The Longaberger Company

The Longaberger Company was an American manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted maple wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products. Its old corporate headquarters on Ohio’s State Route 16 is a local landmark and a well-known example of novelty architecture, since it takes the shape of the company’s biggest seller, the “Medium Market Basket”.

It was one of the primary employers in the area near Dresden, Ohio; at its peak in 2000, it employed more than 8,200 people and had $1 billion in sales. Founded in Dresden, the company moved to in Newark, Ohio. A family-owned and operated business, the Longaberger Company was started by Dave Longaberger in 1973. Longaberger used multi-level marketing to sell products. The company had about 45,000 independent distributors (called Home Consultants) in the United States who sold Longaberger products directly to customers.

Longaberger公司是美國手工製作的楓木筐和其他家居和生活方式產品的製造商和分銷商。 它位於俄亥俄州16號國道的舊公司總部是當地的標誌性建築,也是新奇建築的著名典範,因為它採用了公司最暢銷的形式,即“中型市場籃”。

它是俄亥俄州德累斯頓附近地區的主要雇主之一; 在2000年達到頂峰時,它僱用了超過8,200名員工,銷售額達10億美元。 該公司成立於德累斯頓,後來搬到俄亥俄州紐瓦克市。 Longaberger公司是一家家族擁有和經營的企業,由Dave Longaberger於1973年創立.Longaberger使用多層次營銷來銷售產品。 該公司在美國擁有約45,000名獨立分銷商(稱為Home Consultants),直接向客戶銷售Longaberger產品。

Former type:Public
Traded as:JRJR
Founder:Dave Longaberger
Headquarters:Frazeysburg, Ohio, United States
Products:Baskets, vitrified pottery, wrought iron, wood crafts and other products for the home.
Parent:JRJR Networks

創始人:Dave Longaberger
家長:JRJR Networks

Basket Building
The seven-story, 180,000-square-foot building was designed by The Longaberger Company, and executed by NBBJ and Korda Nemeth Engineering. The building opened in 1997.The basket handles weigh almost 150 tons and can be heated during cold weather to prevent ice damage. Originally, Dave Longaberger wanted all of the Longaberger buildings to be shaped like baskets, but only the headquarters was completed at the time of his death. The company stopped paying property taxes on the building at the end of 2014. Workers moved out in 2016.

In December 2017, the building was purchased by Steve Coon, a Canton, Ohio–based developer who owns Coon Restoration, and his partner, Bobby George, of Cleveland. By November 2018, the pair had put it up for sale.

這座七層,180,000平方英尺的建築由The Longaberger Company設計,由NBBJ和Korda Nemeth Engineering執行。 該建築於1997年開放。籃子把手重達150噸,在寒冷天氣可以加熱,以防止冰損壞。 最初,Dave Longaberger希望所有Longaberger建築都像籃子一樣,但只有總部在他去世時完成。 該公司於2014年底停止支付該建築物的房產稅。工人於2016年搬出。

2017年12月,該建築由Steve Coon收購,Steve Coon是一家位於俄亥俄州Canton的開發商,擁有Coon Restoration,他的合夥人Bobby George來自克利夫蘭。 到2018年11月,兩人已將其出售。

Architects had initially proposed designs that were merely suggestive of a basket, until the company’s founder Dave Longaberger pointed to one of the baskets and told them to “make it look exactly like that”.

The 180,000 sq. ft. building cost $30 m to construct and was completed in 1997. It is 7-storeys tall with a central atrium and glass ceiling to provide natural light. It is topped by two steel handles, each weighing 75 tons, which are fitted with heating elements to prevent them from freezing and so protecting the glass atrium below from falling ice. On each side of the top of the building are two gold-leaf-painted ‘Longaberger’ tags measuring 25 x 7 ft.

建築師最初提出的設計只是暗示一籃子,直到該公司的創始人Dave Longaberger指出其中一個籃子並告訴他們“讓它看起來完全像那樣”。

佔地180,000平方英尺的建築耗資3000萬美元,於1997年建成。它高7層,中庭和玻璃天花板,提供自然光線。它頂部有兩個鋼製手柄,每個重75噸,配有加熱元件,以防止它們凍結,從而保護下面的玻璃中庭免受落冰。在建築頂部的每一側都有兩個金箔塗層的“Longaberger”標籤,尺寸為25 x 7英尺。


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