Belgium Through The Church 比利時穿透教堂

位於比利時林堡省的一個教堂-穿透教堂,由比利時設計師Pieterjan Gijs和Arnout Van Vaerenbergh設計完成。由於這座33英尺高的教堂採用了特殊的建築結構,共使用了由2000個鋼板、100層的架構所建造,沒有牆面,整座以「透明」作為主題打造的教堂於2011年安裝,讓人可以一眼看穿內外,無論從哪一個角度來看,都可見透明教堂與自然景致相容不悖之美,乍看之下很普通,但其實深藏在這棟穿透式建築物,從內向外望去,一層層的鋼板將周遭的鄉間景色切割成一塊塊的小方塊,考驗著每個人欣賞世界的角度,然而從教堂外灑進來的陽光,反而更像是建築師留給上帝的隨堂考,隨著太陽位置的遷移,在教堂內揮發出不同的光影變化有一個你絕對想像不到的秘密!只要你從對的角度看這一切,你就可以發現這座教堂的秘密!人們無論是在建築內還是在建築外都可以看穿巧奪天工的教堂。

A church in the province of Limburg, Belgium – penetrates the church, designed by Belgian designers Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. As the 33-foot-tall church used a special building structure, a total of 2,000 steel plates, 100-story architecture, no walls, the entire “transparent” theme of the church in 2011 to install, People can see through the inside and outside, no matter from which point of view, can be seen transparent church and natural scenery compatible with the beauty, at first glance is very common, but in fact deep in this building through the building, from the inside Looking around, layers of steel will cut the surrounding countryside into a small piece of cake, test everyone to appreciate the world’s point of view, but from the church outside the sunshine, but more like the architect left to God with the Church test, with the sun position of the migration, in the church to play a different light and shadow changes have a secret you never imagined! As long as you look at it from the point of view, you can find the secret of this church! People can see through the church or in the building can be seen through the church.


From: Brent De Bleser

地點:Grootloonstraat 2, Borgloon 3840, Belgium

Location: Grootloonstraat 2, Borgloon 3840, Belgium

FROM:pit – Making of / time-lapse – Reading between the Lines – Opbouw / Construction

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