Bosjes Church 普敦城外小教堂

The new chapel, set within a vineyard in South Africa, is designed by South-African born Coetzee Steyn of London based Steyn Studio. Its serene sculptural form emulates the silhouette of surrounding mountain ranges, paying tribute to the historic Cape Dutch gables dotting the rural landscapes of the Western Cape. Constructed from a slim concrete cast shell, the roof supports itself as each undulation dramatically falls to meet the ground. Where each wave of the roof structure rises to a peak, expanses of glazing adjoined centrally by a crucifix adorn the façade.

這座新教堂位於南非的一個葡萄園內,由南非出生的Coetzee Steyn of London Steyn Studio設計。 其寧靜的雕塑形式模仿了周圍山脈的輪廓,向西開普省鄉村景觀點綴著歷史悠久的Cape Dutch山牆致敬。 屋頂由細長的混凝土鑄造外殼構成,每個起伏都會大幅下降以適應地面。 屋頂結構的每一波都升到一個高峰時,通過十字架中央的大面積玻璃窗裝飾在外立面上。

Architects: Steyn Studio
Location: Breederiver Valley, R43, Witzenberg Municipality, South Africa
Category: Chapel
Area: 430.0 m2
Project Year: 2016
Manufacturers: Terrazzo & Marble, PERI, PG Smartglass, Shotcrete

建築師:Steyn Studio
地點:Breederiver Valley,R43,Witzenberg Municipality,南非
製造商:水磨石和大理石,PERI,PG Smartglass,噴射混凝土

Drawing poetic inspiration from Psalm 36:7, the crisp white form is conceived as a lightweight, and dynamic structure which appears to float within the valley. A reflective pond emphasises the apparent weightlessness of the structure. Elevated upon a plinth, the chapel rises from the flat land its sits upon, providing a hierarchical focal point within its surroundings. New planting including a vineyard and pomegranate orchard create a lush green oasis on the otherwise exposed site.

從詩篇36:7中汲取詩意的靈感,清脆的白色形狀被認為是一種輕盈,動感的結構,似乎漂浮在山谷中。 反光池強調結構的明顯失重。 在教堂的基座上升起,教堂從其平坦的土地上升起,在其周圍提供了一個分層的焦點。 包括葡萄園和石榴果園在內的新種植在其他暴露的地方創造了一片鬱鬱蔥蔥的綠洲。

Inside, a large and open assembly space is created within a simple rectangular plan. Highly polished terazzo floors reflect light internally. The undulating whitewashed ceiling casts an array of shadows which dance within the volume as light levels change throughout the day. This modest palette of materials creates a neutral background to the impressive framed views of the vineyard and mountains beyond.

在內部,在簡單的矩形平面內創建了一個大而開放的裝配空間。 高度拋光的terazzo地板內部反射光線。 波浪起伏的白色天花板投下了一系列陰影,隨著光線水平的變化,它們在體積內跳動。 這種適度的材料為中世紀葡萄園和山脈的壯觀景觀創造了中性背景。

In order to keep the structural form of the roof and assembly space pure, other elements of the buildings functional programme are either hidden within the plinth, or discretely within the outer corners of the surrounding garden.


Inspired by the simplicity of the Moravian Mission Stations established on Cape Dutch farms in the 19th Century, the chapel lacks a spire – relinquishing a sense of significance in relation to its impressive natural surroundings.

受到19世紀荷蘭開普敦農場建立的摩拉維亞使命站簡潔的啟發,教堂缺乏尖頂 – 放棄了與其令人印象深刻的自然環境相關的重要意義。

An open embrace which invites in, the chapel is also a space that extends outwards into the valley and mountains beyond, raising the awareness of God’s creation in the immediate environment.



FROM:Bosjes, Western Cape

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