A new mixed-use tower by Sydney-based practice Koichi Takada Architects has been designed for downtown Los Angeles. With the potential to rise as high as 70 stories, the project was inspired by California’s redwood trees and Marilyn Monroe’s iconic wind-swept skirt. Dubbed Sky Trees, the project will include clustered towers clad in timber mullions that transformed into free-flowing wooden awnings at the base of the project.

The tower is the fourth major project KTA has designed for Sydney property developer Crown Group, and it is the company’s first project in the United States. Crown Group previously submitted plans for a 52-story tower with 528 residential units and ground-floor commercial spaces for the site, but the new 70-story scheme has an undisclosed amount of additional units.

位於悉尼洛杉磯市中心的悉尼實踐Koichi Takada建築事務所設計了一座新的綜合用途大樓。 該項目的潛力可能高達70層,其靈感來自加利福尼亞的紅木樹和瑪麗蓮夢露的標誌性風褶裙。 被稱為天空樹木的項目將包括用木材豎框覆蓋的聚集塔,在項目的基礎上轉變為自由流動的木製遮陽篷。

該塔是KTA為悉尼房地產開發商Crown Group設計的第四個主要項目,也是該公司在美國的第一個項目。 皇冠集團此前已提交了一座52層高的塔樓計劃,其中包括528個住宅單元和地面商業空間,但新的70層計劃還有一些未公開的額外單元。

Located at 1111 South Hill Street close to the Staples Centre sports arena, the project will join a growing east-west spine of towers near the Figueroa Corridor. The design’s canopy will include a “breathing green wall” to improve the city’s air quality. Architect Koichi Takada said that the project has the potential to become another “Instagram moment” for Downtown Los Angeles. The team goes on to state that the design would seek to incorporate a “human scale” despite its height. “We want our tall building designs to be more engaging to the public to contribute to the community by activating and creating a connection with the neighborhood.”

The new Sky Trees tower has the potential to become one of the tallest buildings in Los Angeles. A timeline for the project has not been announced.

該項目位於南山街1111號,靠近斯台普斯中心體育館,將加入菲格羅亞走廊附近不斷增長的東西向塔樓。 該設計的遮篷將包括一個“呼吸綠牆”,以改善城市的空氣質量。 建築師Koichi Takada表示,該項目有可能成為洛杉磯市中心的另一個“Instagram時刻”。 該團隊繼續表示,儘管它的高度,設計將尋求包含“人體尺度”。 “我們希望我們的高層建築設計更能吸引公眾,通過激活和建立與社區的聯繫,為社區做出貢獻。”

新的Sky Trees塔有可能成為洛杉磯最高的建築之一。 該項目的時間表尚未公佈。



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