FROM:ArchDaily Interviews | Martin Rein Cano tell us about SuperKilen project

Founded in 1996 by Buenos Aires-born Martin Rein-Cano, TOPOTEK 1 has quickly developed a reputation as a multidisciplinary landscape architecture firm, focussing on the re-contextualization of objects and spaces and the interdisciplinary approaches to design, framed within contemporary cultural and societal discourse.

TOPOTEK 1由布宜諾斯艾利斯出生的Martin Rein-Cano於1996年創立,迅速發展成為一家多學科景觀設計公司,專注於物體和空間的重新背景化以及跨學科的設計方法,融入當代文化和社會領域。

The award-winning Berlin-based firm has completed a range of public spaces, from sports complexes and gardens to public squares and international installations. Significant projects include the green rooftop Railway Cover in Munich, Zurich’s hybrid Heerenschürli Sports Complex and the German Embassy in Warsaw. The firm has also recently completed the Schöningen Spears Research and Recreation Centre near Hannover, working with contrasting typologies of the open meadow and the dense forest on a historic site.

這家屢獲殊榮的柏林公司已經完成了一系列公共場所,從體育場館,花園到公共廣場和國際設施。 重要項目包括慕尼黑的綠色屋頂鐵路覆蓋,蘇黎世的混合Heerenschürli體育中心和華沙的德國大使館。 該公司最近還在漢諾威附近完成了SchöningenSpears研究和娛樂中心,與歷史遺址上開闊草地和茂密森林的對比類型進行了對比。

Superkilen, however, remains TOPOTEK 1’s most acclaimed project to date. A collaboration with BIG and Superflex, the project involved the design of half a mile of urban space within one of Copenhagen’s most culturally diverse, yet challenged neighborhoods. Responding to the area’s reputation for violence, the urban park is divided into three sectors that are littered with cultural artifacts and objects from around the world, thereby celebrating the ethnic identities of the neighborhood through the re-contextualization of familiar objects.

然而,Superkilen仍然是TOPOTEK 1迄今為止最受好評的項目。 該項目與BIG和Superflex合作,在哥本哈根最具文化多樣性但受到挑戰的街區之一設計了半英里的城市空間。 為了響應該地區的暴力聲譽,城市公園分為三個部分,這三個部分充斥著來自世界各地的文物和物品,從而通過熟悉物體的重新背景來慶祝鄰里的民族特徵。

In addition to fostering a sense of familiarity and cultural acceptance within the community, the three collaborating firms also responded to the area’s social difficulties through notions of expression, as opposed to those of repression.




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