It’s no secret that Epcot is looking to pump up the level of characters in the World Showcase. Just last year, a new Beauty and the Beast sing-along attraction was announced for the France pavilion, which will play in addition to the Impressiones de France film and will likely debut sometime this year. And of course, there’s the 2020 debut of “A Celebration of Disney Music,” which is a new nighttime entertainment offering replacing IllumiNations that aims to show how Disney music inspires people around the globe, and will feature a multitude of characters from Disney movies like Hercules and Moana.

And though we don’t have exact dates for the opening of those two new shows, Disney has confirmed that another new show based on a popular animated movie will be coming to the World Showcase in the very near future just in time for the Epcot International Flower and Garden festival to kick off in just a few weeks…

Epcot希望在世界展示中提升角色水平,這已經不是什麼秘密了。 就在去年,法國館宣布了一個新的美女與野獸一起唱歌,除了法國印象電影之外,還將在今年的某個時候亮相。 當然,還有2020年首次亮相的“迪士尼音樂慶典”,這是一個新的夜間娛樂產品,取代IllumiNations,旨在展示迪士尼音樂如何激勵全球人民,並將展示迪斯尼電影中的眾多角色,如 赫拉克勒斯和莫阿納。

雖然我們沒有確切的日期開放這兩個新節目,但迪士尼已經確認另一個基於流行動畫電影的新節目將在不久的將來參加世界展示會,恰逢Epcot International 花卉和花園節將在短短幾週內開始……

A new, musical Coco show is coming to the Mexico pavilion on March 8


Though rumors last year seemed to hint that Disney was considering overlaying the current Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride attraction with characters and music from the Pixar film Coco, Disney instead refurbished the front gallery of the Mexico pavilion to a Dia de los Muertos exhibit featuring the characters from this movie and allowing guests to learn more about this holiday. And while this exhibit was a smart use of this IP, it looks like the Coco infusion hasn’t quite stopped yet.

Beginning on March 6th, a new show will be performed in the outside area of the Mexico Pavilion that will tell the story of Coco in a whole new way. For this new show the Mariachi Cobre group will be joined by a pair of Folklórico (traditional Mexican folk dance) dancers who will perform to the music of the film, pulling everyone into the story of the film. Miguel himself will also appear in the show in the form of a whimsical, hand-crafted puppet who will come to life along with the dancers as the music from the film is performed.

雖然去年的謠言似乎暗示迪士尼正在考慮用皮克斯電影Coco的人物和音樂覆蓋目前的Gran Fiesta Tour乘船遊覽景點,迪士尼將墨西哥館的前畫廊翻新成Dia de los Muertos展覽,其中包括角色從這部電影,讓客人了解更多關於這個假期。雖然這個展覽巧妙地使用了這個IP,但看起來Coco輸液還沒有完全停止。

從3月6日開始,將在墨西哥館的外部區域進行一場新的展覽,以全新的方式講述Coco的故事。對於這個新節目,Mariachi Cobre樂隊將加入一對Folklórico(傳統的墨西哥民間舞蹈)舞者,他們將演繹電影的音樂,將每個人都拉進電影的故事中。米格爾本人也將以一個異想天開的手工製作的木偶形式出現在節目中,隨著電影中的音樂表演,這些木偶將與舞者一起生活。

This new entertainment offering will not be replacing the traditional Mariachi Cobre show

這項新的娛樂產品將不會取代傳統的Mariachi Cobre節目

This new Coco-inspired show will be performed daily this spring, but if you are concerned about the future of the original Mariachi Cobre show, you don’t need to worry as this group will continue to play traditional mariachi music several times throughout the day. Though there probably won’t be as many showtimes for the older show, at least it is still being offered alongside this new option for right now, which is definitely good news for fans.

這個新的Coco風格的節目將在今年春天每天進行,但如果你擔心原始的Mariachi Cobre節目的未來,你不必擔心,因為這個小組將在一天中多次繼續播放傳統的墨西哥流浪樂隊音樂。雖然舊節目的放映時間可能不會那麼多,但至少現在仍然提供這個新選項,這對粉絲來說絕對是好消息。

This new show will probably be around for the foreseeable future


Though the opening of this show will coincide with the beginning of the Epcot International Flower and Garden festival, we anticipate this show will likely be sticking around the World Showcase for the foreseeable future as Disney continues to rebrand this part of Epcot as a hub for Disney characters. Of course, if the show proves to be unpopular Disney could pull it from the schedule early, but this would seem like an unlikely occurrence given the popularity of the Coco film and its natural integration in the Mexico pavilion.


Though rumors about a Coco overlay for the boat ride in Mexico didn’t ever come to fruition, it looks like this Pixar favorite is still growing its presence at Epcot, with the Remember Me exhibit in the pavilion gallery and this new show, opening in just a few weeks. And looking to the future, it has also been confirmed that Coco will be a big part of “A Celebration of Disney Music”, opening next year. Though this may seem like overkill for this one film, Coco is one property that fits right in with Disney’s new vision for the World Showcase, and we’re not surprised to see it represented more around this park. However, what will be really interesting is to see how other pavilions change and add characters as Epcot continues to change in the coming years.

雖然關於在墨西哥乘船的Coco疊加層的謠言並未實現,但看起來皮克斯的最愛仍然是在Epcot上展示,展館展廳中的Remember Me展覽以及這個新節目的開幕式短短幾週。展望未來,Coco也將成為明年開幕的“迪士尼音樂慶典”的重要組成部分。雖然這對於這部電影來說看起來有點過分,但Coco是一個適合迪士尼世界展覽新視野的房產,我們對它在這個公園周圍的代表更加驚訝。然而,真正有趣的是看看其他展館如何改變並添加角色,因為Epcot將在未來幾年繼續發生變化。



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