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Rahul Mehrotra is principal of architecture firm RMA Architects (founded in 1990 as Rahul Mehrotra Associates) of Mumbai, India and is Professor of Urban Design and Planning and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He has been one of the activists behind the declaration of urban precincts as conservation areas in Mumbai and one of the founder members of the Kala Ghoda area rejuvenation movement, the restoration of the Oval Maidan, and the formulation of several citizens’ associations in the historic Fort District in Mumbai. He was also executive director of the Urban Design Research Institute (1994-2004), where he is now a trustee. The UDRI is also actively involved in researching and influencing policy for the historic district, and the city more generally. He is also a founding board member of the Indian Institute for Human Settlement (IIHS).

He graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Rahul Mehrotra是印度孟買建築公司RMA Architects(成立於1990年,擔任Rahul Mehrotra Associates)的負責人,現任哈佛大學設計研究生院(GSD)城市設計與規劃教授,城市規劃​​與設計系主任。在馬薩諸塞州劍橋市。

他是孟買保護區城市區宣言背後的活動家之一,也是Kala Ghoda地區復興運動的創始成員之一,Oval Maidan的修復以及歷史上幾個公民協會的製定。孟買堡區。他還是城市設計研究所(1994-2004)的執行董事,現在他是受託人。 UDRI還積極參與研究和影響歷史街區和城市的政策。他還是印度人類住區研究所(IIHS)的創始董事會成員。



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