FROM:The Philip Johnson Glass House / Interview with Director and Chief Curator Henry Urbach

“The idea in general has been, while preserving the site, and maintaining its beauty and integrity, also to use it, and to let it breath in these different ways. I don’t know if it would be a a kind of recipe for historic house museums, but here at The Glass House, because of the way Philip and David understood this place, as really a place of creative activity of so many different kinds: experimenting with buildings, constantly changing the landscape, bringing in new art, displaying it, having conversations about art, bringing influential people together in a kind of salon environment. In so many ways they were interested in the kind of creative energy that could be produced at the site, and that is the legacy that we are working to sustain.”

“一般來說,這個想法在保留場地,保持其美觀和完整性的同時,也使用它,並以這些不同的方式讓它呼吸。 我不知道它是否會成為歷史悠久的博物館的一種食譜,但是在玻璃屋,因為菲利普和大衛理解這個地方的方式,真的是這麼多不同種類的創意活動的地方:試驗 與建築,不斷改變景觀,引入新藝術,展示它,進行藝術對話,在一個沙龍環境中將有影響力的人聚集在一起。 在很多方面,他們對可以在網站上產生的那種創造性能量感興趣,這是我們努力維持的遺產。“


Philip Johnson

Philip Cortelyou Johnson (July 8, 1906 – January 25, 2005) was an American architect. He is best known for his works of Modern architecture, including the Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, and his works of postmodern architecture, particularly 550 Madison Avenue which was designed for AT&T, and 190 South La Salle Street in Chicago. In 1978, he was awarded an American Institute of Architects Gold Medal and in 1979 the first Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Philip Cortelyou Johnson(1906年7月8日 – 2005年1月25日)是美國建築師。 他最出名的是他的現代建築作品,包括康涅狄格州新迦南的玻璃屋,以及他的後現代建築作品,特別是專為AT&T設計的550 Madison Avenue和芝加哥的190 South La Salle Street。 1978年,他被授予美國建築師學會金獎,並於1979年獲得第一屆普利茲克建築獎。


Henry Urbach


Glass House 玻璃屋

Location:798-856 Ponus Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut
Coordinates:41°8′32.73″N 73°31′45.84″WCoordinates: 41°8′32.73″N 73°31′45.84″W
Architect:Philip Cortelyou Johnson
Architectural style:Modern Movement

地點:798-856 Ponus Ridge Road,New Canaan,Connecticut
坐標:41°8’32.73“N 73°31’45.84”WCoordinates:41°8’32.73“N 73°31’45.84”W
建築師:Philip Cortelyou Johnson


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