FROM:[2013] AD Interviews | WE Architecture

WE Architecture is a young innovative architecture office based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our capabilities include architecture, urban strategies, tangible design, utopian ideas and visual construction.

WE were founded in 2009 by Marc Jay and Julie Schmidt-Nielsen. The name WE Architecture is based on the philosophy that architecture is not the result of only one person’s stroke of genius.

WE believe that the best results occur through teamwork and transdisciplinary networks. That is why WE Architecture works across continents as well as across professional borders to enter complex conditions with the best insight and precision.

WE create proposals that merge through creative translation of all the information we get from contexts, conditions and programs.

WE Architecture strives to push innovative architecture forward to improve the condition of the world. No less.

WE Architecture是一家位於丹麥哥本哈根的年輕創新建築辦公室。 我們的能力包括建築,城市戰略,有形設計,烏托邦思想和視覺建構。

我們由Marc Jay和Julie Schmidt-Nielsen於2009年創立。 WE Architecture這個名稱的基礎是建築不僅僅是一個人的天才之筆的結果。

我們相信通過團隊合作和跨學科網絡實現最佳結果。 這就是為什麼WE Architecture可以跨越各大洲以及跨越專業邊界,以最佳的洞察力和精確度進入複雜的條件。


WE Architecture致力於推動創新架構,以改善世界狀況。 不能少。


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