Character meet and greets are a big part of what makes a trip to Walt Disney World so special, and in recent months Disney has taken it upon themselves to make a number of improvements and changes to each park’s character line-up. While not all of these changes are always popular with guests, Disney is constantly making adjustments to try and make character offerings as diverse as possible while still keeping things running efficiently around the parks.

In this month’s character update, we take a look at some rare characters set to appear for a limited time at Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom gets a new wandering creature, plus Ralph and Vanellope are on the move!

角色見面和問候是沃爾特迪斯尼世界之旅如此特別的重要組成部分,最近幾個月,迪士尼已經採取了一些措施,對每個公園的角色陣容進行了一些改進和改變。 雖然並非所有這些變化總是受到客人的歡迎,但迪士尼不斷進行調整,嘗試盡可能多樣化地提供角色,同時保持公園內的高效運行。



1. Kevin from UP! debuts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1.來自UP的凱文! 在迪士尼動物王國首次亮相

Beginning this week, Kevin, the bird from from Up! will be appearing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Discovery Island area of the park. Right now, this character simply wanders around the front area of the park, and guests can interact with Kevin by petting her, talking to her (she squaks back!) and taking photos with her. Right now Kevin is appearing randomly throughout the day, but eventually there will probably be times on the Disney’s Animal Kingdom times guide for this character as this character experience changes and evolves.

從本週開始凱文,來自Up的鳥! 將出現在公園探索島地區的迪斯尼動物王國。 現在,這個角色只是徘徊在公園的前方區域,客人可以通過撫摸她,與她交談(她翹起來!)和她一起拍照來與凱文互動。 現在凱文一整天都在隨機出現,但最終可能會出現迪士尼動物王國時代指南,因為這個角色經歷會發生變化和演變。


2. Disney Princes come to Epcot for Valentine’s Day


Though there are plenty of Princesses for guests to meet at Epcot, later this week to help celebrate Valentine’s Day, several Princesses around the World Showcase will be joined by their princes, including Prince Phillip (joining Aurora in the France Pavilion) and The Prince from Snow White in Germany. This is only going to be a one-day special event, so if you’ve wanted to meet these princes but haven’t been able to do so yet, make a date to visit Epcot this Valentine’s Day

雖然有許多公主可供客人在Epcot見面,本週晚些時候為了慶祝情人節,世界各地的幾位公主將與他們的王子一起加入,包括Prince Phillip(加入法國館的Aurora)和The Prince來自 白雪公主在德國。 這只是一個為期一天的特別活動,所以如果你想見到這些王子,但還沒有能夠這樣做,請在情人節那天約會參觀Epcot


3. Cinderella’s Carriage also making a Valentine’s Day appearance


Though not technically a character, Cinderella’s Coach will be magically appearing in front of Cinderella’s Castle from February 13-15th, also to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Disney PhotoPass photographers will be on hand during this period to help guests capture their magical moments in front of this iconic carriage.

雖然在技術上不是角色,灰姑娘的教練將於2月13日至15日神奇地出現在灰姑娘城堡前,也是為了慶祝情人節。 迪士尼PhotoPass攝影師將在此期間隨時為您提供服務,幫助客人在這款標誌性馬車前捕捉他們神奇的瞬間。


4. Ralph and Vanellope on the move at Epcot


Beginning this week Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz will move from their temporary meet and greet location in Innoventions West to a permanent location in the ImageWorks area of the Imagination Pavilion. This new space is intended to house several character meet and greets in the future, with Ralph and Vanellope being just the first permanent character experience to be housed here.

從本週開始,Wreck It Ralph和Vanellope Von Schweetz將從他們在Innoventions West的臨時會面和迎接位置轉移到Imagination Pavilion的ImageWorks區域的永久位置。 這個新空間的目的是為了在未來容納幾個角色見面和問候,Ralph和Vanellope只是第一個永久性角色體驗。


5. Long lost friends schedule now available for Magic Kingdom


Last month, it was announced that as part of the yearlong Mickey and Minnie Surprise Celebration, a number of “long lost friends” would be meeting guests at the flagpole on Main Street USA. And now that this new event has completed its first few weeks, here’s what looks like current weekly schedule for this new experience:

Monday – Robin Hood and Little John (From Robin Hood)

Tuesday – Gideon and Foulfellow (From Pinocchio)

Wednesday – Remy and Emile (From Ratatouille)

Thursday – Prince John and Friar Tuck (From Robin Hood)

Friday – Judy and Nick (From Zootopia)

Saturday – Phineas and Ferb (From Phineas and Ferb)

Sunday – Chicken Little and Abby Mallard (From Chicken Little)

上個月宣布,作為為期一年的米奇和米妮驚喜慶典的一部分,一些“失散多年的朋友”將在美國主街的旗桿上迎接客人。 現在這個新活動已經完成了前幾個星期,這就是當前每週的新體驗時間表:

星期一 – 羅賓漢和小約翰(來自羅賓漢)

星期二 – 基甸和Foulfellow(來自Pinocchio)

星期三 – 雷米和埃米爾(來自料理鼠王)

星期四 – 約翰王子和弗萊爾塔克(來自羅賓漢)

星期五 – 朱迪和尼克(來自Zootopia)

星期六 – 菲尼亞斯和費爾布(來自菲尼亞斯和費爾布)

週日 – Chicken Little和Abby Mallard(來自Chicken Little)


6. Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Live! returning to Epcot this summer

6.銀河守護者 – 真棒組合! 今年夏天回到Epcot

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Live! will return to performing daily at America Gardens Theater at the back of Epcot’s World Showcase this summer from June 14 through August 18. The show features Star-Lord and Gamora in person as a 7-piece alien band plays many recognizable tunes from Awesome Mix Volumes 1 & 2. Here’s the official synopsis of the show:

After saving their world from certain destruction, Peter Quill—a.k.a. Star Lord—brokered a deal with Nova Prime and the Xandarian government to bring an outreach program to his home planet. The purpose? To share Xandar’s rich heritage and culture with Earth’s people. As luck would have it, Peter informed Xandar’s leaders that there’s already a place on Earth with a similar mission… a theme park called Epcot, where all of Earth’s cultures are celebrated. So, as part of their first outreach, Xandar has sent some of their most talented performers to showcase their music!

銀河守護者:棒極了! 今年夏天將於6月14日至8月18日在Epcot世界展覽會後面的美國花園劇院重返演出。該劇以Star-Lord和Gamora為主,7人外星樂隊演奏Awesome Mix Volumes的許多可識別樂曲。 1&2。以下是該節目的官方簡介:

彼得·奎爾(Peter Quill-a.k.a)將自己的世界從某種破壞中拯救出來 Star Lord-與Nova Prime和Xandarian政府達成協議,將一項外展計劃帶到他的家鄉。 目的? 與地球人民分享Xandar豐富的文化遺產和文化。 幸運的是,彼得告訴Xandar的領導人,地球上已經有一個類似的任務……一個名為Epcot的主題公園,慶祝地球的所有文化。 因此,作為他們第一次外展的一部分,Xandar派出了一些最有才華的表演者來展示他們的音樂!



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