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Juan Herreros (born 1958, San Lorenzo del Escorial) is a Spanish architect. His work promotes a pragmatic review of the tradition of modern architecture.

Juan Herreros(1958年出生,San Lorenzo del Escorial)是西班牙建築師。 他的作品促進了對現代建築傳統的務實回顧。

He graduated in 1985 at the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid where after being professor of construction until 1988 he became professor of Architectural Design obtaining his PhD in 1994 and the title of Professor in 2010. Since 2007 teaches at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in New York where he holds the rank of Professor in Professional Practice. He has also taught at American universities of Princeton in New Jersey, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago; and European Architectural Association in London, EPFL Lausanne, Ljubljana and Alicante. It has approached the architecture to the world of art in the second half of the twentieth century with collaborations with artists as different kinds Antoni Muntadas or the American Dan Graham. In 1984 he founded Ábalos & Herreros and in 1999 the LMI (Multimedia International League). He has been juror in several national and international competitions, biennials and international awards, editorial advisor of specialized media and member of several expert committees on academic, sustainability and technology programs such as the Material Science Congress at the University of Columbia.

His work has explored since the organizational principles of skyscrapers as a generator of generic multifunctional typologies. They were also pioneers in the use of diagrams and abstract information as display mechanism of non-evident relationships. In 2008 the firm Ábalos & Herreros, began to perform as two different platforms differentiating projects signed by Juan Herreros of those under the authorship of Ábalos. Herreros presented two projects at that time as the beginning of a new stage: A house on the island of Mallorca and architectural design of the art fair ARCO in Madrid; in which he applied urban criteria for space allocation and management of program uses. In 2008 he founded the Herreros Arquitectos after the break with Iñaki Abalos until 2014 where he accomplished the rebuilding of their practice under the name estudio Herreros, from which plays a triple role: practitioner, teacher and researcher.

His theoretical work currently focuses on his work and seminars on “Emerging Practices in Architecture” which takes its name from the Research Group directed at the Polytechnic University of Madrid based on the idea of recycling the figure of the architect and his techniques in light of new economic coordinates and the crisis of traditional modes of production which hinder the incorporation of new generations to the practice of architecture techniques.

Juan Herreros is an International Fellow of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects); he has been awarded the Architectural Digest prize, the Medal of Arts from the city of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, named ‘Architect of the World’ by the Architects’ Association of the city of Lima and adoptive son of the city of Cochabamba, and has been nominated to the U.S. Academy of Arts and Letters Architecture Medal.

他於1985年畢業於馬德里建築技術學院,之後擔任建築學教授,直至1988年,他於1994年獲得建築設計教授,並於2010年獲得博士學位。自2007年以來,他在哥倫比亞大學建築學院任教,在紐約的規劃和保護,他在那裡擔任專業實踐教授。他還曾在新澤西州普林斯頓大學,芝加哥伊利諾伊理工學院任教;和倫敦的歐洲建築協會,洛桑聯邦理工學院,盧布爾雅那和阿利坎特。它與二十世紀下半葉的藝術世界接近了建築,與不同種類的藝術家Antoni Muntadas或美國人Dan Graham合作。 1984年,他創立了Ábalos&Herreros,並於1999年創立了LMI(多媒體國際聯盟)。他曾擔任多個國家和國際比賽,雙年展和國際獎項的評委,專業媒體的編輯顧問以及哥倫比亞大學材料科學大會等學術,可持續性和技術項目的若干專家委員會成員。

自從摩天大樓的組織原則作為通用多功能類型的生成器以來,他的工作一直在探索。他們也是使用圖表和抽象信息作為非顯而易見關係的顯示機制的先驅。 2008年,Ábalos&Herreros公司開始扮演兩個不同的平台,區分Juan Herreros簽署的Ábalos作者的項目。 Herreros當時提出了兩個項目,作為新階段的開始:馬略卡島上的一所房子和馬德里ARCO藝術博覽會的建築設計;他在其中應用了城市標準,用於空間分配和項目使用管理。 2008年,他與IñakiAbalos休息後創立了Herreros Arquitectos,直到2014年,他以estudio Herreros的名義完成了他們的實踐重建,從中扮演三重角色:從業者,教師和研究員。


Juan Herreros是RIBA(英國皇家建築師協會)的國際研究員;他獲得了建築文摘獎,來自San Lorenzo de El Escorial市的藝術獎章,被利馬市建築師協會命名為“世界建築師”,並且是科恰班巴市的兒子,已被提名為美國藝術與文學學院建築獎章。




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