Mriya Resort & SPA

The magnificent Mriya resort lies at the end of Crimean peninsula, in Yalta. This building was designed by the world-famous British architect Sir Norman Foster himself and is characterised by an extravagant shape and glamorous details that form a perfect whole. Among the beauty of the South Shore of Crimea, with unique landscape and salubrious nature resources, Mriya Resort & SPA provides 422 luxury rooms with exquisite design and contemporary facilities. All rooms feature a private balcony with stunning view on the Black Sea. Most demanding guests will be greatly impressed by the posh design and luxurious details of 12 family villas and 2 presidential ones, located in the park zone of the resort. The systems that were chosen for this project were the SUPREME sliding system S700 and the SMARTIA hinged system M11500. Specifically, the SUPREME S700 was installed at the entrance of the main building and in 14 luxury independent villas. The hinged system M11500 was placed in the rest of the rooms in Mriya resort

宏偉的Mriya度假村位於雅爾塔的克里米亞半島盡頭。這座建築由世界著名的英國建築師諾曼·福斯特爵士自己設計,其特點是奢華的造型和迷人的細節構成了一個完美的整體。 Mriya Resort&SPA酒店位於克里米亞南岸的美麗之中,擁有獨特的景觀和健康的自然資源,提供422間豪華客房,擁有精美的設計和現代化的設施。所有客房均設有可欣賞黑海壯麗景色的私人陽台。豪華的設計和12間家庭別墅和2間總統別墅的奢華細節將給極其苛刻的客人留下深刻印象,位於度假村的公園區。為該項目選擇的系統是SUPREME滑動系統S700和SMARTIA鉸鏈系統M11500。具體而言,SUPREME S700安裝在主樓入口處和14棟豪華獨立別墅內。鉸接系統M11500放置在Mriya度假村的其他房間

LOCATION: Yalta (Crimea), Russia
INVESTOR: Sberbank of Russia
MAIN CONTRACTOR: Sembol Construction
PROJECT: Norman Foster, Tabanlioglu Architects, KCA
CONSTRUCTION AREA: 70.000 m2 (Total)
COMPLETION DATE: December 2014 (Completed in 20 months)

主承包商:Sembol Construction
項目:Norman Foster,Tabanlioglu Architects,KCA

History of Resort
The concept and details of the project were developed by the cult British architect Sir Norman Foster, awarded Prince of Asturias Award and the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Norman Foster is the architect of the following projects: Wembley Stadium, Millennium Bridge in London, the Skyscraper Torre Caja in Madrid, City Hall and St Mary Axe in London, Hearst Tower in New York City, Hongkong airport. Mriya Resort & Spa opened on August 14, 2014.

Mriya Resort & SPA opened its doors on August 14, 2014, offering its guests 408 premium-class rooms: 360 DeLuxe rooms (38 m2), 36 Family Suites (78 m2), 12 Royal suites (192 m2). Also Mriya Resort &Spa can offer to its guests 17 villas on a separate territory: 2 presidential villas/President villas (618 m2) and 12 family villas/ Family villas (196 m2) and 3 Premium villas (1000 m2).

該項目的概念和細節由英國著名建築師諾曼·福斯特爵士,阿斯圖里亞斯王子獎和普利茲克建築獎頒發。 Norman Foster是以下項目的建築師:溫布利球場,倫敦千禧橋,馬德里摩天大樓Torre Caja,倫敦市政廳和聖瑪麗斧,紐約市赫斯特大廈,香港機場。 Mriya Resort&Spa於2014年8月14日開業。

Mriya Resort&SPA於2014年8月14日開業,為客人提供408間高級客房:360間豪華客房(38平方米),36間家庭套房(78平方米),12間皇家套房(192平方米)。 此外,Mriya Resort&Spa酒店還可為客人提供17棟別墅,分別為:2棟總統別墅/總統別墅(618平方米)和12棟家庭別墅/家庭別墅(196平方米)和3棟高級別墅(1000平方米)。


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