20 Fenchurch Street 芬喬奇街20號

20 Fenchurch Street is a commercial skyscraper in London that takes its name from its address on Fenchurch Street, in the historic City of London financial district. It has been nicknamed ‘The Walkie-Talkie’ because of its distinctive shape. Construction was completed in spring 2014, and the three-floor ‘sky garden’ was opened in January 2015. The 38-storey building is 160 m (525 ft) tall, making it the sixth-tallest building in the City of London and the 12th tallest in greater London.

Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly and costing over £200 million, 20 Fenchurch Street features a highly distinctive top-heavy form which appears to burst upward and outward. The entrance floor and 34 floors of office space are topped by a large viewing deck, bar and restaurants are included on the 35th, 36th and 37th floors; these are, with restrictions, open to the public.

The tower was originally proposed at nearly 200 m (656 ft) tall but its design was scaled down after concerns about its visual impact on the nearby St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower of London. It was subsequently approved in 2006 with the revised height. Even after the height reduction there were continued concerns from heritage groups about its impact on the surrounding area. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Ruth Kelly, called in the project for another public inquiry. The project was consequently the subject of a public inquiry; in 2007 this ruled in the developers’ favour and the building was granted full planning permission. In 2015 it was awarded the Carbuncle Cup for the worst new building in the UK in the previous 12 months.

Paul Finch, who steadfastly supported the building through the planning process has publicly stated his regret and that the developers “made a mess of it” and were architects of their own misfortune.

20 Fenchurch Street是倫敦的商業摩天大樓,其名字來自位於歷史悠久的倫敦金融區Fenchurch街的地址。它因其獨特的外形而被暱稱為“The Walkie-Talkie”。建築工程於2014年春季完工,三層“天空花園”於2015年1月開放。這座38層高的建築高160米(525英尺),是倫敦金融城第六高的建築。大倫敦第12高。

由建築師RafaelViñoly設計,耗資超過2億英鎊,20 Fenchurch Street擁有極為獨特的頂級重型形式,似乎向上和向外爆裂。入口樓層和辦公區的34層樓頂有一個大型觀景台,酒吧和餐廳分別位於35,36和37層;這些都是有限制的,對公眾開放。

該塔最初建議高度近200米(656英尺),但由於擔心其對附近聖保羅大教堂和倫敦塔的視覺影響,其設計規模縮小。隨後於2006年批准修訂後的高度。即使在高度減少之後,遺產團體仍然擔心其對周邊地區的影響。社區和地方政府國務大臣露絲凱利呼籲該項目進行另一次公開調查。因此,該項目是公眾調查的主題;在2007年,這對開發商有利,並且該建築獲得了完整的規劃許可。 2015年,它獲得了Carbuncle Cup,這是過去12個月中英國最差的新建築。


Architectural style:Postmodern
Location:London, EC3
United Kingdom
Coordinates Coordinates: 51°30′41″N 0°05′01″W
Construction started:January 2009
Completed:April 2014
Owner:Lee Kum Kee
Roof:160 m (525 ft)
Technical details
Floor count:35 (plus three-storey ‘sky garden’)
Floor area:Offices: 668,926 square feet (62,100 m2)
Design and construction
Architect:Rafael Viñoly (Acoustic consultant = Sandy Brown)
Developer:Land Securities and Canary Wharf Group
Structural engineer:Halcrow Yolles
Main contractor:Canary Wharf Contractors
Awards and prizes:Carbuncle Cup

坐標坐標:51°30’41“N 0°05’01”W
所有者:Lee Kum Kee
建築師:RafaelViñoly(聲學顧問= Sandy Brown)
開發商:Land Securities和Canary Wharf Group
結構工程師:Halcrow Yolles
獎項和獎品:Carbuncle Cup

Previous building

The previous building at 20 Fenchurch Street was 91 m (299 ft) tall with 25 storeys and was built in 1968 by Land Securities. The architect was William H. Rogers.

The building was formerly occupied by Dresdner Kleinwort and was notable for being one of the first tall buildings in the City of London, and for its distinctive roof. It was one of the towers nearest to the River Thames when viewed from the southern end of London Bridge.

In 2007, one of the upper floors was used in the drama series Party Animals.

Demolition of the building was completed in 2008. Despite the top-down method of construction, it was not demolished from the bottom-up, as a temporary structure was built, allowing Keltbray, the demolition contractor, to demolish the building from the top down.


位於Fenchurch街20號的前一棟建築高91米(299英尺),樓高25層,由Land Securities於1968年建成。 建築師是William H. Rogers。

該建築曾由Dresdner Kleinwort佔據,並因其獨特的屋頂而成為倫敦金融城最早的高層建築之一。 從倫敦橋的南端看,這是最靠近泰晤士河的塔樓之一。



The new tower at 20 Fenchurch Street was designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly in a postmodern style. The top-heavy design is partly intended to maximise floor space towards the top of the building, where rent is typically higher.

The building uses double- and triple-glazed panelized aluminium cladding on its exterior.

The ‘sky garden’ at the top of the building was claimed to be London’s highest public park, but since opening there have been debates about whether it can be described as a ‘park’, and whether it is truly ‘public’ given the access restrictions. The garden spans the top three floors, which are accessible by two express lifts and include a large viewing area, terrace, bar and two restaurants. Fourteen double-deck lifts (seven low-rise up to the 20th floor, seven high-rise above the 20th floor) serve the main office floors of the building.

The south side of the structure is ventilated externally to improve efficiency and decrease solar gain, whilst the east and west faces incorporate extensive solar shading. There is a southern entrance in addition to the main northern entrance set back from Fenchurch Street.





In January 2009, Canary Wharf Contractors began piling on the site of 20 Fenchurch Street. Piling and ground works were completed in June 2009.

In January 2011, work at the basement level of the tower began. By the end of October 2011, the building was rising above street-level. December 2011 saw the tower’s core begin to rise.The concrete core was topped out in March 2012 and by July the structural steelwork was under way around the core. Structural steelwork topped out in December 2012.

Fire protection contractor Sharpfibre Ltd began applying fire protection to the structural steelwork in December 2012, completing in March 2013. Cementitious spray was applied to the steelwork, which was supplied directly to the entire building using a purpose-built mixing and pumping station located on the ground floor.

The building completed to shell and floor in April 2014 and the first tenants began moving into the building from May 2014 prior to final completion in August of that year.

2009年1月,金絲雀碼頭承包商開始在20 Fenchurch街的地盤上堆放。打樁和地面工程於2009年6月完成。

2011年1月,塔樓地下室的工作開始了。截至2011年10月底,該建築物正在高於街道水平。 2011年12月,塔樓的核心開始上升。混凝土核心在2012年3月達到頂峰,到7月,結構鋼結構正在圍繞核心進行。結構鋼結構於2012年12月達到頂峰。



By the end of the year, the new 20 Fenchurch had risen above ground level and its core was beginning to take shape.  While economic uncertainties may have hampered construction, Canary Wharf Group forged on to complete its first major construction project in the City of London.  The steel framework was completed in 2012 and the rest of the building began to be filled in.  As the tower began to rise, the use of double and triple glaze aluminum and glass presented the building with its first major design flaw.  The glass and concave design actually resulted in melting cars on Fenchruch Street.  Throughout 2014, several motorists reported damage to their cars after being parked near the building.  A Californian specialist was brought in to handle the glare problem, with the solution being to add brise-soleil to the tower’s façade.


到今年年底,新的20 Fenchurch已升至地面以上,其核心已初具規模。 雖然經濟不確定性可能阻礙了建設,但金絲雀碼頭集團仍在努力完成其在倫敦金融城的第一個重大建設項目。 鋼結構框架於2012年完工,其余建築物開始填補。隨著塔樓開始上升,使用雙層和三層鋁釉鋁和玻璃為該建築物帶來了第一個主要的設計缺陷。 玻璃和凹面設計實際上導致了Fenchruch街上的汽車融化。 在整個2014年,一些駕駛者報告說他們的車停在建築物附近後受損。 一位加利福尼亞專家被引進處理眩光問題,解決方案是在塔樓的外牆上添加brise-soleil。



FROM:20 Fenchurch St, London “The Walkie Talkie Building” – 720p

FROM:Sky Garden – 20 Fenchurch Street, London. Walkie-Talkie

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