Hong Kong Disneyland announced the latest miracle theme ride “The Ant and the Hornets: The Special Attack” will open on March 31, 2019.


“The ant man and the wasp woman: the special attack!” opened on March 31
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (Hong Kong Disneyland) today announced the latest Marvel theme ride “The Ant and the Hornets: Battle Special!” will open on March 31, 2019. This will be the world’s first amusement facility with the theme of ant man and wasp, and the first Marvel-themed ride with a female superhero. I am looking forward to it, “The Ants and the Hornets: The Special Attack!” will be the second Marvel theme project of Hong Kong Disneyland, which will further establish Hong Kong Disneyland’s position as the center of Marvel’s superhero universe Asia.

The world’s first Marvel-themed ride, “Iron Mania Flight Tour”, has been the park’s most popular ride since its opening in 2017. “The ant man and the wasp woman: the special attack!” will take the opportunity to extend its wonderful adventure! In this new ride, guests will shoulder the heavy responsibility of responding to the call of Ironclad and the Hornets and fighting against the evil forces Hydra to launch further attacks in Hong Kong.

香港迪士尼樂園度假區(香港迪士尼)今日公布最新Marvel主題遊樂設施「蟻俠與黃蜂女:擊戰特攻!」將於2019年3月31日開幕。這將是全球第一個以蟻俠與黃蜂女為主題的遊樂設施,更是首個有女超級英雄為主角的Marvel主題遊樂設施。 萬眾期待,「蟻俠與黃蜂女:擊戰特攻!」將會是香港迪士尼第二個Marvel主題項目,進一步奠定香港迪士尼作為Marvel超級英雄宇宙亞洲重心的地位。


Shrinking as ants fight with ant man and wasp girl

This fierce and exciting high-tech interactive adventure began with a visit by SHIELD (S.H.I.E.L.D.) at the newly launched “Spirit of Science and Technology Museum” at Disneyland’s World Science and Technology Exhibition in Hong Kong. An ordinary visit was interrupted because Hydra launched a double attack in Hong Kong and brought a fierce battle. The evil organization Hydra not only sneaked into the Hong Kong Star Building to plunder the string reaction energy device, but also sent thousands of mechanical insect corps from Arnim Zola to invade the SHIELD Science and Technology Museum, trying to steal the data core that stores highly confidential information.

When Iron Man was fighting for Hydra robots in the downtown area of Kowloon, he decided to convene the ants and the wasps to defend the SHIELD Science and Technology Museum, because only they could shrink and sneak into the body from the gap between the mechanical insects and destroy them. In the face of thousands of mechanical insects, the ant man and the wasp woman urgently need help. Guests at the “Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum” were immediately called to join the operation. The guest sat on the newly developed “Assault” chariot of the SHIELD, equipped with an electromagnetic pulse gun, and engaged in a battle of justice, alongside the ant man and the wasp woman, defeating Arnim Zola and his mechanical insect army.

Dale Sheehan, Walt Disney’s fantasy project creative director, said: “We are very excited about the extraordinary journey of this ride to continue the “Iron Mania Flight Tour” and bring further progress to Hong Kong and global Marvel fans. The Marvel experience. The ant and the wasp female are very popular with the weird and funny superheroes. We are eager to lead the fans into this multi-dimensional interactive experience, and feel the dynamics of the game and the humor of the two superheroes.”

縮小如蟻 與蟻俠及黃蜂女並肩作戰

這場激烈精彩的高科技互動探險,由賓客到訪神盾局(S.H.I.E.L.D.)在香港迪士尼明日世界「史達科技展」新設的「神盾局科技館」開始。一次尋常的參觀之旅,因為Hydra在香港發起雙重襲擊而被迫中斷,並牽起幕幕激戰。 邪惡組織Hydra不但偷襲香港史達大樓以掠奪弦反應能源器,而且由 Arnim Zola派出數千隻機械蟲軍團入侵「神盾局科技館」,試圖偷取儲存高度機密資料的數據核心。

鐵甲奇俠在九龍鬧市奮戰Hydra機械人時,決定召集蟻俠與黃蜂女前來捍衛「神盾局科技館」,因為只有他們可以縮小,從機械蟲盔甲縫隙間潛入其體內將其摧毀。 面對成千上萬隻機械蟲, 蟻俠與黃蜂女急需援手。身處「神盾局科技館」的賓客即時被號召加入行動。賓客坐上神盾局最新研發的「突擊 」戰車,配備電磁脈衝槍,投入一場正義之戰,與蟻俠及黃蜂女並肩,撃敗Arnim Zola及其機械蟲軍團。

華特迪士尼幻想工程創意監製戴司涵 (Dale Sheehan)表示:「我們非常興奮這項遊樂設施能夠延續『鐵甲奇俠飛行之旅』的非凡歷程,並為香港及全球Marvel粉絲帶來更進一步的Marvel體驗。蟻俠與黃蜂女這對精靈古怪而風趣的超級英雄廣受大眾歡迎。我們熱切期待引領粉絲投入這項多維互動體驗,切身感受連場動感以及兩位超級英雄的風趣幽默。」

與Marvel緊密合作 將Marvel 宇宙呈現眼前

Marvel故事風靡全球賓客及粉絲。2018年全球票房最高的十部電影中,有四部都是Marvel系列電影。蟻俠系列的「蟻俠2: 黃蜂女現身」亦是多個亞太地區市場開畫票房冠軍。

華特迪士尼幻想工程高級創意總監湯傑斌 (Bryan Thombs)表示:「我們與Marvel Studios緊密合作,將極具震撼力的電影情景,轉化成一個令人身臨其境,充滿互動及現場感的激戰體驗。電影導演連同男女主角,以及為『蟻俠2: 黃蜂女現身』配樂的著名作曲家與我們攜手,將這個項目變成現實。」

Working closely with Marvel to present the Marvel universe

The Marvel story is popular with guests and fans around the world. Of the ten highest-selling films in the world in 2018, four are Marvel films. The “Mer Xi 2: The Hornets” appeared in the Ants series. It is also the box office champion in several Asia-Pacific markets.

Bryan Thombs, senior creative director of Walt Disney Fantasy Engineering, said: “We work closely with Marvel Studios to transform a powerful film scene into an immersive, interactive and lively battle experience. The film director, together with the hero and the protagonist, and the famous composer who played the music for “The Entrepreneur 2: The Hornets” appeared with us to turn this project into reality.”

Real and dynamic Marvel experience

Created by Disney’s classic storytelling method, Marvel Studios created “The Ant and the Hornets: Fighting Special Attack!”, a Marvel experience that allows guests to be in the movie scene and fully engaged. Peyton Reed, the director of “The Entrepreneur 2: The Hornets”, and the film production team specially filmed a new film for the ride, playing the role of the ant man and the wasp girl, Paul Live and Eyun. Zu Lian Li Li also participated in the re-enactment of the wonderful role. The composer Christophe Beck, who is responsible for the soundtrack, has created a new soundtrack for this project. At the same time, 14 items and reference items appearing in more than 10 Marvel movies, TV series and comics will be on display, some of which are exclusive to Hong Kong Disney.

Advanced simulation scenarios and a new gaming system not only enhance the realism of the rides, but also enhance the effects of multimedia storytelling and create an exciting interactive experience. The new electromagnetic pulse gun has outstanding laser performance, showing extraordinary precision and positioning. With the ever-changing shape, size and difficulty of shooting targets, as well as realistic media and film effects, creating a sophisticated game design, the story is rich and challenging.

New phase expansion plan Hong Kong Disneyland gradually developed into Marvel Asia Focus

With the “Iron Man and the Flying Journey” and “The Ant and the Wasps: Battle Special Attacks”, the two Hong Kong Disney’s exclusive Marvel theme rides have been opened, with the theme goods, catering services and meeting with the Iron Man. Hong Kong Disneyland will offer a more comprehensive Marvel theme experience. The new “Science and Technology Museum Gift Shop” was opened in December 2018, offering more than 300 Marvel-themed merchandise, and after the opening of “The Ant and the Wasps: Battle Special!” on March 31, 2019, 40 related exclusive items and a variety of themed cuisines to commemorate the guest and superheroes fighting together to defend the special action of the SHIELD Science and Technology Museum. In order to welcome the opening of the new rides on March 31, the entrance ticket to the park will be replaced with the new “Mer and the Wasps” design, which is believed to be a collection of Marvel fans!
Hong Kong Disneyland’s new phase expansion plan will bring more exciting new projects to show Disney’s commitment to the continued development of Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong’s tourism industry, especially the third Marvel theme ride that is being conceived, further laying the foundation for Hong Kong. Disney’s position as the center of gravity for Marvel’s superhero universe. The interactive stage performance “Devil’s Sea Triumph Celebration” was opened in May 2018 to kick off the Hong Kong Disneyland’s new phase expansion plan. In the future, Hong Kong Disneyland will bring more Disney friends, including Marvel superheroes, to the magical snow and a group of Disney princesses, as well as a series of wonderful stories to bring guests to create a more unique experience.


由迪士尼經典的故事演繹手法,與Marvel Studios聯手打造的「蟻俠與黃蜂女:擊戰特攻!」,是一個讓賓客恍如置身電影場境、全情投入的Marvel體驗。「蟻俠2: 黃蜂女現身」的導演彼頓列特(Peyton Reed) 與電影製作團隊特別為這項遊樂設施拍攝全新影片,飾演蟻俠與黃蜂女的荷李活影星保羅活特和伊雲祖蓮莉莉亦參演其中,重現精彩角色。負責電影配樂的作曲家Christophe Beck更專為這個項目創作全新配樂。同時,設施內將展出14款在10多部Marvel電影、電視劇集及漫畫中出現的物品及參考道具,當中有部分更是香港迪士尼獨家擁有的展品。


新階段擴展計劃 香港迪士尼逐漸發展成Marvel亞洲重心



“The ant man and the wasp woman: the special attack!” is the second Marvel theme project after the Hong Kong Disneyland’s “Tiejiaqixia Flight Tour”. It is also the first amusement facility with a female superhero as the main character. The facility is located in Disneyland’s Tomorrow’s World. In the background, when the Iron Man was fighting for Hydra robots in the downtown area of Kowloon, he decided to call the ant man and the wasp to help, shrink and sneak into the body from the gap between the mechanical insects and armor.

The facility is designed with advanced simulation scenarios and 3D technology. Guests will sit on the chariot and shoot at the target with a gun and compare it with friends. The facility will also incorporate Hong Kong cultural elements and invite the protagonists and production teams in the ant man movie to shoot new films for the facilities. There will also be 14 items and reference items in more than 10 Marvel movies, TV series and comics.

Dale Sheehan, Walt Disney’s fantasy engineering creative director, said the facility will present a shrinking world through light and shadow special effects. He also pointed out that although the new facilities are the same as the previous “Bath Lightyear Star Trek”, it is an interactive shooting game, but with a new story background, it is confident that it will attract more guests. He also revealed that the new facility will implement the Marvel tradition and there are many “eggs” for guests to discover.



華特迪士尼幻想工程創意監製戴司涵(Dale Sheehan)表示,設施會透過光影特別效果呈現縮小的世界。他又指,雖新設施與以往的「巴斯光年星際歷險」同樣是互動射擊遊戲,但有全新故事背景,有信心會吸引到更多賓客到訪。他又透露,新設施會貫徹Marvel傳統,有不少「彩蛋」讓賓客發掘。


FROM:Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp – Official Trailer #2



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