Chicago International Interior Design and Office Furniture Exhibition 美國芝加哥國際室內設計及辦公家具展覽會

The Merchandise Mart – Chicago 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, IL 60654 USA
The Merchandise Mart

美國,芝加哥商品市場(The Merchandise Mart – Chicago 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, IL 60654 USA)
The Merchandise Mart


Chicago International Office and Commercial Furniture Fair is the only exhibition of the largest office furniture and commercial furniture and decorative materials in the United States. It is the distributor of office furniture in all Americas. Importers, wholesalers, retailers, chain stores, indoors. One of the important exhibitions that architects, designers and other people must visit every year. Founded in 1969, NeoCon is the largest and most influential office furniture and interior decoration exhibition in North America.

NeoCon attracts more than 700 exhibitors and more than 50,000 visitors from North America and around the world every year. The number of importers, exporters, distributors, designers, architects, retailers and wholesalers who came to purchase and visit reached 35,000, of which 85% came from the United States, an increase of 3.8% compared with 2008. The results were good, according to the professional exhibition. After the statistics, the on-site turnover rate reached 60%, which is the most professional office furniture exhibition recognized in the United States and even in the Americas. NeoCon, the 46-year-old Chicago International Office of International Offices and Commercial Furniture, has a total exhibition area of 1.2 million square feet and is the largest and most professional indoor business exhibition in North America. NeoCon has partnerships with more than 20 industry associations and more than 50 media outlets.

The show attracts more than 700 exhibitors and more than 40,000 exhibitors from the US and around the world, including office furniture distributors, importers, wholesalers, retailers, chain stores, interior architects, designers and more. On the 7th and 8th floors of the main exhibition floor, there are more than 400 exhibitors. In addition, according to the statistics of professionals after the show, the on-site transaction rate reached 60%. NeoCon encompasses all forms of interior design and concepts in the business environment, such as office, home, health and education. The latest products, the most fashionable design, and the most advanced concepts have led NeoCon to develop into the best display platform for all kinds of decoration design.


NeoCon每年吸引來自北美及世界各地700多家參展商及50000多名參觀者。前來採購參觀的進出口商、分銷商、設計師、建築師、零售商、批發商人數達到了35000人次,其中85%來自美國,較2008年增加3.8%,成交效果良好,據專業人士展後統計,展會現場成交率達60%,是全美國甚至是全美洲公認的最專業的辦公家具展。歷時46年的美國芝加哥國際辦公及商用家具展覽會NeoCon,總展覽面積達1.2百萬平方英尺,是北美規模最大且專業性最強的室內商業展覽會。 NeoCon與20多家業內協會以及50多家媒體建有合作關係。

該展每年吸引著來自美國及世界各地的700多家參展商和40,000多位參觀者,其中有辦公家具經銷商、進口商、批發商、零售商、連鎖店、室內建築師、設計師等等。在主要展覽樓層7樓、8 樓,參展商多達400餘家。此外,據專業人士展後統計,展會現場成交率達60%。 NeoCon囊括了商業環境下各種形式的室內裝潢設計及理念,如辦公環境、家居環境、衛生保健環境和教育環境等。最新款的產品、最時尚的設計、最先進的理念引領NeoCon發展成為各類裝潢設計的最佳展示平台。

Exhibition criteria 展品範圍

Comprehensive products: office furniture, hotel furniture, theater furniture, carpets, flooring, wall decorations, lighting supplies, decorative materials, furniture accessories, etc.

綜合產品: 辦公家具、酒店家具、劇院家具、地毯、地板、牆飾、照明用品、裝飾材料、家具配件等

Relevant information相關資訊

NEOCON, the interior design and office furniture exhibition in Chicago, USA, is organized by The Merchandise Mart. The exhibition is a year-round exhibition. It is also a very important platform for companies to open the US market. NEOCON, the interior design and office furniture exhibition in Chicago, attracted the last time. From 700 exhibiting companies, the number of merchants reached 40,000. The exhibition was held at The Merchandise Mart, the Chicago commodity market, with an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters.

美國芝加哥室內設計及辦公家具展覽會NEOCON是由The Merchandise Mart舉辦,展覽會一年一屆,該展會也是企業打開美國市場非常重要的一個平台,美國芝加哥室內設計及辦公家具展覽會NEOCON上屆吸引來自700家參展企業,客商數量達到40000人,展會是在芝加哥商品市場The Merchandise Mart舉辦,展會面積達到100000平方。



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