Construction has started on a skyscraper in Tirana designed by Dutch firm MVRDV, set to feature a facade with a pixellated map of Albania at its centre.

With a height of 140 metres, Downtown One is set to become Albania’s new tallest building, ahead of the 91-metre-high Rajfi Residence.

The tower will be built on Bajram Curri Boulevard, a major east-west route through the city, facing Skanderbeg Square. It will contain a mix of commercial and residential units, some which will project out from the building’s facade.


Downtown One高140米,將成為阿爾巴尼亞新建的最高建築,位於91米高的Rajfi Residence之前。

該塔將建在Bajram Curri大道上,這是一條穿越城市的主要東西路線,面向斯坎德培廣場。 它將包含商業和住宅單元的混合,其中一些將從建築物的外立面突出。

Seen from afar, these cantilevered blocks will together form a “pixelated map” of Albania, with each one representing a different town or village. Residents will be able to identify their home by referencing the country’s geography.

“Albania has come a long way. Ten years ago it was the poorest country in Europe. Now it is a country with energy and ambition, working towards great economic improvements,” said Winy Maas, co-founder of MVRDV.

“We want to express this with our building.”

從遠處看,這些懸臂式砌塊將共同形成阿爾巴尼亞的“像素化地圖”,每個地圖代表不同的城鎮或村莊。 居民將能夠通過參考該國的地理位置來識別他們的家園。

“阿爾巴尼亞已走過了漫長的道路。 十年前,它是歐洲最貧窮的國家。 現在,它是一個充滿活力和雄心壯志的國家,致力於實現巨大的經濟改善,“MVRDV的聯合創始人Winy Maas說。


Shops and restaurants will occupy the ground floor of the 37-storey building. Above that will be 18 floors of offices, while residences will occupy the 18 uppermost floors. It total, it will 77,000 square metres of floor space.

Visualisations show a gridded facade, with rectangular windows divided up by a chunky frame.

商店和餐館將佔據37層高的建築的底層。 上面將是18層辦公室,而住宅將佔據18層最高層。 總計,它將佔地77,000平方米。


Some of the projecting volumes will contain outdoor terraces, allowing greenery to spill out over the exterior. Maas hopes this will foster a “vertical village” atmosphere, where occupants can easily meet and communicate.

“The tower brings the feeling of a vertical village to the busy city centre, individual housing where communication with the neighbours is encouraged. Maybe it could even be seen as a vertical country!” he said.

“Every house or office adopts a town or city, together forming this map of Albania. The building will be visible from the nearby Skanderbeg square at the heart of the city. It forms part of the ensemble of towers that surround the square, the epicentre of the country.”






A park and playground will be cerated at street level, while a car park will be located in the basement.

Set for completion in 2024, Downtown One is not the only MVRDV project underway in the Albanian capital. The studio is also transforming the Tirana Pyramid – one of the city’s most famous structures – into a technology education centre.

There are also several other big architecture studios working on major projects in Tirana, as the nation reinvents itself following the collapse of communism.

Stefano Boeri Architetti is building the Blloku Cube, a mixed-use building that will have three-dimensional aluminium triangles across its exterior, while BIG is working on the new National Theatre of Albania.


Downtown One將於2024年完工,並不是阿爾巴尼亞首都唯一的MVRDV項目。 該工作室還將地拉那金字塔 – 這個城市最著名的建築之一 – 轉變為技術教育中心。


Stefano Boeri Architetti正在建造Blloku Cube,這是一座多功能建築,外部將有三維鋁製三角形,而BIG則正在為阿爾巴尼亞新的國家劇院工作。




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