Mercedes-Benz Stadium 梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場




Former names New Atlanta Stadium (Planning & construction)
Address 1 AMB Drive NW
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Coordinates 33.755°N 84.401°WCoordinates: 33.755°N 84.401°W
Public transit Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Green Line
Blue Line
Vine City
Dome / GWCC / Philips Arena / CNN Center
Red Line
Gold Line
Peachtree Center
Owner Georgia World Congress Center Authority
Operator AMB Sports and Entertainment Group
Capacity American Football: 71,000
(Expandable to 75,000)
Soccer: 42,500
(Expandable to 71,000, standing room to at least 73,019)
Record attendance American Football: 77,430 (2018 College Football Playoff National Championship, January 8, 2018)
Soccer: 73,019 (2018 MLS Cup, December 8, 2018)
Field size American Football: 120 yd × 53.333 yd (109.7 m × 48.8 m)
Football : 115 yd × 75 yd (105 m × 69 m)
Surface FieldTurf Revolution 360
Broke ground May 19, 2014
Opened August 26, 2017
Construction cost US$1.6 billion (Projected)
Architect HOK
Goode Van Slyke
Stanley Beaman & Sears
Project manager Darden & Company
Structural engineer BuroHappold Engineering/Hoberman
Services engineer WSP
General contractor HHRM JV (Comprising Hunt Construction Group, Holder Construction, H. J. Russell & Co. & C. D. Moody Construction Co.)

地址1 AMB Drive NW
坐標33.755°N 84.401°W坐標:33.755°N 84.401°W
圓頂/ GWCC /飛利浦競技場/ CNN中心
Surface FieldTurf Revolution 360
Goode Van Slyke
Stanley Beaman&Sears
結構工程師BuroHappold Engineering / Hoberman
總承包商HHRM JV(包括Hunt Construction Group,Holder Construction,H.J。Russell&Co。&C. D. Moody Construction Co.)

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a multi-purpose retractable roof stadium located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The home of the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League (NFL) and Atlanta United FC of Major League Soccer (MLS), it replaced the now-demolished Georgia Dome, the Falcons’ home stadium from 1992–2016. Mercedes-Benz Stadium holds the record for the world’s largest video board at 62,350 square feet (5,793 m2), and is one of five stadiums in the NFL with a retractable roof.

The stadium is owned by the state of Georgia through the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, and operated by AMB Group, the parent organization of the Falcons and Atlanta United. The total cost was estimated at US$1.6 billion, as of June 2016. The stadium officially opened on August 26, 2017 with a Falcons preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, despite the retractable roof system being incomplete at the time. Work on the retractable roof was completed on July 14, 2018.

梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場是一個多功能可伸縮屋頂體育場,位於美國喬治亞州亞特蘭大市。 作為美國國家橄欖球聯盟(NFL)的亞特蘭大獵鷹隊和美國職業足球大聯盟(MLS)的亞特蘭大聯合足球俱樂部的主場,它取代了現在被拆除的喬治亞圓頂體育場,從1992年至2016年的獵鷹隊主場。 梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場擁有世界上最大的視頻板62,350平方英尺(5,793平方米)的紀錄,是NFL的五個可伸縮屋頂體育場之一。

該體育場由佐治亞州通過喬治亞世界會議中心管理局擁有,由Falcons和Atlanta United的母公司AMB Group運營。 截至2016年6月,總費用估計為16億美元。該體育場於2017年8月26日正式開放,其中獵鷹季前賽對陣亞利桑那紅雀隊,儘管當時可伸縮的屋頂系統不完整。 可伸縮屋頂的工作於2018年7月14日完成。

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Proposal timeline

In May 2010, it was reported by multiple news outlets that the Atlanta Falcns were interested in replacing the Georgia Dome with a newly constructed open-air stadium, although at the time it was planned to retain the Georgia Dome to continue hosting non-NFL events. The team was pursuing a new stadium because of the team’s desire to play outdoors, as well as Falcons team owner Arthur Blank’s interest in hosting another Super Bowl. The stadium was also pursued as a possible bid for a venue of an upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Kansas City-based architectural firm Populous released comprehensive plans for the proposed stadium in February 2011. Populous’ early cost estimate for the project was US$700 million. According to the master plan, the stadium would have a maximum capacity of 71,000, but can expand to 75,000 for special events such as the Super Bowl. It will also feature multiple club levels, suites and exhibition area.

In April 2012, Populous released a new price estimate of US$947.7 million, which was significantly higher than the previous proposal of US$700 million. In April 2012, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that if a deal is reached, the new stadium’s construction would be expected to begin in 2014, with the Falcons to begin regular-season play in 2017.The proposed location of the new stadium is a large parking lot in Atlanta’s Vine City neighborhood, which is less than a mile north of the Georgia Dome’s current location. Once construction is complete, the Georgia Dome would subsequently be demolished.

On August 24, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that an official deal could be reached on the construction of a new stadium by the end of 2012. They also reported on September 10 that Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed said site improvements could likely bump the total cost to US$1.2 billion; however, that does not increase the actual building cost, which still remains at an estimated US$948 million.

On December 10, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, in a unanimous decision, approved the blueprint and most of the agreement terms for the new stadium plans. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, the term sheet is non-binding and changes could be made at any time as regards stadium construction. Stadium location, however, is yet to be worked out; proposed locations being reported are within walking distance of the Georgia Dome, with one site located one-half mile north, and the other one block directly south, at the one of the stadium’s existing parking lots. The project made national headlines for the first time in 2012 on December 15, with team owner Arthur Blank stating in The New York Times that he would rather have a new stadium be constructed than a “remodeling job” of the Georgia Dome.

During a January 10, 2013 press conference, Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed expressed his optimism and confidence in the construction of the new stadium; he also mentioned the possibility of the new stadium helping the city compete for its first Major League Soccer team.

Aerial photo showing land next to Georgia Dome cleared for construction of the new stadium.
On March 7, 2013, the Atlanta Falcons and the city of Atlanta agreed to build the new downtown stadium. The maximum public contribution for the project is US$200 million, coming from the hotel-motel tax in Atlanta and unincorporated Fulton County. The Atlanta City Council officially approved the stadium on March 19, 2013. The council voted, 11–4, in favor of the use of city hotel-motel taxes to pay US$200 million toward construction costs and potentially several times that toward costs of financing, maintaining and operating the stadium through 2050. On May 21, 2013, the NFL approved a US$200 million loan to the Falcons organization for the purpose of building the stadium.

On June 18, 2013, it was announced that the Falcons have completed a full conceptual design of the proposed new stadium, and that they have secured the initial approval to proceed with the schematic design phase. According to Doug Farrar’s Shutdown Corner, “The stadium will seat approximately 70,000 people, with 180 luxury suites and 7,500 club seats.” The main agency involved will be 360 Architecture, partnered with three other architectural firms.

Arthur Blank indicated the groundbreaking of the stadium would be conducted the last week of March 2014. Just after Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive was closed permanently, the Mount Vernon Baptist Church held its last Sunday service on March 9 before the historic church was demolished. Due to legal issues surrounding the issuing of bonds, the stadium did not break ground in March 2014. Instead the ground was officially broken in a ceremony led by Mayor Kasim Reed on May 19, 2014.

File:Mercedes-Benz Stadium Drone Fly-Over.webm
Construction site in November 2015.
In a live broadcast on August 24, 2015, owner Arthur Blank announced that the new title of the stadium would be Mercedes-Benz Stadium. As the New Orleans Saints, the Falcons’ archrivals in the NFC South, play in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, this gave the division two stadiums that were sponsored by the same company. A new logo was also introduced. Steve Cannon, then CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, also spoke at the event about the company’s corporate move from New Jersey to Atlanta. Other speakers included Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.




2012年4月,Populous發布了一項新的價值9.447億美元,遠遠高於此前7億美元的建議。 2012年4月,“亞特蘭大憲法報”報導說,如果達成協議,新體育場的建設將在2014年開始,獵鷹隊將於2017年開始常規賽。新球場的擬議位置是位於亞特蘭大Vine City附近的大型停車場,距離Georgia Dome當前位置不到一英里。一旦施工完成,格魯吉亞穹頂隨後將被拆除。




2013年3月7日,亞特蘭大獵鷹隊和亞特蘭大市同意建造新的市中心體育場。該項目的最大公共捐款為2億美元,來自亞特蘭大的酒店 – 汽車旅館稅以及未註冊的富爾頓縣。亞特蘭大市議會於2013年3月19日正式批准了該體育場。理事會以11-4投票贊成使用城市酒店 – 汽車旅館稅來支付2億美元用於建設成本,並且可能是融資成本的幾倍到2050年,維持和運營體育場。2013年5月21日,NFL批准向Falcons組織提供2億美元的貸款,用於建造體育場。

2013年6月18日,宣布Falcons已經完成了擬議新體育場的全面概念設計,並且他們已獲得初步批准,繼續進行原理圖設計階段。根據Doug Farrar的Shutdown Corner,“體育場將容納約70,000人,擁有180個豪華套房和7,500個俱樂部座位。”涉及的主要機構將是360 Architecture,與其他三家建築公司合作。

亞瑟·布蘭克表示,體育場的開工將在2014年3月的最後一周進行。就在馬丁·路德·金,Jr. Drive永久關閉之後,弗農山浸信會教堂於3月9日舉行了最後一個星期天的服務,之後這座歷史悠久的教堂被拆除。由於發行債券的法律問題,體育場在2014年3月沒有破土動工。相反,2014年5月19日由市長Kasim Reed領導的儀式正式破土動工。

文件:梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場無人機Fly-Over.webm
在2015年8月24日的現場直播中,老闆亞瑟·布蘭克宣布,體育場的新標題將是梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場。 作為新奧爾良聖徒,獵鷹隊在NFC南部的對手,在梅賽德斯 – 奔馳Superdome中進行比賽,這給了該部門由同一家公司贊助的兩個體育場。 還引入了新標識。 當時梅賽德斯 – 奔馳美國公司首席執行官史蒂夫•坎農(Steve Cannon)也就該公司從新澤西州到亞特蘭大的公司搬遷事件發表了講話。 其他發言人包括佐治亞州州長Nathan Deal和亞特蘭大市長Kasim Reed。

Preview of the New Mercedes-Benz Stadium

From: Mercedes-Benz USA


The winning design, submitted by HOK, featured an eight-panel retractable roof that resembled a pinwheel, and a glass wall that would open with the roof to allow in fresh air.

The roof design included eight triangular translucent panels, that when opened would create the illusion of a bird’s wings extended. Surrounding the opening of the roof would be a halo video board that would enclose the playing surface, stretching from one of the 10-yard lines to the other and then curving around the end zones to complete the oval. Each of the eight panels operates on two straight, parallel rails; one rail is responsible for moving the panel while the other rail stabilizes the panel. Mark Silvera, president of Uni-Systems Engineering, explains that closing the roof takes slightly less time than opening the roof, since the roof has to disengage the seals at the start of the opening procedure and slow down towards the end to prevent the panels from getting derailed.

In January 2015, the Falcons announced the hiring of Daktronics, a South Dakota-based firm, to build the stadium’s electronics display. The announced features included a 58-by-1,100-foot (18 by 335 m) circular LED board that would ring the opening of the stadium’s roof, and would be “three times as large as the current largest single display board in the NFL” installed at EverBank Field in Jacksonville (also built by Daktronics). In addition, the company installed more than 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) of other LED boards, including field-level advertising boards for soccer games.

Mike Egan, a senior executive for AMB Group, described Mercedes-Benz Stadium as “an outdoor stadium with a roof over it”. Egan stated that the field is equipped with a drainage system, and the electrical systems for the main halo board and other video boards are outdoor rated, allowing stadium officials to open the roof if there is up to a 25 percent chance of precipitation; Egan also stated that other factors such as humidity and outside temperatures would be taken into consideration on whether or not the roof would be opened.

The design included a 100-yard bar that would stretch the length of the football field in the upper concourse, along with a fantasy football lounge and premium club seating at field level, behind the teams’ benches.

The stadium incorporated contemporary art into its interior and exterior design, with over 180 commissioned works, including pieces by Nari Ward, Hank Willis Thomas, and Steven and William Ladd. The centerpiece of the art collection is Gábor Miklós Szőke’s stainless steel sculpture The Atlanta Falcon, which the artist said is the largest freestanding bird sculpture in the world. The falcon, perched atop a 13 foot (4.0 m) tall bronze football, is 41 feet (12 m) high with a wingspan of 70 feet (21 m). The over 73,000 pounds (33,000 kg) artwork stands in front of the stadium, and as tall as a four-story building.

Architect Bill Johnson said the circular opening in the roof was inspired by the Roman Pantheon (“Pantheon” was also the working name for the building design). The roof was designed to be made of a clear, lightweight polymer material that can adjust its opacity to control light, and much of the exterior will be clear polymer or glass to allow views to the outside. The middle concourse and upper bowl were eliminated in the east end zone to allow for an unobstructed view of the Atlanta skyline.

Atlanta United FC General Manager Jim Smith said the design had “soccer in mind from the very beginning”, pointing to the retracting lower bowl seats to widen the field, and mechanized curtains that limit the capacity to about 42,500 and make the stadium feel more intimate.

The stadium also includes features specific for college football use. It opened with two oversized locker rooms, each capable of housing 100 players, reflecting the much larger size of college football rosters compared to those of the NFL. However, the stadium did not initially include another feature important in that context—staircases connecting the seats to the field, making it difficult for bands to enter the field for halftime shows (most NFL teams, including the Falcons, do not have bands). According to ESPN, “You can bet, after the [2017] Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games exposed the oversight, the stairs are there now.”

The stadium features a Chick-fil-A location, a business that famously closes on Sundays, despite its main tenant, the Falcons, playing most of their home games on Sundays. The location opens when the Falcons have a Monday night or Thursday night home game, as well as non-Sunday home games of Atlanta United FC and other events at the stadium. On Sundays, the digital signs will be flipped and concessionaire Levy Restaurants will sell non-branded food and drinks at the location.



屋頂設計包括八個三角形半透明面板,打開時會產生鳥翼伸展的錯覺。圍繞屋頂的開口將是一個光環視頻板,它將圍繞遊戲表面,從10碼線之一延伸到另一個,然後圍繞端部區域彎曲以完成橢圓形。八個面板中的每一個都在兩條直的平行軌道上運行;一個導軌負責移動面板,而另一個導軌穩定面板。 Uni-Systems Engineering總裁Mark Silvera解釋說,關閉屋頂所需的時間比打開屋頂要少一些,因為屋頂必須在打開過程開始時脫離密封,並向末端減速以防止面板出軌了。

2015年1月,獵鷹公司宣布聘請總部位於南達科他州的Daktronics公司建造該體育場的電子顯示屏。宣布的功能包括一個58×1,100英尺(18×335米)的圓形LED板,可以打開體育場屋頂的開口,並且將是“NFL當前最大的單一顯示板的三倍”安裝在傑克遜維爾的EverBank Field(也是由Daktronics建造)。此外,該公司還安裝了超過20,000平方英尺(1,900平方米)的其他LED板,包括用於足球比賽的現場級廣告牌。

AMB集團的高級管理人員邁克伊根(Mike Egan)將梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場描述為“一個有屋頂的戶外體育場”。 Egan表示,該場地配備了排水系統,主光環板和其他視頻板的電氣系統是戶外評級的,如果降雨量高達25%,體育場官員可以打開屋頂; Egan還表示,將考慮屋頂是否打開等其他因素,如濕度和室外溫度。


該體育場將當代藝術融入其內部和外部設計,包括超過180個委託作品,包括Nari Ward,Hank Willis Thomas,Steven和William Ladd的作品。藝術收藏品的核心是GáborMiklósSzőke的不銹鋼雕塑The Atlanta Falcon,藝術家稱這是世界上最大的獨立鳥雕塑。獵鷹位於一個13英尺(4.0米)高的青銅足球頂上,高41英尺(12米),翼展70英尺(21米)。超過73,000磅(33,000公斤)的藝術品矗立在體育場前,高達四層樓。



體育場還包括特定於大學橄欖球使用的功能。它開放了兩個超大的更衣室,每個更衣室可容納100名球員,反映了與NFL相比更大的大學足球名單。然而,體育場最初並沒有包含另外一個重要的特徵 – 將座位連接到場地的樓梯,使得樂隊難以進入場地進行半場表演(大多數NFL球隊,包括獵鷹隊,沒有樂隊)。根據ESPN的說法,“你可以打賭,在[2017] Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games揭露了這一疏忽之後,現在樓梯已經到了。”

該體育場設有一個Chick-fil-A位置,一個著名的周日休息的公司,儘管它的主要租戶Falcons在星期天玩他們的大部分主場比賽。當獵鷹隊有一個週一晚上或週四晚上的主場比賽,以及亞特蘭大聯合足球俱樂部的非週日主場比賽和體育場的其他活動時,該位置打開。週日,數字標牌將被翻轉,特許經營商Levy Restaurants將在該地點出售非品牌食品和飲料。

Official Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium Construction Time-Lapse

From: EarthCam

Construction delays
The Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s projected opening date was delayed three times due to the complexity of the eight-panel retractable roof. The stadium was originally intended to open on March 1, 2017; however, the opening date was later delayed to June 1, 2017, then to July 30, 2017, and then to August 26, 2017. Steve Cannon, CEO of the Atlanta Falcons’ parent company AMB Group, stated that the Falcons’ preseason schedule and the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Games would not be affected by the new opening date; however, three of Atlanta United’s matches would be affected. The July 30 game against Orlando City SC was moved to Atlanta United’s interim home of Bobby Dodd Stadium for July 29 while two home matches scheduled in August were moved to later dates. Additionally, the Georgia Dome’s demolition was put on hold until the new stadium’s certificate of occupancy could be issued. On June 9, 2017, stadium officials announced that they were confident that Mercedes-Benz Stadium would open as scheduled, and demolition of the Georgia Dome had resumed, and the Dome was imploded on the morning of November 20, 2017.

On July 25, 2017, stadium officials reported that the roof would be in the closed position during the Falcons’ preseason games and the Chick-fil-A Kickoff games while contractors continue to fine tune the roof to allow all eight panels to work in sync. Falcons’ President Rich McKay also stated that the roof would remain closed whenever outside temperatures exceed 80 °F (27 °C). On August 16, 2017, WXIA reported that construction of the retractable roof system was intentionally delayed by stadium and construction officials to ensure the roof’s long term operability and to ensure that other parts of the stadium would be completed on time.

On September 10, 2017, the Falcons announced that, contrary to earlier plans, the stadium roof would in fact be open during the Falcons home opener on September 17 against the Green Bay Packers if weather permitted. On October 6, 2017, stadium officials announced that the roof would be opened, weather permitting, for Atlanta United’s regular season finale against Toronto FC on October 22; stadium officials also stated that the roof would remain closed for the remainder of the Falcons’ regular season as well as for any home matches hosted by Atlanta United during the 2017 MLS Cup Playoffs as contractors continue to work on fully mechanizing the roof.

由於八面板可伸縮屋頂的複雜性,梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場的預計開放日期被推遲了三次。該體育場原定於2017年3月1日開放;然而,開幕日期後來延遲到2017年6月1日,然後到2017年7月30日,然後到2017年8月26日。亞特蘭大獵鷹隊母公司AMB集團首席執行官史蒂夫·坎農表示,獵鷹隊的季前賽日程表新的開幕日期不會影響Chick-fil-a Kickoff Games;然而,亞特蘭大聯隊的三場比賽將受到影響。 7月30日對陣奧蘭多城市隊的比賽將於7月29日轉移到亞特蘭大聯隊的Bobby Dodd體育場臨時主場,而8月份的兩場主場比賽將被轉移到以後的日期。此外,喬治亞圓頂屋的拆除工作被擱置,直到新體育場的入住證明可以簽發。 2017年6月9日,體育場官員宣布,他們相信梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場將按計劃開放,並且喬治亞圓頂屋的拆除工作已經恢復,圓頂體於2017年11月20日上午爆炸。

2017年7月25日,體育場官員報告說,在獵鷹隊的季前賽和Chick-fil-A Kickoff比賽期間,屋頂將處於關閉狀態,而承包商繼續微調屋頂以允許所有八個面板同步工作。 Falcons總裁Rich McKay還表示,當室外溫度超過80°F(27°C)時,屋頂將保持關閉狀態。 2017年8月16日,WXIA報告說,體育場和施工官員有意推遲建造可伸縮屋頂系統,以確保屋頂的長期可操作性,並確保體育場的其他部分按時完工。

2017年9月10日,獵鷹公司宣布,與早先的計劃相反,如果天氣允許,9月17日獵鷹隊主場揭幕戰期間,體育場的屋頂將在綠灣包裝工隊開放。 2017年10月6日,體育場官員宣布,如果天氣允許,將於10月22日在亞特蘭大聯隊對陣多倫多足球俱樂部的常規賽季結束時打開屋頂;體育場官員還表示,在2017年MLS杯季后賽期間,由於承包商繼續致力於全面機械化屋頂,因此Falcons常規賽的剩餘時間以及亞特蘭大聯隊在2017年MLS杯季后賽期間舉辦的任何主場比賽將保持關閉。

Super Bowl’s Mercedes Benz Stadium | Atlanta 2019

From: Skyscrapers & MegaProjects

Additional construction and renovations
Hoping to address concerns of overcrowding at the ingress and egress areas of the stadium, stadium officials announced that they plan to add several more doors to the stadium. Overcrowding and congestion was a frequent concern and complaint from fans attending major events during the stadium’s first year of operation. Fans attending the College Football National Championship game reported significant delays in both entering and exiting the stadium, with some reporting wait times that exceeded 45 minutes to get out of the stadium at the completion of the game.

Pedestrian bridge
A pedestrian Bridge, that will provide access from parking lots and a MARTA station located off of Northside Dr., is currently under construction. When completed, the bridge will allow pedestrians a direct path from the Vine City MARTA station to the northwest side entrance into the stadium. Cost for the pedestrian bridge is US$24 million.

Retractable roof
Several reports of the roof leaking during the stadium’s inaugural season have caused some issues for the stadium’s design team. During the College Football National Championship Game in January 2018, several media outlets reported a significant leak that appeared to be occurring just over the field of play near the 25-yard line. Bill Hancock, College Football Playoff Executive Director, said that he and his team had been made aware of the issue concerning water leaking from the roof and that he believed that the issue did not affect the field of play during the game. Neither team competing in the game reported any issues with the playing surface.

Stadium officials clarified after the initial leaks that were reported back in October 2017 that the issue was not a “leak” but rather a “few drops of water” that were falling from the roof around isolated parts of the stadium. Officials stated that the issue was due to the fact that the roof was still not fully mechanized yet, and that the issues would be fixed before the Falcons’ 2018 season. They also stated that the issues were common for newly constructed stadiums with retractable roofs.
Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof in October 2018
Since the retractable roof was one of the major features and design points of the stadium, some of the problems with the roof have been magnified in the stadium’s first year of operation. The roof, which is supposed to open in as little as 12 minutes with the push of a button, was not fully operational by the time the stadium’s primary tenants, the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta United FC, seasons began. The roof was required to be mechanically opened, which was a very time consuming process. As such, the roof was only opened twice in its first year of use, once for an Atlanta Falcons game – a Sunday Night Football game against the Green Bay Packers on September 17, 2017 and a nationally televised MLS soccer game, when the Atlanta United FC hosted Toronto FC in a sold out game of more than 70,000 fans on October 22, 2017.

However, President of the Atlanta Falcons, Rich McKay told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he expects all issues with the roof to be completely resolved before the Atlanta Falcons season starts in 2018. McKay said he expects the fixes to allow the stadium to be used as a more “open air” environment for Falcons home games. “The roof is being worked on as we speak and yes we expect the roof to be fully operational by football season, if not well before,” McKay told the AP. “Fully operational means you will see us go to much more of an open configuration as we designed at the beginning. When it’s ready to go, we’ll be open depending on weather.”

On May 29, 2018, the roof was opened for the first time since October 2017 for construction purposes. Stadium officials stated that the roof would be open for 10 days, regardless of weather, to complete work on automating the roof. After the 10-day construction period, an unspecified time frame would be required for final commissioning work, after of which, operation of the roof would be turned over to stadium officials. On July 25, 2018, in a demonstration to members of the media, the roof was opened and closed for the first time as intended, with both procedures taking approximately eight minutes each.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof in October 2018
梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場屋頂於2018年10月


一條人行天橋目前正在建設中,該橋將提供停車場和位於Northside Dr.附近的MARTA站。完工後,這座橋將允許行人從Vine City MARTA站到西北側入口進入體育場。人行天橋的成本為2400萬美元。


梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場屋頂於2018年10月
由於可伸縮屋頂是體育場的主要特徵和設計點之一,屋頂的一些問題在體育場的第一年運營中被放大了。在體育場的主要租戶亞特蘭大獵鷹隊和亞特蘭大聯隊的賽季開始之際,屋頂只需按一下按鈕即可在短短12分鐘內打開。屋頂需要機械打開,這是一個非常耗時的過程。因此,屋頂僅在其使用的第一年開放兩次,一次用於亞特蘭大獵鷹隊的比賽 – 2017年9月17日對陣綠灣包裝工隊的周日晚上足球比賽以及全國電視轉播的MLS足球比賽,當時亞特蘭大聯隊FC於2017年10月22日在多倫多足球俱樂部舉辦了超過70,000名球迷的比賽。

然而,亞特蘭大獵鷹隊主席Rich McKay告訴亞特蘭大日報 – 憲法他預計在2018年亞特蘭大獵鷹隊賽季開始之前,屋頂的所有問題都將得到徹底解決.McKay說他希望這些修補程序允許使用體育場作為Falcons主場比賽更加“開放空氣”的環境。 “當我們說話時,屋頂正在進行中,是的,我們希望屋頂能夠在足球賽季完全投入使用,如果不是很好的話,”麥凱告訴美聯社。 “完全可操作意味著你會看到我們在開始時設計的更多開放配置。當它準備就緒時,我們將根據天氣開放。”

2018年5月29日,屋頂自2017年10月以來首次開放,用於建築。體育場官員表示,無論天氣如何,屋頂都將開放10天,以完成屋頂自動化的工作。在為期10天的施工期後,最後的調試工作將需要一個未指定的時間框架,之後,屋頂的操作將被移交給體育場官員。 2018年7月25日,在對媒體成員的示威活動中,屋頂首次按預期打開和關閉,兩個程序各約需8分鐘。

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Roof Close Timelapse

From: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Costs and funding
In December 2014, the Georgia World Congress Center’s board of governors approved a resolution to raise the cost of the stadium to US$1.2 billion. The stadium was initially slated to cost US$1 billion, then rose to US$1.2 billion in October 2013.

The city has agreed to contribute US$200 million in stadium bonds, but with additional tax revenues and with the state of Georgia contributing US$40 million for parking expansion, public spending is expected to reach near US$600 million.

In January 2015, the Falcons announced the sale of personal seat licenses (PSL) costing up to US$45,000 per seat, depending on the section of the stadium. The most expensive tickets are priced at US$385 per game, in addition to one-time PSL fees, for the first three years.

On August 21, 2015, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Mercedes-Benz would acquire the naming rights for the stadium, and this was later confirmed by a press conference at the stadium site on August 24. Under the stadium deal with the city of Atlanta and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, the Falcons organization controls the stadium’s naming rights and receives all related revenue. Then-Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Steve Cannon, who would subsequently join the Falcons’ organization in 2016 as CEO of AMB Group, stated that the sponsorship would last 27 years, calling it the largest marketing deal in Mercedes-Benz’ history, but Cannon would not disclose the full value of the deal; however, Sports Business Daily reported in February 2016 that the naming rights contract was valued at US$324 million. Mercedes-Benz also holds a 10-year naming rights contract for the former Louisiana Superdome signed in 2011.




2015年8月21日,亞特蘭大憲法報導梅賽德斯 – 奔馳將獲得該體育場的冠名權,後來於8月24日在體育場舉行的新聞發布會上證實了這一點。亞特蘭大和佐治亞州世界會議中心管理局,Falcons組織控制著體育場的命名權並獲得所有相關收入。然後梅賽德斯 – 奔馳美國公司首席執行官史蒂夫·卡農(Steve Cannon)隨後將於2016年加入獵鷹公司,擔任AMB集團首席執行官,表示贊助將持續27年,稱其為梅賽德斯 – 奔馳歷史上最大的營銷協議,但佳能不會透露交易的全部價值;然而,“體育商業日報”於2016年2月報導稱,該冠名權合同的價值為3.24億美元。梅賽德斯 – 奔馳還與2011年簽署的前路易斯安那超級巨星簽訂了為期10年的冠名權合同。

The stadium prior to the 2018 Peach Bowl.

College football
Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

The stadium prior to the 2018 Peach Bowl.
Main article: Peach Bowl
In April 2014, the Peach Bowl, one of the six rotating semifinal sites for the College Football Playoff, announced it would move to the new stadium from the Georgia Dome beginning with the 2017 season. In years when the Peach Bowl does not host a semi-final College Football Playoff Championship game, the Peach Bowl will host one of the College Football Playoff New Year’s Six bowl games.

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game
Main article: Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game
The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game is an annual college football game played on the opening weekend of the NCAA Division I FBS season in Atlanta. The event coincides with Labor Day weekend in the United States. From its inception in 2008 until 2016, the game was held in the Georgia Dome. The Georgia Dome’s replacement, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, hosts the game starting in 2017.

SEC Championship Game
Main article: 2017 SEC Championship Game
On September 8, 2015, it was announced that the SEC Championship Game would be held at the stadium beginning in 2017 and remain there until 2027.The SEC Championship Game dates back to 1992 and is the oldest conference championship game in college football. In 2017, Georgia and Auburn would meet in Mercedes Benz Stadium, in what would be a rematch from early regular season meeting. Looking to avenge their loss from week 11, Georgia would go on to defeat Auburn 28-7 and claim the 2017 SEC Conference Championship.

College Football National Championship Game
Main article: 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship
On November 4, 2015, it was announced that the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship would be held at the stadium on January 8, 2018, beating out Houston, Miami Gardens, and Santa Clara. On Sunday December 3, 2017, four teams were selected by the College Football Playoff Committee to compete in the College Football Playoff Semifinals, with the winners of both semi-final games meeting in Atlanta on Monday January 8, 2018. In order of seeding the teams selected were: Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama. Both Georgia and Alabama would advance from the semi-final round and for the second time in the BCS/CFP era, two teams from the same conference (SEC) would play for the national championship. Alabama would defeat Georgia 26 – 23 in overtime.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

2014年4月,Peach Bowl是學院足球季后賽的六個半決賽場地之一,宣布將從2017賽季開始從Georgia Dome搬到新球場。在Peach Bowl沒有舉辦半決賽大學橄欖球季后賽冠軍賽的年代,Peach Bowl將舉辦一場大學橄欖球季后賽新年的六場比賽。

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game是一年一度的大學橄欖球比賽,在亞特蘭大NCAA Division I FBS賽季的首場比賽中進行。這一事件恰逢美國勞動節週末。從2008年開始到2016年,該遊戲在喬治亞圓頂體育館舉行。喬治亞圓頂隊的替代品梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場將於2017年開始舉辦比賽。

2015年9月8日,宣布美國證券交易委員會冠軍賽將於2017年開始在體育場舉行並一直持續到2027年。美國證券交易委員會冠軍賽的歷史可以追溯到1992年,是大學橄欖球隊歷史最悠久的會議冠軍賽。 2017年,格魯吉亞和奧本將在梅賽德斯奔馳體育場舉行會議,這將是常規賽早期會議的複賽。為了報復第11週的失利,格魯吉亞將繼續以28-7擊敗奧本並奪得2017年美國證券交易委員會會議冠軍。

2015年11月4日,宣布2018年大學橄欖球季后賽全國錦標賽將於2018年1月8日在體育場舉行,擊敗休斯敦,邁阿密花園和聖克拉拉。 2017年12月3日星期日,大學足球淘汰賽委員會選出四支隊伍參加大學橄欖球季后賽半決賽,並於2018年1月8日星期一在亞特蘭大舉行的半決賽中獲勝。為了播種選定的球隊有:克萊姆森,俄克拉荷馬,佐治亞和阿拉巴馬州。格魯吉亞和阿拉巴馬都將從半決賽中晉級,而在BCS / CFP時代,第二次來自同一會議(SEC)的兩支球隊將參加全國錦標賽。阿拉巴馬隊將在加時賽中以26比23戰勝格魯吉亞隊。

Super Bowl
On May 24, 2016, the NFL announced that the Super Bowl would be coming to Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, 2019. Atlanta hosted Super Bowl LIII (53) with the NFC champion Los Angeles Rams losing to the AFC champion New England Patriots 13-3. Super Bowl LIII was expected to bring in over US$400 million to the local economy, which expected over 1 million people during Super Bowl weekend (Feb 1-3, 2019), with game related events, parties, concerts and corporate events happening all around the city.


The falcon decorated to wear an Atlanta United scarf. September 10, 2017
On October 22, 2017, Atlanta United played an MLS regular season match versus Toronto FC at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in front of 71,874 spectators, beating the record they set for the largest crowd in a stand-alone MLS match in September against Orlando City (which also marked the first time the roof was opened for a soccer game). Atlanta United also set the single-season record for attendance.
On March 11, 2018, Atlanta United played an MLS regular season match versus D.C. United at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in front of 72,035 spectators, setting the record for the largest crowd in MLS history.
On October 23, 2017, it was announced that the 2018 MLS All-Star Game would take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium against Italian club Juventus. It was held on August 1, 2018, and set a new record for attendance at an MLS All-Star game, with 72,317 spectators.
On December 8, 2018, Atlanta United hosted the Portland Timbers in the 2018 MLS Cup final (earning home field advantage by virtue of their regular season record over Portland). Atlanta defeated Portland 2-0, winning their first-ever MLS championship. The game also set a single-game attendance record for Major League Soccer, with 73,019 spectators.
On October 12, 2017, the inaugural concert at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, featuring Garth Brooks, received widespread scorn, including demands for refunds, due to the reported abysmal acoustics that many attendees deemed unfit for concert sound. The stadium authority stated that plans are underway to help improve the acoustical quality of the stadium.

Since the first concert, efforts were made to improve the acoustics in the stadium. New speakers were added to suites, the angle of the bowl speakers was adjusted and delays introduced in order to reduce echo. During a concert in May 2018 featuring Kenny Chesney, reports were that the sound quality had improved since the first concert. Chesney’s concert attracted 51,312 people and grossed $5.068 million.

Following concerts by Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney, the venue hosted Taylor Swift for two nights in August 2018 as part of Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour. Over the two sold-out nights, Taylor performed to an audience of 116,746 people and grossed $18.089 million. She was the first music act to headline the stadium for two consecutive nights.

Also in August 2018, Beyoncé and Jay-Z performed for two nights as part of the On the Run II Tour The two shows grossed $14.074 million and were attended by 105,170 people.

Ed Sheeran performed at the venue as part of his ÷ Tour in November 2018. The show was attended by 50,906 people and grossed $5.021 million.

On March, 30, 2019, George Strait will perform a one-off concert at the venue, joined by musical guests Chris Stapleton, Chris Janson, and Ashley McBryde.

2016年5月24日,NFL宣布超級碗將於2019年2月3日來到佐治亞州亞特蘭大。亞特蘭大舉辦超級碗LIII(53),NFC冠軍洛杉磯公羊隊輸給了亞足聯冠軍新英格蘭愛國者隊13 -3。超級碗LIII預計將為當地經濟帶來超過4億美元的收入,預計超級碗週末(2019年2月1日至3日)期間將有超過100萬人參加,與遊戲相關的活動,派對,音樂會和企業活動四處傳播城市。


這只獵鷹裝飾著穿著亞特蘭大聯合圍巾。 2017年9月10日
2017年10月22日,亞特蘭大聯隊在梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場與多倫多足球俱樂部進行了一場MLS常規賽,共有71,874名觀眾,超過他們在9月份對陣奧蘭多城的獨立MLS比賽中為最大人群設置的紀錄(這也標誌著第一次打開足球比賽的屋頂)。亞特蘭大聯隊也創下單賽季的出席記錄。
2018年3月11日,亞特蘭大聯隊在梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場舉行的MLS常規賽對陣D.C.Unique,共有72,035名觀眾,創下MLS歷史上最大人群的紀錄。
2017年10月23日,宣布2018年MLS全明星賽將在梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場舉行,對陣意大利俱樂部尤文圖斯隊。它於2018年8月1日舉行,創下了參加MLS全明星賽的新紀錄,有72,317名觀眾。
2017年10月12日,以梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場為主題的首場音樂會以加思布魯克斯為特色,受到了廣泛的蔑視,其中包括要求退款,因為據報導,許多與會者認為不適合音樂會聲音。體育場管理局表示正在製定計劃,以幫助提高體育場的聲學質量。

自第一場音樂會以來,我們一直在努力改善體育場的音響效果。套房增加了新的揚聲器,調整了碗式揚聲器的角度並引入了延遲以減少迴聲。在2018年5月舉行的Kenny Chesney音樂會上,有報導稱自第一場音樂會以來音質有所改善。切斯尼的音樂會吸引了51,312名觀眾,票房收入達到506.6萬美元。

繼Garth Brooks和Kenny Chesney的音樂會之後,該場地於2018年8月舉辦了Taylor Swift兩晚,作為Taylor Swift聲譽體育場之旅的一部分。在兩個售罄的夜晚,泰勒為116,746名觀眾表演,票房收入為1808.9萬美元。她是第一個連續兩晚成為體育場標題的音樂劇。

同樣在2018年8月,Beyoncé和Jay-Z作為On the Run II巡演的一部分進行了兩晚演出。這兩個節目票房收入達到1407.4萬美元,參加人數為105,170人。

Ed Sheeran在2018年11月作為他的÷巡迴賽的一部分在場地上演出。該節目由50,906人參加,票房收入為502.1萬美元。

2019年3月30日,喬治海峽將在音樂嘉賓Chris Stapleton,Chris Janson和Ashley McBryde的帶領下舉行一場一次性的音樂會。

The falcon decorated to wear an Atlanta United scarf. September 10, 2017

這只獵鷹裝飾著穿著亞特蘭大聯合圍巾。 2017年9月10日

Other major events
On December 8, 2017, the stadium hosted the Georgia High School Association football championship games for Class 1A Private School and Class 3A. The remaining two championship games scheduled for that day, Class 5A and Class 6A, as well as the four games originally scheduled for the next day were postponed and relocated to campus sites due to a major snowstorm to hit Atlanta that weekend. The 2018 GHSA football championships were held on December 11 and 12, due to Atlanta United hosting MLS Cup 2018 on December 8 as well as the 2018 Celebration Bowl scheduled for December 15.
On March 3, 2018, the stadium hosted a round of the AMA Supercross Championship, replacing the Georgia Dome which had been part of the schedule since 1993.
On November 15, 2014, the NCAA announced Mercedes-Benz Stadium will hold the men’s college basketball Final Four in

2017年12月8日,體育場舉辦了針對1A級私立學校和3A級的佐治亞州高中協會足球錦標賽。 當天剩下的兩場冠軍賽,5A級和6A級以及原定於第二天舉行的四場比賽被推遲並重新安置到校園內,因為周末將發生嚴重的暴風雪襲擊亞特蘭大。 2018年GHSA足球錦標賽於12月11日和12日舉行,由於亞特蘭大聯隊將於12月8日舉辦2018年MLS杯以及定於12月15日舉行的2018年慶祝碗。
2018年3月3日,體育場舉辦了一輪AMA Supercross錦標賽,取代了自1993年以來已成為賽程表一部分的Georgia Dome。
2014年11月15日,NCAA宣布梅賽德斯 – 奔馳體育場將舉辦男子大學籃球四強賽

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