2019 Kaohsiung International Building Materials Exhibition 2019高雄國際建材大展

Date: 2019/9/6-9
Location: Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall (No. 39, Chenggong 2nd Road, Qianzhen Town, Kaohsiung City, Linsen 4th Road)
Organizers: United Daily Economic Daily, Kaohsiung City Architects Association, Kaohsiung City Interior Design and Decoration Business Association, Tainan City Architects Association

地點:高雄展覽館 (高雄市前鎮區成功二路39號,林森四路口)
主辦單位: 聯合報系經濟日報、高雄市建築師公會 、高雄市室內設計裝修商業同業公會、臺南市建築師公會


【Exhibition Benefits】

1. Create a high-quality platform for professional building materials display in South Taiwan by Economic Daily.

2. Combined with the architectural design forum, it will help stimulate the demand of the consumer market in South Taiwan, expand the building materials channel, and increase the transaction value.

3. The planning area is divided into two majors, and the government and relevant public associations are invited to jointly exhibit and raise industrial attention.

4. The exhibition venue “Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall” is invested by the state with a total investment of 3 billion yuan. It is the first international-level World Trade Exhibition Center in South Taiwan. It is a new landmark exhibition in Kaohsiung.

5. The conference will integrate new building materials development information and fun activities, promote the effectiveness and function of various building materials to the public, and create new building materials business opportunities.

6. Accurate marketing, invites all the architects, designers, construction companies and other professionals and buyers from all over the Taiwan to visit, greatly improving the quality of professional exhibitions.


1. 由經濟日報打造南台灣專業建築材料展示優質平台。

2. 結合建築設計論壇,有助誘發南台灣消費市場需求、拓展建材通路、提高交易產值。

3. 展覽專區規劃專業多元,力邀政府及相關公協會共同展出,提高產業關注力。

4. 展覽場地「高雄展覽館」由國家斥資30億元投資建設,是南台灣首座國際級世貿會展中心,為高雄新地標展覽會所,商機匯聚效應可期。

5. 大會整合新建築建材發展資訊及趣味活動,向民眾推廣各式建材效能及功用,締造新建材商機。

6. 精準行銷,廣邀全台各地建築師、設計師、營建公司等專業人士、買主蒞臨參觀,大幅提升專業展會品質。

Booth reservation 展位預訂:http://edn-buildexpo.com/ks/user2.php

Contact the organizer聯繫主辦單位:http://edn-buildexpo.com/ks/contact.php

Source of information 資訊來源:http://edn-buildexpo.com/ks/



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