort will be the 15th Disney Vacation Club property, and will feature approximately 300 guest rooms, including deluxe studios, one- and two-bedroom villas, and grand villas that sleep up to 12 people each. And while this sounds pretty standard for a DVC hotel, a new room type will also be available at this property that’s unlike anything we’ve seen at Walt Disney World before…

為了增加迪士尼度假俱樂部的庫存,早在2017年,迪士尼就宣布了新的迪士尼海濱度假村,該度假村正在迪士尼加勒比海灘度假村旁邊建造。 由於其中心位置,入住這家度假酒店的客人不僅可以在這家酒店的屋頂餐廳欣賞Epcot和好萊塢影城的夜間景觀,還可以使用目前在建的迪士尼Skyway交通工具。 該系統目前正在測試中,預計將在短短幾個月內開放。

迪士尼度假村將於今年12月開業,將成為第15屆迪士尼度假俱樂部酒店,將擁有約300間客房,包括豪華一室公寓,單臥室和雙臥室別墅以及可容納12人入住的豪華別墅。 雖然這聽起來非常適合DVC酒店,但這家酒店也將提供新房型,這與我們之前在沃爾特迪斯尼世界所看到的不同……

Introducing the new, ultra compact, Tower Studios

推出全新超緊湊的Tower Studios

Disney’s Riviera Resort will feature a new ultra-compact room category for Disney World called “Tower Studios”. These rooms are designed for two people each and include a private balcony with seating for two and a mini kitchenette. However, perhaps the most striking feature of this room is that there is no full-size bed! Instead of having a traditional bed in the room, Disney is outfitting each Tower Studio with a queen size murphy bed that tucks away into the wall.

Guests who are interested in this compact room concept may wonder if its compact size and design might make it a good value for those wanting to stay near a gondola station, but unfortunately these rooms are going to still be quite expensive, with rack rates starting at $335 a night, plus tax.

迪士尼海濱度假村將為迪斯尼世界推出一個名為“Tower Studios”的超緊湊型房間。 這些客房均可供2人入住,設有帶雙人座位的私人陽台和迷你小廚房。 然而,也許這個房間最引人注目的特點是沒有全尺寸的床! 迪士尼不是在房間裡放置傳統的床,而是為每個塔樓工作室配備了一張大號墨菲床,可以放在牆上。

對這個緊湊型房間概念感興趣的客人可能會想知道它的緊湊尺寸和設計是否適合那些想要靠近纜車站的人,但不幸的是這些房間仍然相當昂貴,機架價格從 每晚335美元,加稅。

Of course, that is still relatively inexpensive when compared with other rooms at this resort, with Deluxe Studios starting at $503 a night, and one-bedroom villas starting at $743. Two-bedroom villas start at $1,136 a night, while the three-bedroom grand villas with one King bed and four Queen beds and 1 Queen-Size sleeper sofa start at $2,277. So what can guests who pay these hefty prices expect to experience at this resort?

當然,與這個度假村的其他房間相比,這仍然相對便宜,豪華一室公寓的起價為每晚503美元,一臥室別墅的起價為743美元。 兩臥室別墅的起價為每晚1,136美元,而三臥室豪華別墅配有一張特大號床和四張大號床以及一張大號沙發床,起價為2,277美元。 那麼支付這些高價的客人可以在這個度假村體驗什麼呢?

A European- inspired experience


As announced previously, Disney’s Riviera Resort is designed to capture the magic of Europe, with grand archways and porticos, towers and terraces, which all draw upon the influences of Europe and the Mediterranean.

In the lobby, guests will find a mix of modern and classic 20th-Century furnishings as well as a unique art collection celebrating beloved Disney Characters and icons, influenced by master artists who found inspiration along the European Riviera.

Here’s how the resort is described in a recent press release:

“Disney’s Riviera Resort is inspired by Walt and Lillian Disney’s travels throughout Europe and the Mediterranean coastline —from France to Italy,” said Terri Schultz, senior vice president and general manager of Disney Vacation Club. “Walt fell in love with European art, architecture, food and stories, and his extended tours of the region continue to influence Disney storytelling and theming. We look forward to welcoming our members and guests later this year to this new resort inspired by Europe and imagined by Disney.”




“迪士尼海濱度假村的靈感來自沃爾特和莉蓮迪斯尼在整個歐洲和地中海沿岸的旅行 – 從法國到意大利,”迪士尼度假俱樂部高級副總裁兼總經理Terri Schultz說。 “沃爾特愛上了歐洲的藝術,建築,美食和故事,他對該地區的長途旅行繼續影響著迪士尼的講故事和主題。我們期待今年晚些時候歡迎我們的會員和嘉賓來到這個受歐洲啟發並被迪士尼想像的新度假村。“

Rooftop dining will be available at new signature restaurant


Though Disney’s Riviera Resort will have several restaurants for guests to choose from, this resort’s signature restaurant will be Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera, which is located on the top floor of this new hotel (and is named for the Italian moniker of Mickey Mouse!). The restaurant will feature authentic dishes infused with French and Italian flavors and will offer picturesque vistas of the nighttime spectaculars at nearby Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests who visit in the morning can also enjoy an exclusive character dining experience that is only possible at this special location.

雖然迪士尼里維埃拉度假村將有幾家餐廳供客人選擇,但這家度假酒店的招牌餐廳將是Topolino的露台 – 里維埃拉風味酒店,位於這家新酒店的頂層(以米老鼠的意大利名字命名)!)。 餐廳將提供融合了法國和意大利風味的正宗菜餚,並將在附近的Epcot和迪士尼好萊塢影城提供夜間風景的風景。 早上參觀的客人還可以享受僅在這個特殊位置享受的獨特的用餐體驗。

A fun feature pool


It wouldn’t be a Disney hotel without a fun feature pool, and Disney’s Riviera Resort continues this trend, with the Riviera Pool, which features a pool slide that winds around a stately column tower. A special water play area just for kids (cheekily named S’il Vous Play) is inspired by the grand public fountains of Europe and will feature a ballet of friendly Fantasia characters.

Though we still have 10 months before this new hotel open in December, Disney is actually taking reservations right now, so if you are visiting the resort this holiday season (or early next year), you can secure your room now at what’s sure to be a popular new hotel destination at Walt Disney World.

如果沒有一個有趣的特色游泳池,迪士尼的里維埃拉度假村將繼續保持這一趨勢,里維埃拉游泳池設有一個游泳池滑道,環繞著一座莊嚴的柱樓。 一個專為兒童設計的水上游樂區(俗稱S’il Vous Play)的靈感來自歐洲宏偉的公共噴泉,並將以友好的幻想曲角色芭蕾舞為特色。

雖然這家新酒店在12月開業前還有10個月的時間,但迪士尼實際上正在預訂,所以如果您在這個假日季節(或明年年初)訪問度假村,您可以確保現在的房間肯定是 沃爾特迪斯尼世界的一個受歡迎的新酒店目的地。



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