2019 Japan International Timber Fair FORESTRISE 2019日本國際木材博覽會FORESTRISE

Date: 2019.08.01-2019.08.03
Location: Nagoya, Japan, Big Hat
Organizer: Fuji Sankei Business

地點:日本,名古屋, Big Hat
主辦單位:Fuji Sankei Business

Japan is one of the foremost forest nations. The planted forests that were created after the war enhanced opportunities to use domestically produced wood as well as moving into a full-scale use period and the regeneration of forestry and the revitalisation of the forestry products industry are a reality.
However, there are still many issues in this reality and it is essential to create new value while having mutual partnerships and cooperation with the distribution and wood processing companies that connect upstream forestry, downstream forestry products industry and woody biomass.
With the theme of forestry and biomass, the first International Wood Fair was held in May 2017. In 2019, the exhibition has reborn as “FORESTRISE Innovative & Integrative Woods Industries” with the desire to integrate forestry, wood industry and woody biomass, that have in common forestry resources.
At the same time as gathering together all the advanced products and technology from Japan and overseas that are indispensable to the development of the “forest industry” as a whole, the exhibition will promote next-generation technology such as ICT/IoT, drones, AI and robots.
Seminars aiming to find solutions to practical issues, knowledge acquisition and study will be held, attracting many industry-related people. The seminars will encourage people in all sorts of positions to exchange and, by providing opportunities to think about the forest industry laterally, will support the revitalisation of the whole industry from the side lines.
Biomass Expo Nagano will also be held simultaneously continuing on from last time. We expect visitors related to woody biomass as well.
We hope that you will be able to actively use this bi-annual exhibition as an opportunity to anticipate securing market share and as a platform for PR and discussions about your technology and products.

以林業和生物質為主題,第一屆國際木材博覽會於2017年5月舉行。2019年,該展覽重新成為“FORESTRISE Innovative&Integrative Woods Industries”,希望整合林業,木材工業和木質生物質。共同的林業資源。
同時匯集日本和海外所有對“森林工業”整體發展不可或缺的先進產品和技術,展會將推動ICT /物聯網,無人機,人工智能等下一代技術的發展。和機器人。

Contact the organizer聯繫主辦單位:http://www.forestrise.jp/2019/contents_en/application.php

Source of information 資訊來源:http://www.forestrise.jp/2019/contents_en/


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