Five finalist projects have been shortlisted for the 2019 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, an award given jointly by the European Commission and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. The biennial prize, for which ArchDaily is a media partner, recognizes the Europe-located projects that demonstrate excellence in “conceptual, social, cultural, technical, and constructive terms.”

The five shortlisted projects are located in Albania, Belgium, France, Germany, and Spain, a spread of locations drawn from a long list that included works located in 17 European countries. Of the 40 projects in the original long list, the five shortlisted projects include works in the health, culture, masterplan, mixed-use, and collective housing categories.

Said prize coordinator Ivan Blasi in January of the original longlist: “The 2019 nominees highlight metropolitan areas as the location of most of the works, but the map also reveals the generation of axes such as the Dublin-Brussels-Ljubljana-Tirana one, where 100 million Europeans live and a third of the total number of nominated works have been built.”

In April, the Prize jury will visit the five shortlisted works in order to determine both the Prize Winner and Emerging Architect Winner. These awards will be announced at the end of April, to be followed by an award ceremony that will take place at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona on 07 May 2019.

The five shortlisted projects for the 2019 EU Mies Prize, alphabetically by location:

Skanderbeg Square / 51N4E; Anri Sala; Plant en Houtgoed and iRI
Tirana, Albania

EU Mies Prize citation: “Skanderbeg Square—in its 2008 state—inspired a sense of awe, and possessed a certain indefinition that created a feeling of openness. The design reorganizes the vast ex-communist space in a simple yet radical manner, opening it up to new ways of reading.”

歐盟密斯獎被引用:“斯坎德培廣場 – 在其2008年的狀態中激發了一種敬畏感,並具有某種不確定性,創造了一種開放的感覺。該設計以簡單而激進的方式重新組織了廣闊的前共產主義空間,打開它 達到新的閱讀方式。“

PC CARITAS / architecten de vylder vinck tailleu

Melle, Belgium

EU Mies Prize citation: “What if a built environment that has lost its meaning and purpose and what if that building is not to be refurbished towards another program or functionality and so by that is expected to be demolished…what if the building is just kept and prepared to become an experimental space to re-discover and -explore and -define possible other ways of life.”

歐盟密斯獎引文:“如果建築環境已經失去其意義和目的,如果該建築不會被翻新為另一個項目或功能,那麼預計會被拆除…如果建築物被保留了怎麼辦? 並準備成為一個重新發現和探索的實驗空間 – 並定義其他可能的生活方式。“

Transformation of 530 dwellings – Grand Parc Bordeaux / Lacaton & Vassal; Frédéric Druot Architecture and Christophe Hutin Architecture

Bordeaux, France

EU Mies Prize citation: “The project consists in the transformation of 3 social housing’s buildings of 530 dwellings.
Built in the early 60s, they needed a renovation after their demolition has been ruled out. The transformation of the dwellings full occupied, starts from the interior, to give them new qualities: more space, more light, more view, and upgrade the facilities.”

建於60年代初,他們需要在排除拆除後進行翻新。 住宅的改造完全被佔用,從內部開始,為他們提供了新的品質:更多的空間,更多的光線,更多的視野,並提升設施。“

Terrassenhaus Berlin / Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon; Muck Petzet Architekten

Berlin, Germany


EU Mies Prize citation: “The Terrassenhaus Berlin, located in Berlin-Wedding, is a multi-use atelier and gallery building that combines different forms of usage.”

EU Mies Prize引用:“柏林Terrassenhaus,位於柏林 – 婚禮,是一個多用途的工作室和畫廊建築,結合了不同的使用形式。”

Plasencia Auditorium and Congress Centre / selgascano

Plasencia, Spain


EU Mies Prize citation: “The centre is on the boundary between the town and the country, in outskirts of Plasencia, the edge between what has been touched by a less artificial humanity and what has been touched by millennia of climate. What has been touched by humanity has covered up those millennia with the sweep of a trowel in a few years.”

歐盟密斯獎被引用:“該中心位於城鎮與國家之間的邊界,位於普拉森西亞的郊區,是人工較少的人類所觸及的環境與數千年氣候所觸及的之間的邊緣。 幾年之後,人類已經用鏝刀掃除了幾千年。“



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