King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center 阿卜杜拉國王石油研究與研究中心

KAPSARC, the abbreviation for the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it began its activities in 2010. It is as an independent, non-profit institution that focuses on research in energy economics, policy, technology, and the environment. Its research areas include global energy markets and economics, energy efficiency and productivity, energy and environmental technologies, and carbon management. The organization has a multi-national research team.

It was established by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as an element of the broader theme of reform in the region and emphasizes the openness, equality, and diversity of gender, nationality, and backgrounds—in a manner similar to the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. The Center has employees from over 20 nationalities, and its workforce is 40% women.

KAPSARC是King Abdullah石油研究和研究中心的縮寫,位於沙特阿拉伯的利雅得,於2010年開始其活動。它是一個獨立的非營利機構,專注於能源經濟學,政策研究, 技術和環境。 其研究領域包括全球能源市場和經濟,能源效率和生產力,能源和環境技術以及碳管理。 該組織擁有一個跨國研究團隊。

它由沙特阿拉伯國王阿卜杜拉建立,作為該地區更廣泛的改革主題的一部分,並強調性別,國籍和背景的開放性,平等性和多樣性 – 以類似於阿卜杜拉國王科學大學的方式和 技術。 該中心擁有來自20多個國家的員工,其員工佔40%。

Motto:Research. Rethink. Reshape.
Location:Saudi Arabia
Chairman:Khalid AlFalih
President:Adam Sieminski
VP of Research:David Hobbs
VP for Finance and Operations:Mansoor Al-Mansoor

研究副總裁:David Hobbs
財務和運營副總裁:Mansoor Al-Mansoor

Architecture doesn’t always exist to push the boundaries. Sometimes a building is just an enclosure, a pragmatic form undefined by the activities within. Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has never subscribed to the cult of quiet functionalism – the more complex a building’s use, the more radical the form. Perhaps that’s why Riyadh’s new King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KASPSARC) is such a dramatic and radical statement, even by the high standards of the studio.

KAPSARC’s brief is as a desert laboratory, a place where the vested interests of the petrochemical industry can take a long, hard look at where their industry is going and what it has done – one of the research briefs is ‘studying the technological, economic and environmental impacts of energy’. Perhaps as an indicator of things to come, ZHA has designed the structure to make minimal energy demands in a region renowned for its extreme climate.

建築並不總是存在來推動邊界。 有時建築物只是一個圍牆,一種實用的形式,不受內部活動的限制。 Zaha Hadid建築事務所(ZHA)從未贊同沉寂功能主義的崇拜 – 建築物的使用越複雜,形式就越激進。 也許這就是為什麼利雅得的新國王阿卜杜拉石油研究和研究中心(KASPSARC)是如此戲劇性和激進的聲明,即使是工作室的高標準。

KAPSARC的簡介是一個沙漠實驗室,石化行業的既得利益可以長期,嚴格地看待他們的行業發展方向和它做了什麼 – 其中一個研究簡報是“研究技術,經濟和 能源的環境影響’。 也許作為未來發展方向的指標,ZHA設計的結構能夠在一個以極端氣候而聞名的地區實現最低限度的能源需求。

Focused on a central research building, with angular prows that jut out across the landscaping, the architecture combines structural boldness with complex patterns on the walls and ceilings, giving the long Islamic tradition of geometric form a literal twist. The modular construction allows for future expansion, while covered outdoor circulation areas help mitigate the effects of solar radiation.

Perhaps most notably, the building’s musalla (the open space outside a mosque) is the country’s very first prayer space to be designed by a woman. Proof that Zaha Hadid is still having a posthumous influence on design.

該建築集中在一座中央研究建築上,其棱角分明的建築突出了整個園林綠化,將建築結構的大膽與復雜的圖案融合在牆壁和天花板上,賦予伊斯蘭傳統幾何形狀的悠久傳統。 模塊化結構允許未來擴展,而覆蓋的室外循環區域有助於減輕太陽輻射的影響。

也許最值得注意的是,該建築的musalla(清真寺外的空地)是該國第一個由女性設計的祈禱空間。 證明Zaha Hadid仍然對設計有遺作影響。


FROM:Zaha Hadid Architects’ King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

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