Singapore Institute of Architects launches competition to design Founders’ Memorial



The competition to design the Founders’ Memorial, which is being organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects, will see architects from across the globe go head-to-head to create a space dedicated to celebrating the values of Singapore’s founding leaders.


The Singapore Institute of Architects has launched a competition to design the Founders’ Memorial



Proposals for the building, which will stand opposite the Wilkinson Eyre-designed Gardens by the Bay tropical garden, must incorporate a visitors centre, gallery spaces, and areas where families or volunteers can gather. There must also be a number of versatile rooms that can be used for talks and workshops for audiences such as the country’s servicemen or new citizens.

These requirements come in response to ideas from the Singaporean public that the Founders’ Memorial Committee has been gathering since 2015.

該建築的建議位於Wilkinson Eyre設計的濱海灣熱帶花園對面,必須包括遊客中心,畫廊空間以及家庭或志願者可以聚集的區域。 還必須有一些多功能的房間,可用於為國家的軍人或新公民等觀眾舉辦講座和研討會。


The memorial building will stand opposite Gardens by the Bay


Once completed, the building is set to cover around 13,700 square metres in Singapore’s Bay East Garden, a marina-side location selected for its luscious landscaped lawns and uninterrupted views of the city skyline.

“The Founders’ Memorial is envisioned to be a landmark that resonates with Singaporeans in the commemoration of national, community and personal milestones,” explained the Singapore Institute of Architects.

“Through the indoor and outdoor spaces, the design should facilitate a visitor journey that is educational, reflective and inspiring.”
一旦建成,該建築將佔地面積約13,700平方米,位於新加坡的Bay East Garden,這是一個碼頭邊的位置,因其美麗的草坪草坪和城市天際線的一覽無餘而被選中。



The proposed site is within Singapore’s Bay East Garden
擬議的地點位於新加坡的Bay East Garden


As well as the memorial’s aesthetic, entrants must also consider how it will be accessed from the surrounding public roads and nearby underground train station. A new pedestrian bridge and water taxi stop are currently also being planned for the site.

The competition will be held in two stages – the first will involve the general submission of proposals, while the second will see the judges draw up a shortlist of six building designs. Finalists will be able to further develop and refine their ideas before a winner is chosen at the beginning of 2020 and awarded S$150,000 (£85,000).
除了紀念館的美學外,參賽者還必須考慮如何從周圍的公共道路和附近的地下火車站進入。 目前,該地區還計劃建造一座新的人行天橋和水上出租車站。

比賽將分兩個階段進行 – 第一階段將涉及一般提交提案,而第二階段將由評委製定一份六個建築設計的候選名單。 決賽入圍者將能夠在2020年初選出獲勝者之前進一步發展和完善他們的想法,並獲得150,000新元(85,000英鎊)。


A public exhibition will also be held to showcase the first-place design.

Judges on the panel include American architect Daniel Libeskind, and Lee Tzu Yang, chairman of the Founders’ Memorial Committee.

“Through the competition, we hope to seek out the best design – one that would honour the founding values of this country and make excellent use of the site,” added Tzu Yang.

“We envision that it will be a space which everyone of all ages can enjoy and relate to, and an icon that Singaporeans can be proud of and share with our future generations.”

To find out more about the competition, visit the Founders’ Memorial competition website.

小組的評委包括美國建築師Daniel Libeskind和創始人紀念委員會主席Lee Tzu Yang。

“通過比賽,我們希望尋找最好的設計 – 一個能夠尊重這個國家的創始價值並充分利用這個網站的設計,”Tzu Yang補充道。





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