Torre Agbar  阿格巴塔


Torre Agbar | 阿格巴塔òries


Type:Office, conference
Construction started:1999
Opening:June 2005
Architect:Jean Nouvel and Fermín Vázquez
Structural engineer:Brufau & A. Obiol
Awards and prizes:International Highrise Award 2006

類型: 辦公室, 會議
地點: 西班牙加泰羅尼亞巴賽隆納
建設開始: 1999
已完成: 2004
開幕時間: 2005年6月
建築師: 讓·努維爾 和 fermín vázquez
結構工程師: Brufau & A. obiol
獎項: 2006年國際高層建築獎

The Torre Glòries, formerly known as Torre Agbar (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈtorə əɡˈbaɾ]), is a 38-story skyscraper/tower located between Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer Badajoz, near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, which marks the gateway to the new technological district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel in association with the Spanish firm b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos and built by Dragados. The Torre Glòries is located in the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona and it was originally named after its owners, the Agbar Group, a holding company whose interests include the Barcelona water company Aigües de Barcelona.
The tower measures a total of 50,693 m2 (545,650 sq ft), of which 30,000 m2 (320,000 sq ft) are offices, 3,210 m2 (34,600 sq ft) technical facilities, 8,132 m2 (87,530 sq ft) services, including an auditorium, and 9,132 m2 (98,300 sq ft) parking space. It cost €130 million to build.
It opened in June 2005 and was officially opened by King Juan Carlos I on 16 September 2005. It is one in a collection of high-tech architecture examples in Barcelona.
The building was owned by the multinational group Agbar, which has its corporate headquarters in the building and which takes up most of the floors, leasing the remainder. The Agbar Tower was acquired in March 2010 for 165 million euros, after reaching an agreement with its former owner, the investment group Azurelau. Azurelau had previously bought the property in mid-2007. The purchase price was not disclosed.
By 2017 it was purchased by Merlin Properties real estate group and it was renamed as Torre Glòries after the name of the adjacent square.
torre glóris, 原名 torre agbar (卡達隆尼亞文發音: “太əɡˈbaɾ]”), 是一座38層的摩天大樓塔, 位於阿賓達對角線和卡雷爾巴達霍斯之間, 靠近 Badajoz de les glóis catares, 標誌著通往新技術的門戶巴賽隆納地區, 加泰羅尼亞, 西班牙。它是由法國建築師讓·努維爾與西班牙公司 b720 fermín vázquez arquetectos 合作設計的, 由 dragados 建造。torre glóris 位於巴賽隆納的 poblenou 居民區, 最初是以其擁有者 agbar group 命名的, agbar 集團是一家控股公司, 其利益包括巴賽隆納水務公司巴賽隆納的 aigües de 巴賽隆納。
該塔共面積為 50 693 平方米 (54, 650 平方英尺), 其中 30 000 平方米 (320, 000 平方英尺) 為辦公室, 3 210 平方米 (34, 600 平方英尺) 的技術設施, 8 132 平方米 (859, 30 平方英尺) 的服務, 包括一個禮堂, 9 132 平方米 (928 300 平方英尺) 的停車位。建造費用為1.3億歐元。
該中心于2005年6月開幕, 胡安·卡洛斯一世國王于2005年9月16日正式開放。它是巴賽隆納高科技建築實例中的一個。
該建築為跨國集團 agbar 所有, 該集團的公司總部設在大樓內, 佔據了大部分樓層, 租賃了剩餘的樓層。在與投資集團 Azurelau 達成協議後, agbar tower 于2010年3月以1.65億歐元的利率被收購。阿蘇雷勞此前曾在 2 0 0 7年年中購買過該樓盤。購買價格沒有透露。
到 2017年, 它被梅林地產房地產集團收購, 並以相鄰廣場的名字更名為 torre glóris。


According to Jean Nouvel, Torre Agbar is intended to recall the shape of a geyser rising into the air. It was inspired by Montserrat, a mountain near Barcelona. In an interview, he described the tower as having a phallic character. As a result of its unusual shape, the building is known by several nicknames, such as el supositori (“the suppository”), l’obús (“the shell”) and some more scatological ones. It is also somewhat similar in shape to Sir Norman Foster’s 30 St. Mary Axe in London, often called “the Gherkin”. The Agbar Tower measures 144.4 m (473 ft 9 in) in height[10] and consists of 38 storeys, including four underground levels.
Its design combines a number of different architectural concepts, resulting in a striking structure built with reinforced concrete, covered with a facade of glass, and over 4,500 window openings cut out of the structural concrete. The building stands out in Barcelona; it is the third tallest building in the city, after the Arts Hotel and the Mapfre Tower, which both stand 154 m (505 ft) tall.
A defining feature of the building is its nocturnal illumination. It has 4,500 LED devices that allow generation of luminous images on its façade. In addition, the outside of the tower has temperature sensors that regulate the opening and closing of the window blinds of the façade, reducing the consumption of energy for air conditioning. It houses the head office of the Aigües de Barcelona Group, the water supply company of Barcelona.
As explained by Nouvel himself, the construction was strongly influenced by one of the most representative symbols of Catalan culture. One side references the bell towers of the Sagrada Familia by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. (These bell towers were based in turn on the idea of the Hotel Attraction, a course project by the teacher Reus in 1908 for some New York hoteliers, which was redesigned in 1956 by his disciple Joan Matamala. These designs were included in Rem Koolhaas’ book Delirious New York, a reference for many architects.) An additional tribute to the Sagrada Família lies in the north side of the tower, which was designed with the intention of obtaining an optimal view of the cathedral.
Additionally, Nouvel was inspired by the distinctive pinnacles of the Montserrat mountain range, which are of great significance for the people of Catalonia, as Montserrat houses their patron saint, Our Lady of Montserrat.
In designing the Agbar Tower, Nouvel said he rejected the prevailing North American opinion of what a skyscraper should look like. It was the architect’s intention to give the impression of land that is emerging out of the ground in a particular fashion. The use of the tower by a water utility company led him to the design of a metaphor of a geyser sprouting from the deep sea.
據讓·努維爾說, 托雷·阿格巴的目的是回憶一個間歇泉上升到空中的形狀。它的靈感來自于靠近巴賽隆納的一座山–蒙特塞拉特。在接受採訪時 , 他形容這座塔具有特徵。由於其不尋常的形狀, 這座建築有幾個綽號, 如 el supositori (“栓劑”)、l ‘ obús (“殼”) 和一些更多的散射體。它的形狀也與諾爾曼·福斯特爵士在倫敦的30聖瑪麗斧頭 (st. mary axe) 有些相似, 通常被稱為 “格金”。agbar 塔在 height[10 的面積為144.4 米 (473 英尺9英寸), 由38層組成, 包括4層地下。
它的設計結合了許多不同的建築概念, 形成了一個引人注目的結構, 由鋼筋混凝土建造, 覆蓋著玻璃幕牆, 超過 4, 500個窗戶開口從結構混凝土中剪下。這座建築在巴賽隆納很突出;它是全市第三高的建築, 僅次於藝術酒店和馬夫勒塔, 這兩座建築都有154米 (505 英尺) 高。
這座建築的一個決定性特徵是它的夜間照明。它有 4, 500個 led 設備, 允許在其立面上生成發光圖像。此外, 塔外還有溫度感應器, 調節立面窗戶百葉窗的開啟和關閉, 減少空調能耗。它是巴賽隆納供水公司巴賽隆納愛居爾集團的總部所在地。
正如 nouvel 本人所解釋的, 這種建築受到加泰羅尼亞文化最具代表性的象徵之一的強烈影響。一邊是加泰羅尼亞建築師安東尼·高迪的聖家家族的鐘樓。(這些鐘樓是基於酒店景點的想法, 一個課程專案, 由老師雷烏斯在1908年為一些紐約的酒店經營者, 重新設計于1956年由他的弟子瓊馬塔馬拉。這些設計被納入了 rem koolhaas 的書《美國的德利厄斯》中, 這是許多建築師的參考。另外一個向聖家堂致敬的是塔的北側, 塔樓的設計目的是獲得大教堂的最佳景觀。
此外, nouvel 的靈感來自蒙特塞拉特山脈獨特的尖頂, 這對加泰羅尼亞人民具有重要意義, 因為蒙特塞拉特是他們的守護神—-蒙特塞拉特聖母。
在設計阿格巴爾塔時, nouvel 說, 他拒絕了北美流行的關於摩天大樓應該是什麼樣子的觀點。建築師的意圖是給人一種以特定方式從地下冒出來的土地的印象。一家水務公司使用這座塔, 使他設計出一個比喻, 一個間歇泉從深海發芽。

Starting in mid-1999, when activities were initiated for preparing the site, Dragados’s, construction project dragged on for nearly six years, finally ending in late 2004. Approximately 1170 workers were engaged in its construction.
從1999年年中開始, 開始了準備該工地的活動, 即 dragados 的建築專案拖了將近六年, 最後于2004年底結束。約有1170名工人參與了該專案的建造工作。

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