Reservations are now open for guests wishing to stay at Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen’s 1960s terminal building at New York’s John F Kennedy airport, following a restoration of its modernist details.

The TWA Hotel will officially open 15 May 2019 inside JFK’s former TWA Terminal, which has undergone a major overhaul after being shut for 16 years, but prospective guests can already book rooms.

預訂現在開放給希望留在芬蘭 – 美國建築師Eero Saarinen在紐約約翰肯尼迪機場的20世紀60年代航站樓,並恢復其現代主義細節。


The mid-century-modern structure was completed by Saarinen in 1962 for Trans World Airlines – a major American airline that operated from 1930 until 2001. Formerly known as TWA Flight Center, the building was closed in 2001 as it was unable to support the size of modern aircraft.

薩里寧於1962年為Trans World Airlines完成了這個世紀中期的現代結構,Trans World Airlines是一家主要的美國航空公司,運營時間為1930年至2001年。前身為TWA飛行中心,該建築於2001年關閉,因為它無法支撐大小 現代飛機。

New York-based firms Lubrano Ciavarra Architects, Beyer Blinder Belle and Stonehill Taylor contributed to the vast renovation and extension to the structure. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), which operates JFK Airport, hotel owner-operator MCR and developer Morse were also involved in the efforts to revitalise the iconic landmarked building.

總部位於紐約的公司Lubrano Ciavarra Architects,Beyer Blinder Belle和Stonehill Taylor為該建築的大規模翻新和擴建做出了貢獻。 經營肯尼迪機場,酒店業主運營商MCR和開發商莫爾斯的紐約和新澤西港務局(PANYNJ)也參與了振興這座標誌性建築的努力。

It has a notable winged construction with curved, beak-like concrete rooflines and glass curtain walls. Interiors details include a red-coloured lounge with seating built into the floor.

它有一個明顯的翼狀結構,彎曲的喙狀混凝土屋頂和玻璃幕牆。 室內設計細節包括一個紅色休息室,休息室內置有座位。

The sunken lounge was restored during the renovation and accompanied by carpet in a Chili Pepper Red hue – the signature colour created for the project by the architect. Other portions of flooring are covered in thousands of penny-round tiles.

沉沒的休息室在裝修期間進行了修復,並伴隨著辣椒紅色調的地毯 – 建築師為項目創造的標誌性色彩。 地板的其他部分覆蓋著成千上萬的圓形瓷磚。

The hotel’s 512 rooms are housed in two new curved buildings placed behind Saarinen’s structure. These have one of the thickest curtain-wall constructions in the world, featuring seven panes in order to block runway noise.

Inside, guest rooms are designed to evoke the history of the original terminal, with elements harking back to 1960s design.

酒店的512間客房位於Saarinen建築後面的兩棟新弧形建築內。 它們擁有世界上最厚的幕牆結構之一,具有七個窗格以阻擋跑道噪音。


White walls, dark wood floors, walnut-panelled accents, and bronze accents characterise the rooms, while ample natural light floods in via floor-to-ceiling windows.


Details include vintage posters from TWA and Saarinen-designed furnishings, which were provided by Knoll. Among the pieces are red, curvy Womb chairs and white Tulip side tables. A custom walnut desk area behind the bed has an armless Executive Chair in tan leather.

詳細信息包括TWA和Saarinen設計的複古海報,由Knoll提供。 其中包括紅色,彎曲的子宮椅和白色鬱金香邊桌。 床後的定制胡桃木辦公區設有棕色皮革無扶手大班椅。

Decor in the bathrooms includes bubble lights and terrazzo floors. Other details in the rooms are original branding from the sixties that features on toiletries, notepads, and key cards holders.

TWA Hotel guests also have access to a range of amenities – including six restaurants, eight bars, a coffee bar, ballroom, fitness centre, shops and outlets, a rooftop pool, an observation deck and a museum that displays vintage TWA air hostess uniforms.

浴室裝飾包括泡泡燈和水磨石地板。 客房內的其他細節包括60年代的原創品牌,包括洗漱用品,筆記本和鑰匙卡。

TWA Hotel酒店的客人還可以使用各種設施 – 包括6間餐廳,8間酒吧,咖啡廳,舞廳,健身中心,商店和商店,屋頂游泳池,觀景台以及展示復古TWA空姐制服的博物館。

There is also a cocktail lounge on the tarmac, which occupies a retrofitted Lockheed Constellation L-1649A Starliner airplane dating back to 1956.

The TWA Flight Center is among the best-known designs by Saarinen, who was born in Finland and emigrated to the United States when he was 13 years old. Others include the Gateway Arch in St Louis, which also recently received a refresh of its subterranean museum.

停機坪上還設有雞尾酒休息室,該休息室佔據了可追溯至1956年的改裝洛克希德星座L-1649A Starliner飛機。

TWA飛行中心是Saarinen最著名的設計之一,他出生於芬蘭,13歲時移民到美國。 其他包括聖路易斯的拱門,最近也收到了其地下博物館的更新。

Located in the New York City borough of Queens, JFK Airport is set to undergo a major overhaul that aims to unite the existing disparate terminal arrangement, improve vehicular access, and expand the mass-transit rail system. Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed the updates to the scheme known as the JFK Vision Plan in October 2018.

JFK機場位於紐約市皇后區,將進行大修,旨在統一現有的不同終端安排,改善車輛通道,並擴大公共交通鐵路系統。 州長Andrew Cuomo在2018年10月公佈了該計劃的更新,稱為JFK願景計劃。



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